Why we need to see the managed release of non-violent drug offenders

Prison overcrowding and Covid-19 have combined to create a malignant malaise the Government must act boldly to cure, argues Oliver Dunn  

It's time the Government got back to trusting our Common Sense

The economy, on the latest figures, is showing signs of a possible V shaped bounce but the recovery is fragile and the last thing needed is more restrictions. It's time for our leaders to start listening to the scientists, who are equally eminent to those on the SAGE group, who say we can relax and open up more in every area of life. Keith Hartrick argues it's time we got on with our lives using our common sense

The world stood by for decades as the Iranian regime tortured and massacred its people: It is time for an international investigation

The terrible actions taking place in Iran are ingrained in the regime's DNA. Condemnation for the repression and human rights abuses the Iranian people face today is only valuable if the international community is willing to act on it and a significant part of that is to take action against Iranian officials who have been violating human rights throughout their careers, argues Mostafa Naderi

Time for the Government to keep its nerve

Raising taxes on businesses is a recipe for killing many off altogether. At a time when employment and prosperity are going to be key concerns, it is difficult to conceive of policies less likely to help the country get through the coronavirus downturn. Raising taxes usually has the slightly counter-intuitive effect of reducing the tax take, argues John Baron MP 

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EU protectionism is depriving millions of their livelihoods

Unless Europe’s anti-Africa protectionism ends, the Continent faces a COVID food security crisis that spells disaster for millions, argues Muhammed Magassy

Nigeria is now third worst for terrorism – has the FCO noticed?

It's time Westminster realised that the situation in West Africa is getting out of hand, and now threatens key British interests in the region, argues By Dr Jenny James Taylor

The selective outrage of Black Lives Matter

The way that statues were toppled should send a shiver down the spine of any tolerant liberal person. Erasing history is intolerant and illiberal, argues Noel Yaxley 

How the Fallout from the US Election Could Affect the UK

Sometimes it can be easy to regard the ins and outs of American politics as arcane manoeuvrings with little real relevance to the UK. But, while the wranglings between The Senate and The House of Representatives do seem fairly irrelevant on a day-to-day level, every four years there is one event that should make us all sit up and take notice

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