Gove's planning U-turn will delight Tory MPs – but key workers will be left in the cold

Plans only outlined in May look set to be shelved by new Housing Minister Michael Gove, and Clive Docwra writes that now, more than ever, we need to be building new homes if Gove's other brief, levelling up, is to stand any chance of achievement.

The Skills and Post-16 Education Bill "lacks ambition"

Jane Hickie argues that the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill currently lacks ambition, and that it needs broadening in order to ensure a sustainable post-pandemic recovery led by skills and training.

To make progress on race relations, the idea of white privilege must be put to one side

Donald Forbes writes, whilst ensuring minority groups avoid racial prejudice is absolutely crucial, drawing up solutions based on the belief that white privilege is overwhelmingly to blame, whilst this may have been the case 50 years ago, is no longer the best way forward.

What can Britain learn about morality from US abortion policy reform?

The response to recent news of abortion law reform in the United States compels us to look at what underpins our attitudes and how we frame morality, writes Timothy Tennant.

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Dan Boucher – An open letter of resignation from the Conservative Party

Dr Dan Boucher sets out the reasons why, after a long period of service for the Conservative Party, he is joining the DUP in order to aid efforts to preserve the union of the United Kingdom.

The Left is lying to itself, it needs limited migration as much as the Right does.

After Spanish right-wing figure Santiago Abascal was condemned for not openly welcoming Afghan migrants, Edward Anderson writes that the Left everywhere should not be so quick to judge, as limited migration is not the sole domain of the Right. 

'Global Britain' is about more than GDP figures

It is time the Government stepped up and made a better case for the ideals of ‘Global Britain’. GDP figures, the next set of which are released tomorrow, next to trade deals just aren’t enough, argues Jayne Adye, Director of Get Britain Out.

Dr Philippa Whitford MP: Health and Social Care reforms do not go far enough

After the Government announced how it will be funding its major reforms of Health and Social Care through a 1.25 per cent tax levy, Philippa Whitford argues that the reforms package, in the form of the Health and Care Bill, does not do enough when it comes to social care, in particular with regards to the training and provision of social care workers.

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