Peter Bingle explains that the Prime Minister's failure to sack Boris Johnson, together with her disastrous media performance over the weekend, has led him to the conclusion she must resign.

This is my 36th Tory Party conference and I have to say that I have never been to a more dispiriting and fractious event. The Tory Party is in crisis…

The political backdrop is fascinating. The Labour Party has been taken over by the hard left. Spending four days in Brighton with the Trotskyists and Momentum was scary. They hate capitalism and everything most of us believe in and if they ever win power they will be ruthless and without mercy in destroying their political opponents. And yet, part of me admired their dedication, passion and conviction…

In comparison, the Tory Party Conference is desperate, irrelevant and dull. Consumed by a quite disgusting self-indulgence, senior Tories are consumed by a desire to bring down and destroy the Prime Minister. The media and the Labour Party can't believe their luck.

To take stock this is the position: The Labour Party has been taken over by Trotskyites and the response of senior Tories is to stoke up a bitter internal fight which may bring down the government. Those who the Gods want to destroy…

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I arrived in Manchester believing that the PM had to stay until the Brexit deal was done. She would then stand down in order for the Tories to have a new leader who would win the subsequent election. I am no longer so sure. A disastrous interview with Andrew Marr and her failure to sack Boris Johnson has raised serious questions about her fitness to be PM. Reluctantly I have come to the view that she has to go and go quickly.

Senior Tories seem not to understand just how radical Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party is and the threat it poses to everything we take for granted. Their self indulgent behaviour is quite despicable. We are sleepwalking to a Marxist Britain.

There are many grounds to criticise the current government. Most of the ministers are second rate. They have no obvious political agenda. I could go on. But at least they believe in decency and common values. Corbyn's Labour Party despises all of this.

The trouble is this. I have never known a more incompetent or useless government. Put to one side the likes of Damian Green and Michael Fallon, this government is just hopeless. So the status quo is no longer an option. The Tories change or they die.

Is anybody listening?

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