Has there ever been a House of Commons more out of tune with public opinion? Ever since 17.4 million voters supported Brexit on 23rd June 2016, the House of Commons has done everything possible to thwart the vote. The consequences for the British political system and the establishment which supports it will be profound. Valhalla is on fire. The rule of the gods is over. As the ill-fated Brunhilde lamented: "I saw the world end …"

Politics has been undermined and politicians diminished by the behaviour of a majority of MPs over the last three years. The will of the people has come a very poor second to the vested interests of the political establishment who dismissed the Brexit result with the throw away quip: "They didn't know what they were voting for …"

On 12th December voters will have the opportunity to take their revenge and the result is likely to be bloody. Politics is a nasty business.

Many of the MPs who did their damnedest to thwart Brexit have decided to stand down and avoid having to face judgement day. Those who are re-standing are likely to get an electoral bloody nose!

In these crazy days, MPs will today elect a new Speaker. This normally happens at the start of a new Parliament rather than at the end. It is happening simply to ensure that the current bunch of MPs make the decision rather than a newly elected House of Commons. Another example of the establishment dictating what happens.

The public mood is volatile. There has never been so much anger towards our politicians and mistrust of their motives. Brexit was a cry of despair from the wretched and dispossessed. Parliament responded by dismissing the vote and questioning their judgement.

This must rank as one of the most hopeless House of Commons in living memory. I am tempted to quote Oliver Cromwell but he was a tyrant who murdered Charles I so I won't! Instead, I will briefly comment on the reason why the House of Commons is now so hopeless, and our MPs are so dull. The reason is that David (Dave) Cameron dumbed down politics (and the Tory Party) as part of his modernisation agenda. He should have listened to the wise words of WS Gilbert: "When everyone is somebody, then no one's anybody!" Quite.

This House of Commons will not be missed …

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