Herd Immunity is our ticket out of here

The concept of herd immunity is being severely overlooked by the Health Security Matt Hancock. There is a misunderstanding of the theory, which is creating grave consequences across the country, argues Richard Harper.

Trump trails Biden, but can the polls be trusted?

The presidential election is only a few weeks away and the polls are heavily in favour of the former Vice President Joe Biden. However, history has shown that the polls cannot be entirely trusted, writes Noel Yaxley. 

The government's Covid strategy is scarring a generation's future

The government's response to the coronavirus pandemic is having an unfair impact across society. The interests of the elderly are being overly prioritised to the detriment of the young, argues Tom Hewitt

The ECJ threat highlights Withdrawal Agreement flaws

The European Union's recent decision to sue the United Kingdom in the European Court of Justice over the UK Internal Market Bill has once again exposed the failures of the Withdrawal Agreement. While the Agreement is in place, the UK cannot be free from the EU's grip, argues Jayne Adye, Director of Get Britain Out.

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The UK stands to gain, provided it remains firm in EU negotiations

A trade deal is possible, but the UK must not waver. Britain needs to be prepared to walk away if a good deal cannot be reached, argues John Baron.

The International Criminal Court must not ignore Nigerian Christian genocide

The International Criminal Court is failing to defend the human rights abuses that are taking place in Nigeria. It continues to be overlooked, despite the death of 100,000 Christians since 2000. This cannot go on, writes Ayo Adedoyin, Chief Executive of PSJ UK.

Qatar and Taiwan offer vision for post-Brexit future

Brexit is looming, yet ministers should not buckle to the pressure. Britain should put some steel in their spines and look at the success of Qatar and Taiwan, writes Emily Barley.

Taking Action to Empower Women in West Africa

The need for gender equality across West Africa is essential for reaching its development goals. Action needs to be taken at all levels of government and requires more than just a tokenism response to reach the core of the issue, writes Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq, Governor of Kwara State.

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