2020 has by no means been an easy year; there is a growing discontent from the coronavirus pandemic, frustration over the EU negotiations and concern regarding the outcome of the US Presidential election. Here are some political games to ease your worries. 

The political landscapes of 2020 have been absurdly volatile, and with each passing week, we seem to be getting further and further away from a sense of normality. Both in the UK with Boris Johnson's latest plan and overseas in the United States with Donald Trump's latest tweet, it tough to recall a time when politics were such a volatile talking point.

Of course, everyone has their own political preferences and ideals for how countries and international relations should be run. As the topic has become so divisive, it's rare to find anyone that's wholly happy and not the least bit stressed about the political climate.

So, to grab a sense of political control or to add some levity to the topic, people are turning to mediums proven to help you relax by giving you the chance to master challenges, as detailed by CNC.ca. If you fancy the test, these are the political games for you.

A deep dive into 2020 politics

One of the best genres of gaming for a political title is simulation, which is always at is best on PC. You get yourself a map of the nation or world, make decisions and put direct your party. The leading name in comprehensive political simulation titles right now is Power & Revolution 2020 Edition, which is available through Steam's Store.

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It's an ultra-realistic simulator of the world today, in which you can either play as an existing head of state or as their opposition. If you think that a world leader has failed to impress in 2020, and reckon you could have done a better job, Power & Revolution gives you the platform to prove your political mettle.

Playing out the great battle of our time

Donald Trump has never failed to draw global interest for the sheer absurdity of just about everything that he does. One such incident which captured the imaginations of the press and meme-makers alike was his spat with the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. The entertaining posturing led to the hottest site at CasinoWings.com, Play Ojo, hosting a new game in honour of the verbal battle, Rocket Men.

You get to play out the battle of the world's two biggest hotheads through several slapstick bonus features. When unlocking Trump's games, you'll play a round of gold at Don's Driving Range, but with Jong-un, you'll get to play Kim's Little Game of firing missiles all over the place. The game really heats up when Kim vs Don initiates, with it being Party Time if Trump wins and Boom Time if it's a triumph for Kim.

Can you beat Crazy Don or Boring Biden?

In the United States, the run to the election has all but become a form of entertainment, with either side of the media hyping up or tearing down election candidates in each state. Given the set-up of the US elections, it presents a particular challenge to conquer, which is why the campaign run makes for the bases of a strong, strategic simulation game.

Combining both levity and political drive, The Political Machine 2020, as found at PoliticalMachine.com, features fun graphics that mask its surprisingly deep US election campaign game. You'll pick or make your own candidate and then manage your budget in an attempt to win over the nation.

Have a bit more fun in these unsettling times of politics by taking matters into your own hands with these popular political games.

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