US news media are at the mercy of a progressive minority

Progressives have hijacked the narrative of US news stories, fuelling 'fake news' and setting a dangerous and divisive tone for the future of news reporting in America, writes Donald Forbes. 

The unhealthy obsession over Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern is not a saint, she is just a regular politician. Time to take her off her political pedestal and use her global appeal for real progress - and not for the ‘woke’ agenda, argues Tom Bromwich.

Vaccine Passports: The doomed path to segregated liberty

'Vaccine Passports' will not return our civil liberties lost to the Coronavirus pandemic. Rather, they will create a route to segregated liberty, argues Jack Mountney. 

One year on: Is it time we learn from lockdown?

After a year of lockdown restrictions imposing on our civil liberties, the end appears in sight for the UK. With the success of the vaccine rollout, let us be bolder in our Lockdown exit strategy, argues Alex Body.

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Amazon's new store proves the high street is not dead – but it must act fast to survive

Amazon’s launch of their Amazon Fresh store in London shows the possibilities of the high street. Yet, its future success depends on brick-and-mortar retailers to embrace new technologies and make use of the first-party data at its fingertips, argues Vihan Sharma.

We must relearn a culture of mutual respect following death of Sarah Everard

The death of Sarah Everard has shown a loss of mutual respect and concern for each other, one that has left women vulnerable and men demonised. We must learn to trust one another again, rather than playing the blame game, argues Wen Wryte.

Post-Brexit trade: Give us data not dire straits

Post-Brexit trade reports have been warped by system failures. The food and drink industry is not facing a collapse in exports - in fact, the reality is quite the contrary, argues Lance Forman, Vice Chairman of the Independent Business Network and owner of H. Forman & Son.

Global Britain must seize Middle Eastern opportunities post-Covid

As the Middle East ploughs ahead with its successful vaccination campaign, their economic recovery will follow. A post-Brexit Britain must embrace its commonalities with the Middle East to forge a strong relationship and learn from their digital prowess, argues Joshua Jahani.

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