The public hugely underestimate the scientific consensus on climate change

The public in both the UK and other European nations are hugely underestimating the extent of the scientific consensus on climate change, according to a new study.

Why is the legal sector striking?

With more strikes by barristers planned for July following those earlier this week, Julian Hayes explains exactly why this action is being taken by those working in the courts.

1.5m UK small business owners expect their business to contract this year

The rising cost of living is the biggest concern for small businesses but tech adoption and mentoring offers a lifeline, according to Mastercard.

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The Fed is caught between a crash and a recession

With the US caught in a similar economic crisis as is being seen in the UK, Joshua Jahani writes that the US Federal Reserve is stuck between a rock and a hard place in deciding whether raising interest rates is the right approach. 

The case for a British civil defence reserve

The need to plan for potential future societal disruption means drawing up plans for a civil defence reserve to assist police and military forces in maintaining law and order, writes Ken Crawford.

No matter how advanced edtech gets, it can never truly replace a teacher

Schools must incorporate education technology to amplify the work of their teachers, not replace them, writes Leon Hady.

People vs. Machines: How can we ensure diversity in recruitment?

In order to ensure the recruitment of more diverse employees and to eliminate the bias that has plagued recruiting for decades, Dr Grace Lordan argues that AI must play a greater role in the wider recruitment processes of businesses.

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