Bob Blackman MP: Britain acting Global saved the Caucasus after Communism

Look no further than Britain’s powerful role in rebuilding the Caucasus after Communism to see what can be achieved by a newly Global Britain, says Bob Blackman.

Long a political target, big business polls better than you might think

Despite criticising the actions of big business being a favourite pastime of many a business minister, John Kroencke writes that wider opinion of big business is actually more favourable than we might expect. 

After Wednesday's disaster in the Channel, look no further than Macron's bloodstained hands

After the appalling deaths of 27 migrants attempting to cross the Channel on Wednesday, Steven Woolfe writes that the fault lies clearly on the French side of the Channel, and we should look no further than he who resides at the Élysée Palace.

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Big Tech can save the planet – and their reputations

After COP26 saw countries make commitments to combating climate change, Ashfaq Zaman writes that it's time big tech firms did the same.

After COVID let's stop influencers' health misinformation

After dealing with vaccine misinformation across social media during the pandemic, Jonathan Bailor argues we now need to turn our attention to wider health misinformation spread by influencers online.

Lord McColl: We need an amendment to end the enslavement of people in their own homes.

Following the pleas for the Lords to pass an amendment to the Modern Slavery Act, its proposer, Lord McColl of Dulwich, outlines exactly why he is tabling the amendment and why it is so crucial.

It's time to kick the drug-dealing cuckoos out of the nest

It is time we came down hard on criminals 'cuckooing' their way into vulnerable people's homes and exploiting them for criminal activities. This is modern slavery and must be stopped, writes Tatiana Gren-Jardan.

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