Expression is the foundation of all freedom

Francis Hoar writes that we have gone too far in seeking such strict restrictions on speech, and that we need to learn the value of the freedom of expression again. 

The UK Government has made a short-sighted decision on the foreign aid cut

Last week's decision to cut the foreign aid budget from 0.7 per cent to 0.5 per cent is ultimately short-sighted and counter to Britain’s interests, argues Adeem Younis.

Why is post-Brexit Britain still slavishly following EU rules on Tobacco and Vaping?

Since the UK left the EU, it has signed independent trade deals all over the world, hosted the G7 and restored our iconic blue passports. But Gary Robinson writes that for millions of Britons who choose to use tobacco or e-cigarettes, Brexit simply never happened.

The Midlands shows us how challenging levelling up will be on a local level

As the Government seeks to pursue its levelling up agenda as we emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic, Professor Martin Jones cites the Midlands as a perfect example of the challenges this agenda will face.

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Joe Biden is a tired product of politics – nothing more

Donald Forbes writes that President Biden is a product of the politics he has been involved in for the last half century, and his uninspiring demeanor is doing him no favours whatsoever.

England beat Germany in the football, but in the field of Social Care, Germany cruises to victory

After a year which has seen the England and the rest of the UK's social care systems come under major scrutiny for the ways they are funded and maintained, Kari Gerstheimer compares and contrasts England's system with that of Germany, and finds that the latter's comes out well on top.

Bob Blackman MP: The new Health Secretary is a big hitter. He needs to be.

The new Secretary of State for Health has a large and difficult in-tray to grapple with, but it is crucial he does not let COVID-19 force other major health issues further down the pile, argues Bob Blackman.

John Baron MP: Change in the UK labour market is long overdue

As the UK emerges from the pandemic and businesses look to return to as close to normal as possible, John Baron sets out how the UK labour market should adjust now we are no longer in an environment of essentially unlimited EU labour. 

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