Peter Bingle discusses the implications of the Prime Minister's decision to call an early general election.

So Theresa May has bowed to the political realities and called an early general election on 8th June.

It was always going to happen. A Tory lead opinion poll lead of twenty-one per cent and the Labour Party on its knees. The PM owed it to the country, her party and to be fair the Labour Party to go to the country, win a huge mandate and finish off Jeremy Corbyn and everything that he stands for.

Some of us have always suspected that the PM would go early. The Tory Party at Westminster is in a fractious mood and her overall majority is small. A stunning election victory will massively strengthen her negotiating position with the European Commission.

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Just as importantly, an election will give the PM the opportunity to fight an election on her own quite distinct policy agenda and create a government totally in her image. The arguments in favour of an early election are simply overwhelming.

It is always nice to be proved right in the game of political punditry. I have consistently predicted an early general election and I am delighted to have once again been proved correct.

Labour are going to be wiped out. For many Labour MPs there will be a massive sense of relief. Their agony will soon be over.

I will be surprised if there are more than 125 Labour MPs on 9th June …

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