Woke, cancel culture and white privilege – how the UK's culture war debate is evolving

The UK public increasingly feel the country is divided by “culture wars”, with a majority of 54 per cent now agreeing this is the case - up from 46 per cent in 2020, a new study reveals.

Why has Finland's view on security now changed?

Following Finland's declaration of its intention to join NATO, Dr Mart Kuldkepp outlines the historical background of the Russo-Finnish relationship, and why Finland has chosen to take this bold step towards the West.

NIESR: Poor policies set to leave UK households permanently worse off

Cumulative policy responses to the exceptional sequence of shocks, which have buffeted the economy since June 2016, are set to lower the real incomes of households in the UK, according to the latest quarterly outlook of the UK economy by the NIESR.

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World Asthma Day 2022: Environmental impact of respiratory care is key issue

The environmental impact of respiratory care has contributed to a significant increase in the online conversations among healthcare professionals (HCPs) surrounding today's World Asthma Day 2022, a new study reveals.

Europe is still bringing a medieval mindset to conflict

Our approach to conflict in the modern age, as typified by responses in Ukraine and the Middle East, shows we still have not entirely left behind the medieval proclivity to look to violence first, writes Ken Crawford.

The Great British Rail Sale has been a great first step

With National Rail's 'Great British Rail Sale' coming to an end tonight, Paul Tuohy of the Campaign for Better Transport writes that while the sale may only be short term, he hopes that it will show the Government that, in the long term, fare increases are not the only method of raising income.

UK immigration policy will end up harming the most vulnerable

With the Nationality and Borders Bill just about making it through parliament this week and the recent announcement of a scheme to deport some migrants to Rwanda, Rachel Youngman argues that the Government’s ill-thought-out plans for refugees put lives at risk.

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