Our prime minister, a supposedly highly intelligent man, announces that the UK will now, by 2035, further reduce its carbon emissions by 78% compared to those in 1990. He has bowed to the climate change clowns, argues Keith Hartrick.

Already, with no consultation, and no mention in the 2019 Conservative manifesto, we are told that all cars powered solely by diesel or petrol engines will be banned from 2030.

We must also switch from affordable, economical and reliable gas boilers for our home heating to more expensive, less efficient heat pumps. There is much talk of new green jobs and all the benefits which are supposed to flow from this new religion.

However, there has been no talk of the astronomical cost of doing so, or the jobs that will be lost as a result of this blind dash to a carbon free future. Our government, indeed many governments, and all the mainstream media have accepted that climate change is caused by human activity. Therefore governments force us to make costly changes to our lifestyles to save the planet from global warming.

So what is the first question an intelligent person would ask? How much carbon is there in the atmosphere? It must be a huge amount to cause all the problems we now face. Well, Google it for yourself and you will find it is 0.04%. Shouldn't that ring alarm bells with all the climate change fanatics?

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The second question is: Has the Earth heated and cooled before and over what time period? A little research will answer that question easily. The Earth has been heating and cooling for thousands of years. No one says the Earth is not getting slightly warmer today, but it is a natural phenomena caused by the Sun and the orbit of the Earth around it. The Earth revolves in two ways: First, its 24-hour orbit which gives us day and night, but also a much longer elliptical orbit round the Sun, which is an oval not a circle. As a result, when Earth is nearer the Sun on this long extended orbit it is warmer, when it is furthest away it is cooler.

The third question is: Do 99% of scientists agree that Earth is warming as result of human activity? That is the message from government and the mainstream media and most people just accept it. The answer is no, but scientists who disagree are ruthlessly excluded from television and national newspapers. They are simply refused a platform from which to put forward calm and rational explanations about the reasons and causes of global warming.

Once again you have to make the effort to go onto the Internet to find well qualified climate scientists who do not agree that the Earth is warming as a result of human activity.

What is so annoying is that there is so much governments could do that could be a great benefit to humanity and the Earth which they just ignore! Why is every new home not built with solar panels and an electric car charging point? Why is there not a massive effort to clean up the sea from all the plastic pollution humanity dumps into it? Why not a massive effort to reclaim the Sahara desert with a 100-year project to turn it back into a forest? Where is the electricity generation for all the electric cars, and the accessible charging points, needed in less than ten years time? Why do we refuse to mine coal in the UK when doing so would reduce carbon emissions caused by importing coal? Why is there not a concentrated government initiative to grow more food and fruit in the UK and to encourage supermarkets to help farmers do so, which would also reduce carbon emissions? I have no doubt many readers can think of other simple things the government could be doing and encouraging instead of pursuing grand and costly ideas that will go nowhere.

A final point is that these people don't believe in God. That is why they are both arrogant and ignorant, do you think an all powerful God will allow humanity to destroy the Earth that was created specifically for humans to live on? Humanity will be allowed to damage it, to pollute it, to destroy limited parts of it, but God, in the person of Jesus Christ will return to Earth and heal both the people and the planet. A completely unfashionable view I know, but it will happen.

Will you allow the climate change clowns to tell you what to think or do some simple research for yourself? If you do the research but still believe that climate change is caused by human activity I have no problem with that. But if you simply accept what the Government and mainstream media are telling you then you have my sympathy.

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