Macron's presidential victory in 2022 is not a fait accompli

The real danger to Emmanuel Macron’s hopes of re-election may not come from Marine Le Pen, but from his former prime minister, argues Dr William Rispin.

We need to solve the connectivity issue to fix our digital poverty problem

The events of the last year have forced almost all of us in one form or another to move online for a period. But while this was a solution for some, it quickly revealed the profound difference between those with connectivity and those without. The pandemic put the issue of digital poverty firmly on the map, writes Chris Ashworth.

Now is a great time to be a Conservative

Despite facing the challenge of reviving an economy and a country ravaged by the Coronavirus pandemic, John Baron MP argues there is cause for great optimism when looking ahead for the Conservatives.

The NHS should be a global humanitarian force

India is suffering an unprecedented spike in Covid cases and deaths, after a worrying ‘double mutation’ emerged there. Some commentators have said it ‘is worse than World War Two’. Dr. Nilesh Parmar explains how the NHS could help the nation which has done so much for the UK.

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The UK Government has succumbed to the blind 'bunny-hugger' religion

Our prime minister, a supposedly highly intelligent man, announces that the UK will now, by 2035, further reduce its carbon emissions by 78% compared to those in 1990. He has bowed to the climate change clowns, argues Keith Hartrick.

Business as usual on extradition, despite Brexit

In its attempt to continue business as usual on extradition between the UK and EU, the Government has truly made a hash of things, argues Emily Barley. 

Cameroon strife puts Amba independence within reach

The current struggle between the Amba in Anglophone Southern Cameroons, seeking an independent Ambazonia, and Cameroon’s majority French territory may have arisen five years ago, but the conflict, like so many in Africa, has a history forged in the crucible of the colonial era. Saeed Khan explains more.

Labour's remaining Red Wall may yet fall

Labour’s Red Wall crumbled in 2019, but parts of it weathered the storm. Those outposts may yet fall with Hartlepool being an early indicator, argues Craig Snow.

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