Boris Johnson's stance on obesity shows state health care cannot allow for individual freedom

In a free country, individuals should be granted the liberty to act how they see fit, and if they require professional health care, they should pay for it, argues Angus Milne

When opposites attract: Labour's underwhelming response to the Covid crisis

The whole Covid-19 saga reeks of something unsavoury. But instead of asking questions that would have almost certainly put Johnson and Hancock on the brink of resignation, Labour has gone AWOL, argues David Sedgwick

Plastics are in everything we eat. Our strategy must change

For many, the all-consuming matter of coronavirus has pushed our environmental problems to the side for the time being. However, these problems aren’t going away. In the case of plastics, the current plan is simply not working. A shrewd government would recognise that only by keeping plastic out of soil can we keep plastic out of our food, and out of our bodies, argues Daphna Nissenbaum

The UK is Caught in a Regulatory Web

The current arrangements made in the Withdrawal Agreement, the Northern Ireland Protocol and the recent ‘Future Relationship with the EU’ document, all mean the UK will be subject to continued scrutiny and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, as well as the European Commission in terms of Competition Law after the Transition Period ends later this year. Director of Get Britain Out, Jayne Adye, reveals the severity of the situation.

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The truth about the UK's debt

The UK’s rising debt can no longer just be ignored. History has shown the dangers of unmanageable state debts, and without Government policy shifts now, the future does not look bright for Britain, argues Robert Hyde

An insidious British form of censorship is emerging  

Institutional leaders of universities need to make the case for free speech, or at least not castigate and ostracise those that do. If the issue of free speech isn’t tackled at universities, as students graduate the same intolerant attitudes which hinder academia will become even more widespread in broader society than they already are, argues Ollie Lane

Universities and Free Thought

Government should look carefully at what research it is commissioning, as there is no longer a need to commission more research to extend or prove things academics claim to already know. There is more need for research which pushes the boundaries and challenges some of the tired assumptions of current thinking, argues regular contributor John Redwood MP 

The Hong Kong Security Law, What You Need to Know

The post-Brexit landscape in the U.K. has seen a growing sense of unease about the number of immigrants entering the country from the EU. Welcoming around three million Hong Kong residents into the U.K., while teetering on the brink of recession, could spell political disaster, argues Mikkie Mills

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