David Sedgwick argues mainstream political parties are indistinguishable. They all subscribe to the same brand of liberalism.

Observing Anna Soubry of late has been a sobering experience ? at least for true Conservatives. Very illuminating indeed has been the Member of Parliament for Broxtowe's support for all things EU, from mass migration, open borders, unelected bureaucracy and not forgetting the policy of ever closer union – the ultimate goal of which is the dissolution of the nation state. Interesting.

She's not the only Tory politician whose political sympathies seem to lie somewhere between the hard left and the soft centre of British politics. Take Heidi Allen, MP for South Cambridgeshire.

Allen spends much of her time campaigning for migrant 'children' to be allowed entrance to the UK. The fact that in two-thirds of cases, these 'children' turn out to be adults ? some in their mid-30s ? does not seem to trouble her at all. Nor does the fact that these 'children' she wishes to hoist upon the British tax payer currently live in such dangerous places as Rome, Berlin or Paris.

When the host of the BBC's This Week programme Andrew Neil asked her in 2016 why the UK should take an increasing number of fully-grown, predominantly male migrants living in safe European cities, Allen simply avoided the question.

It gets worse. In the light of the tragic Westminster terrorist attack, far from vowing to clamp down on the radical Islamists and their support networks that enable such cowardly acts, occasional hijab-wearer Theresa May espoused all the usual 'religion of peace' platitudes. Meanwhile her predecessor David Cameron is not only looking forward to the day the UK has a Muslim PM, but here is an alleged Tory whose aesthetic sensibilities are apparently offended by the large number of 'white' faces in the House of Commons.

And just when you thought the Tories could not lurch any further towards the left, just when you thought they could not appease the pernicious ideology that is political correctness any more than they already do, they grant that bastion of left-wing propaganda and Liberalism – the BBC – carte blanche for another ten years?

But it doesn't end there: one of the requirements of the corporation's Royal Charter ? rubber stamped by Conservative politicians – is to ensure yet more 'diversity' both behind and on our television screens?

And these are not the words, actions or policies of a hard-left socialist party, but those of the modern Conservative party! Just let that sink in for one moment.

So, why should this be the case? Why are Conservatives so ready to capitulate to the whims of their political opponents? In the case of David Cameron it was a blend of cowardice and opportunism: the ex-Tory leader was, by all accounts, terrified of being labelled? An extremist? Dictator? Worse, much worse.

The Ex-Prime Minister of the UK and leader of the Conservative party was terrified of being labelled 'right-wing?'

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If that revelation surprises, then it shouldn't, not if one understands the essential essence of British politics. Although it might come as a shock to some, as far as the political landscape is concerned, Britain is, and always has been, a one-party state: A Liberal state.

Oh, they might sit opposite one another in the House of Commons, but this left-right 'opposition' is illusory. For Labour and Conservative are two sides of the same political coin. If one understands this crucial point ? that Tory and Labour are simply different manifestations of the ruling Liberal class ? if one grasps this fact, much that was hitherto unfathomable becomes explicable.

Take the Troy pledge to reduce immigration to the 'tens of thousands.' Instead immigration soared. Yet had the political will been there, it is a pledge that could easily have been met, if ? and only if ? the Conservative party were just that: Conservatives. As the other side of the Liberal coin, their continued facilitation of mass immigration becomes entirely explicable as do the words and deeds of such 'conservatives' as Soubry and Allen.

Not so long ago a Labour MP appeared on BBC Question Time boasting how the increase in the minimum wage of 10p per hour had, and I quote, "revolutionised the lives of people in Wigan?" Based on the average working week of 37 hours, by my calculations the poor and downtrodden of Wigan had £3.70 more in their pockets on a Friday night. Revolution.

All of which pretty much sums of the supposed chasm between Left and Right: essentially, it boils down to 10p an hour. Do you ever get the feeling you're being had?

Suggest doing something substantial to alleviate the gulf between rich and poor such as abolishing the public school system and the same Labour MP will become docile, will shuffle quietly away to the shadows to agitate for a 2p an hour increase on the minimum wage

Red, Blue, green or even purple, when it comes to the things that truly matter, the political class is one and the same colour: an unappetising shade of Liberal yellow.

It is worthwhile considering how the Liberal media treats politicians who do not fall into line. Consider the scorn, mockery and sheer hostility meted out by the BBC to what it terms political 'extremists.' Whether it's Corbyn on the Left or Farage on the Right, defy the Liberal consensus and you will soon become a political pariah, at least in the mainstream media.

Call for open borders, mass migration or veneration of the EU on the other hand and you will be courted, nay lionised by the BBC and the full gamut of the powerful western Liberal media and establishment. Cameron knew it. Soubry and Allen both know it.

Vote Labour. Vote Tory. Vote blue or red or green or purple. Vote capitalist, socialist or anarchist. Vote left, right, up, down, sideways, over. Vote for change or permanence. Vote for establishment or for revolution. It matters not a jot, because what you will always get once the posturing ends, once the dust has settled, is the status quo: Liberalism.

Best of all, you didn't even notice.

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