Britain can learn from presidential primaries when electing party leaders

Britain's political parties can learn from other countries' presidential primaries to make systems for selecting party leaders, writes Scott Cresswell.

To solve our healthcare staffing crisis, UK immigration policy must be re-examined

Shortages of over 50,000 nurses and midwives and 12,000 doctors pose a serious risk to patient safety according to a recent Health and Social Care Committee report, news which necessitates a rethink of our immigration policy, writes Kalan Irvine.

Why Nancy Pelosi should visit Taiwan – just not now

The proposed visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan appears to be on the brink of causing a major diplomatic incident between the USA and China, writes David Spencer.

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And then there were eight… where do the Tories go from here?

As the Conservative leadership contest kicks up a gear, what are we hearing from the candidates and their backers and what are they focusing on in their campaigns?

As Primark looks online, what next for the UK high street?

As Primark becomes one of the last bastions of the UK high street to begin offering online shopping to its customers, Hugh Stevens assesses what this means for retailers and for the wider UK high street.

Embed critical thinking to protect against fake news

Following the publication of a report into how we access information, Jane Harley writes that it is crucial to embed critical thinking to ensure we can differentiate between real and fake news. 

We need a new western pact to push back Arctic Putin

It is not just Ukraine which should be focus of our efforts to curb Russian expansionist behaviour, writes Roberto White, with the Arctic among a number of key geopolitical arenas the West must look to safeguard.

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