The G7 was a great chance for the West to stop Islamic State, time is running out

The idyllic Cornish coast where this year’s G7 met and the arid Sahara desert seem worlds apart. Yet they are closer than you think. Faced with the imminent return of ISIS, world leaders have one last chance to restore global peace based on practical initiatives rather than empty slogans.

A Destination Route Map if not a Blueprint: The Outlook for Scottish Social Care

In the first in a series on the future of Health and Social Care in the four nations of the United Kingdom, Donald Macaskill writes that the recent Feeley Report has given Scotland an ideal map toward a reformed Health and Social Care system, but the proposed National Care Service is a particularly divisive issue.

The Cacophony of Minority Ethnic Disparity

Oni Oviri writes that issues relating ethnic minorities within British politics should not be entirely attributed to the Conservatives; Labour has its fair share of problems too.

Islamophobia must no longer be seen as the West's last acceptable prejudice

Zulfi Bukhari writes that after the Conservative Party was found by an independent report to retain aspects of Islamophobia within its ranks, wider reflection on the West’s approach to Islam must be undertaken.

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The vision of 'Global Britain' must not be engulfed by 'Project Fear'

Since we joined the European Economic Community back in 1973, the United Kingdom has been unable to pursue our own global trading agenda. Now it seems this lack of experience in the negotiations by public figures - and the media interference - is threatening to derail 'Global Britain' with a new form of 'Project Fear', argues Jayne Adye.

The UK is in a great position for trade talks, it cannot be wasted

The UK has already made great progress so far with regards to agreements on future global trade. It cannot allow the kind of unnecessary controversy that has dogged the Australian trade deal to accompany every subsequent deal, writes John Baron.

How to fix Haiti's electricity crisis

In recent years, Haiti has suffered setback after setback on its road to bringing its energy network up to modern standards. But Saeed Khan writes that Haiti could soon be on its way to an energy network its people desperately need.

Global Britain is quickly discovering who its real friends are

As Global Britain is quickly discovering, when it comes to friends and allies the truth matters and perceptions eventually catch up with reality, writes Damien Phillips.

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