Shooting in the dark – informed consent and Operation Moonshot

Mass testing in schools is rolling out across Britain. Liz Cole discusses the undermining of children's consent and demands for further information and transparency. 

Concerns over Brexit intensify with Biden's victory

The deadline for the Brexit trade deal is looming. With Trump out of the White House, the future UK-US trade deal is less certain, writes Comment Central.  

American democracy reaches break-point

The United States of America is considered to be one of the world's greatest democracies, yet their past two Presidential elections have questioned legitimacy. Is it at a break point? Donald Forbes examines this issue.

Poland abortion ruling sparks the largest protests since the fall of Communism

Poland's Constitutional Court has placed further national restrictions on their already tight abortion laws. In response, the largest protests have emerged since the fall of Communism. Olivia Fox reflects on what this new ruling will mean for women in Poland. 

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Extinction Rebellion hijacked our nation's most important day

This week marked one of the most important days for our nation’s history. But it was overshadowed by Extinction Rebellion's protest at the Cenotaph. Their stunt shamefully disrespected veterans and politicised Remembrance Day, writes Noel Yaxley.

Businesses need to play their part in 'Test and Trace'

Now in the depths of a second national lockdown, the government's groundbreaking Test and Trace system has failed to control the virus. Businesses need to play their part in fighting Covid-19 and ensure that their employees abide by the Test and Trace rules, argues George Esmond. 

Trump has lost, Trumpism lives on

Joe Biden has won the 2020 US Presidency and President Trump is yet to concede. Tom Bromwich reflects on what we have learnt from this monumental election; Trump may have lost, but Trumpism lives on.

Divided Government, Civil Unity

Today marks the third day since the US Presidential Election and we are still waiting for the winner. With a divided government looking increasingly likely, America needs a President that can bring the country together, writes, Patrick Sullivan. 

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