The police lie at the centre of British femicide

The Police lie at the centre of British femicide. This must be acknowledged to save the lives of women in the UK, writes Tofi Omisore.

Banning e-cigarettes would cost lives, not save them

Attacking e-cigarettes does not aid efforts to reduce levels of smoking in the UK. Prioritising such a policy focus ahead of more effective means such as education programmes simply serves to put more lives at risk, writes Alice Calder.

World Mental Health Day: Pandemic Mental Health Crisis Flashpoints Revealed

With World Mental Health Day 2021 upon us, Comment Central examines the latest research into the impact of the global pandemic on mental health in the UK as well as the thoughts and concerns of healthcare professionals surrounding frontline antidepressant treatment options.

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My autistic son taught me what we owe millions of autistic children

Most experts agree that there is no way to cure autism. However, Matthew Gallagher's experience shows that with the right therapy (at the right time), a child can be freed of almost all the signs and symptoms of autism. 

Gum may have lost its cool, but Gen Z would do well to keep chewing

Professor Liz Kay argues that with a decline in the chewing of sugar-free gum, we must examine strategies to arrest the potential wider decline in dental health before we start feeling both the health and economic impacts.

Don't vaccinate children, send jabs abroad instead

The significantly lower risk posed by Coronavirus to children means we should now step up our efforts to aid vaccination programmes abroad, writes Leon Hady.

John Baron MP – legislating in haste often leads to problems further down the line

Following the Government's recent health and care funding reforms, John Baron warns against future policy being rushed through at a similar pace, expressing concerns over the lack of scrutiny over issues such as the National Insurance rise and the likelihood of these funds ever reaching social care. 

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