David Hardy argues the Conservative Party is drifting ever closer to the left. In so doing, it is increasingly beholden to left-wing interest groups, such as the BBC and Channel 4.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum: Free speech and the modern Conservative party.

What on earth is happening to the modern Conservative Party? In its eagerness to please a small but very vocal minority of left-wing pressure groups, not a day seems to go by without this ragtag collection of political charlatans and opportunists lurching further leftwards. And this is not just mere virtue-signalling. This is capitulation. Total, complete capitulation.

Never more so has this insidious trend been highlighted than in the recent detention of American citizen Brittany Pettibone and her Austrian boyfriend Martin Sellner by British authorities. Upon arrival in the UK, the pair were promptly arrested by airport security and thereafter detained for 48 hours in custody without charge  ? chilling enough developments in themselves. But it gets worse, much worse.

Ms Pettibone is a conservative journalist. Mr Sellner is a member of Identitarian Europe, a right-wing political movement gaining traction throughout large swathes of western Europe. Together the pair had planned to deliver a speech at Speaker's Corner, that symbolic space supposedly representative of British liberty and freedom of speech. They had also been scheduled to interview political activist Tommy Robinson.

The British authorities decided otherwise. While (separately) detained, Sellner and Pettibone both received letters from the Home Office outlining the reasons for their detention. Regarding Mr Sellner, the Austrian national had been detained, so the letter said, because he was a member of a "right-wing" group.

Yes, you read that correctly: a member of a right-wing political group had been arrested and to all intent and purposes criminalised by Amber Rudd's supposedly Conservative Home Office administration . . .

Here's a snippet of the letter addressed to Ms Pettibone explaining the reasons for her detention ? an official Home Office letter lest we forget:

'Furthermore, your boyfriend has in his possession the Leaflets with scenarios regarding possible violence at his speech…'

Basic grammar, capitalisation errors and somewhat quaint stylistic issues to one side (see the full letter for more of the same), this is an act of political censorship that takes us firmly into the territory of Orwell's Thought Police: A foreign journalist was apprehended by UK authorities because she might have articulated the wrong opinions: conservative opinions.

While the Conservative government harasses right-wing political activists, barring them from entry to the UK, the same administration re-admits hundreds of individuals returned from fighting for ISIS in its war against the west and democracy in general.

When individuals are arrested by agencies acting on behalf of (so-called) Conservative administrations for the crime of holding Conservative opinions, the question arises: who exactly is running the UK?

And just as importantly ? more so perhaps – just who is composing these error-strewn missives littered with basic grammatical errors that purport to come from an official government agency? From where some of us are sitting it seems that the lunatics could well have taken over the asylum.

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For those watching the trajectory of the Conservative party, this tawdry affair will probably come as no surprise. The modern Conservative party is frankly in a mess. Like all political parties, it takes its core voters for granted. The question is: how long will grass root Tories tolerate this modern left-wing appeasing incarnation ? one that happily inters Conservative journalists and activists in the hope of silencing them?

A quick glance at the social media posts of prominent Tories ably summarises the execrable state of the modern party. Conservative Secretary of State for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport, Matt Hancock recently took to Twitter to praise the Tory-loathing BBC for what he called its "brilliant" work and to also commend its regressive licence fee model.

Sajid Javid also took to Twitter recently. The Conservative member of parliament for Bromsgrove was angry. Javid condemned what he termed the 'Islamophobia' he claims has been aimed at Muslims in certain areas of the West Midlands. Javid was furious. His anger, however, was not aimed at the grooming gangs who have terrorised young girls in Telford and other parts of the West Midlands, some of them as young as 11 years old.

In common with the left-wing BBC/Guardian/Channel 4/Labour alliance, the Conservative MP had little if anything to say about systematic abuse which had been allowed to continue for four decades and had left countless, innocent victims in its wake.

With a Conservative establishment headed by May, Rudd and Hammond purposely dragging its heels in order to keep the UK embedded within what will effectively become the United States of Socialist Europe, and with Tory MPs calling for ever more 'refugees' to enter the UK, ever more 'diversity', ever more multi-culturalism, how long before Conservative voters abandon the party wholesale?

Theresa May's administration has effectively become a puppet government, the strings of which are pulled by an alliance of left-wing ideologues comprised of the media (BBC, Channel 4, Guardian), far left Marxist NGOs (HopeNotHate, Tell Mamma etc.) and various left-wing charities (Save the Children, Greenpeace etc.). Terrified at the prospect of incurring the wrath of any of these groups, Conservative politicians simply roll over and toe the line. It's easier that way.

Meanwhile the views of a vast majority of voters ? the silent majority ? are routinely ignored as Amber Rudd and friends have ears only for those who shout the loudest. For in the world of Westminster hysteria always wins out. Ignoring millions of voters to appease this unholy alliance of left-wing ideologues, though ensuring self-preservation in the short term, has a single long-term destination: demise. But do Rudd, May and Hammond even care?

The case of Pettibone and Sellner might prove to be the moment when Tory voters awaken from their slumber. With this outrageous and aggressive act of political censorship the Tories have revealed what many have started to realise: along with their Labour colleagues, the modern Conservative party is simply the political representatives of a global, corporate elite, enforcers of political correctness the ultimate aim of which is the erosion of personal liberty and the advancement towards totalitarianism.

How much longer then will traditional Conservative voters sit back and watch the antics of this fraudulent cabal of political opportunists smear the Conservative name? How much longer will they tolerate the anti-Brexit Anna Soubry, the BBC-loving Matt Hancock, the Mass immigration facilitating Amber Rudd or the EU-appeasing Theresa May?

Will they fight back? Conservative high command seems to think not. And who can blame them? After all, from David Cameron through to Theresa May and Amber Rudd ? just as their globalist overlords ordered – the Conservatives have presided over record levels of immigration year after year, irrevocably changing the social, political and cultural landscape of Britain, and without any discernible damage to their support.

Given these alarming developments within the modern Conservative party, when the next General Election comes round the British public will be forced to choose between two parties who differ only by degree:

Hard left Labour or soft left Conservative.

The 'choice' is yours.

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