Since the beginning, the European Union has been playing the long game in the Brexit negotiations. The Prime Minister's failure to stick to deadlines has weakened his negotiating position and Boris now seems to be backed into a corner where any kind of deal is only possible if he compromises the UK's 'Red Lines'. Now our only real option to deliver a real Brexit is to walk away on World Trade Organisation terms, argues Jayne Adye, Director of Get Britain Out.

For the last 2 weeks we have been told a deal is within reach, only for one or both sides to come out declaring no deal is the most likely option. The most common theme linking these apparent collapses in progress is the European Union making fresh demands which include terms which have already been rejected earlier in talks. Just this week progress appeared to have been made on the Level Playing Field, only for the EU to return to the unacceptable demand of the European Court of Justice being the final arbiter of justice. Does the EU think we are stupid and we have no memory of our 'Red Lines'?

Even when it comes to no deal, last week saw the EU release its supposed 'contingency proposal' – which in effect proposed a 6-month extension to the Transition Period even though the UK Parliament has already ruled in Law there can be no extension to the Transition Period. In addition, on fishing the EU proposed an extension of the status quo for a further year if there is no agreement by the end of this year.  In what way would this be acceptable to the UK in any scenario – especially when under no deal the EU have zero right to fish in our waters?

Clearly the EU is still singing to the tune of President Macron of France and his insistence on EU control of UK waters, whatever our objections. Somehow the EU and Macron are determined to try to secure their fishing nets in our waters to catch our fish – clearly rejecting the return of sovereignty Leaving the EU means to the UK. However, this must not happen. UK sovereignty is not a political tool for President Macron to play with to help him secure support for his upcoming elections.

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The fact these outlandish and frankly ridiculous proposals are still being made so close to the end of the Transition Period, paints a clear picture of the EU's rejection of compromise and a refusal to believe Boris Johnson will walk away.

It has been said multiple times, the EU is well known for compromising at the last minute, but right now this does not look likely, or at the very least I doubt they will compromise enough to satisfy and fullfil what we voted for. Because of the EU's intransigence, any inch given will seem like a mile to both Lord Frost, the UK's Chief Brexit Negotiator and the Prime Minister. It is quite likely a final 'bad deal' will be pushed onto the UK – with very little time for scrutiny by Parliament or the Great British Public. It is usual for Parliament to receive 21 days to review trade deals. With only 2 weeks until the New Year, we will clearly not have anything close to this amount of time. If talks drag into the period between Christmas and New Year and with Parliamentary Recess starting later today (December 17th), Parliament may be called back to consider any deal, but there would only be a matter of only hours for proper scrutiny – which is clearly not enough.

Ever since the start of these negotiations, the EU has controlled the agenda and pushed for deadlines to be missed as well as extensions granted – all in the hope of grinding down the will of UK negotiators and the public to create a form of 'Brexhaustion'. The end goal was undoubtedly to try and get the UK to abandon Brexit entirely. However, this didn't happen and as a result of the last General Election it seems the EU are simply trying to trap us into settling for a deal which keeps the UK shackled to the EU for as long, and in as many ways as possible.

Right now, the Prime Minister seems to be playing straight into the hands of the EU. By refusing to stick to deadlines he has set, he has allowed the clock to tick down, while also leaving a complete lack of certainty for businesses and the public. Unfortunately, this and lack of transparency is causing far more problems and delays than any actual outcome of Brexit. Unless Boris finally demonstrates real conviction about what the UK is prepared to accept, the EU will keep on playing their games.

The Prime Minister has spent a great deal of time claiming the UK will "prosper mightily" if we operate on World Trade Organization terms. Well Boris, it is time for serious action in the closing stages of these negotiations. Call the EU's bluff. Walk away from these talks now. It is only by doing this the EU will finally respect the demands of the United Kingdom, instead of their continual proposals for us to be subservient to EU regulations and institutions. If the Prime Minister really wants to Get Britain Out of the EU properly, so we end up with a good trade deal, then we must leave the Transition Period at 00:00 on January 1st 2021 and begin trading with the EU on WTO terms – as we do with most of the rest of the world.

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