Should the West stand up to China?

It is clear that unity among China’s main economic partners is the only way to contain China’s aggressive ambition, and Britain should lead the way in building a coalition of like-minded countries to confront Chinese aggression, argues Robert Amara 

Covid-19 is an opportunity to reform higher education

The closure of universities deemed to be offering low quality or poor value for money is a an opportunity, not a crisis for the Government, and Covid-19 gives the perfect excuse to carry out these reforms to the higher education system, argues Robert Hyde

Can Britain endure seven more years of the BBC?

The BBC assumes it has (at least) seven more years left of its current charter in which to create the kind of discord it revels in. Seven years is a long time to enable a divisive agenda. Think what damage to the UK's social fabric the broadcaster is capable of doing in just seven minutes. It can only be hoped that Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings act sooner rather than later, argues David Sedgwick

The EU is Set to Pounce on any Withdrawal of US Troops

The recent threat by American President Donald Trump to withdraw troops from Germany if the Government fails to meet the NATO 2% defence spending target, will give the EU a rallying point for their attempts to dominate defence and foreign policy in Europe. The UK must resist these attempts and fight to free itself from the grip of Brussels and in doing so, must set out a new vision for British foreign policy for the years to come after Brexit,  argues Jayne Adye, Director of Get Britain Out

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Let's talk about CPTPP

As Britain begins to enact a global trade policy, it is important that we consider the implications of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership on domestic policy space, argues Robert Bates

Will COVID-19 kill off the High Street as we know it?

The role of major town centres as places where people come together has changed, of course, and will take some time to come back. Just as COVID-19 will not spell the end of the office, neither will it be the death of retail or the town centre, argues Mark Leeson

COVID-19 is speeding up the technological transformation of the global aviation industry

The global pandemic is driving the technological revolution of the aviation sector, says Paul Cuatrecasas, CEO of Aquaa Partners and Author of Go Tech or Go Extinct

Have we sacrificed the free market to save the economy?

While the bottom line may be that Government intervention will successfully address the Coronavirus and the economy will recover, the impact of distorting the markets will be felt for years to come, argues Bill Blain

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