As the reality of the failed Brexiteer mutiny continues to set, eyes turn to the next stages of the Brexit saga, including Labour's manoeuvring for another General Election, says Peter Divey.

Every radio and television news and debate programme is gleefully on script. No-Deal is a disaster leading to economic catastrophe that will doom Britain to collapse. It is rarely challenged, as it certainly needs to be, and when it is, the message and the messenger is immediately minimised and undermined. It is the successful mantra that has established a convention.

I never knew that gender was a spectrum, but that too has become a thing. The biological binary of the X or Y chromosome is now culturally unacceptable. You are what you say you are. You are victimised if anyone disagrees and you are now demanding protection under the law from these wicked oppressors.

The so-called People's Vote has cottoned on to this. They too want a new kind of special referendum. Gone is the binary, in with the spectrum. It is the oldest strategy in politics, and if implemented well it never fails. Divide and rule.

Three questions are essential for the new People's Vote, and is another assertion that has become an essential mantra. It is trotted out at every opportunity.

1) No Brexit
2) No Deal
3) PM May's Deal

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I am calling this out. It must not be allowed. It is specifically designed to split the Leave vote, who will have 2 choices. Everyone knows which choice Remain voters will choose. Blatant divide and rule.

I would vote for option 2 here, others would go for option 3, convinced by the propaganda that No Deal is wicked. It is not far from believing that to holding your nose, as a Leave voter, and choosing option 1. This psychological game is being played out in the open. A highly refined Project Fear.

The General Election call is the third part of this political playbook. I have to admit that it is being well done. The benefits of Brexit? Not discussed, not permitted. Off the table completely. The BBC have never joined in a political project so keenly. The obvious bias and partisan leaning is astonishing. In this environment of relentless pressure it is no wonder that the resilience of Leave voters is prone to erosion.

Nigel Farage is to blame, he is the pantomime villain. Aaron Banks is a dodgy criminal who used off-shore Russian money to sway the Brexit vote. The People's Vote are themselves under investigation. That is actively kept quiet. This is another strategy. The whole Brexit process was illegitimate. Keep banging on that drum, get the message out…

The EU join in the Brexit destruction game whenever they can, "We respect the vote, of course we do, but come back, do not leave, our door is always open"…but only for our money. We will have no more influence than before, that is to say, almost none. We will have to join the Euro, and pay loads more…going back in will be just as divisive as getting out.

The People's vote have said that the Brexit vote is the greatest betrayal of British youth and future generations in history. No, that would be World War 1. More empty rhetoric, but again, oft-repeated. Their hyperbole is self damaging. The Brexit vote was the greatest exercise in British democracy ever. A counter argument that is not hyperbolic.

I am quite content with all the fuss and drama. The clock keeps ticking and No deal is ever more likely. Labour are trying to finesse a General Election. The Brexiteers are trying to ensure a No Deal and PM May has her middle way, the "high alignment" deal. My prediction? The waters are very muddy, but i will not be surprised if Theresa May carries the day. As Michael Gove has said, do not sacrifice the lamb upon the altar of perfection. I detest the BRINO compromise, but get over the line, and tweak from there, many are coming round to this. PM May will not be replaced in the near term. No one wants the job just now, 48 letters or not.

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