Keith Hartrick writes that the lack of action from a Conservative Party that has governed in some form since 2010 makes a mockery of the bold speeches heard at party conference, with recent events underlining the cost of this inactivity.

We have just seen in both major party conferences a lot of talk but very little real action. For Labour, out of power, we cannot expect much action, but for the Conservatives, in power in some form for over ten years now, surely we should expect a lot.

Yet the Prime Minister, given the perfect opportunity to spell out what needs to be done, said nothing concrete that could be translated into action now. Take the mad dash to net zero by 2050 which all our political parties seem wedded to: all our PM could do was waffle about getting there. There were no concrete suggestions as to how we get there without damaging, maybe even destroying, our current way of life. Our heating bills are going through the roof this winter because of a shortage of gas caused by a total lack of vision for over twenty years by Prime Ministers from both parties.

Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa May and now Boris Johnson are all guilty of failing to secure our energy supplies and storage. We are sitting on gas, oil and coal but our governments have neglected to make sure we use it before our crazy dash for an expensive wind and solar powered energy revolution. All have been dishonest in hiding the cost from us but this winter the chickens are coming home to roost. How many people want to reach net zero at the cost of their entire income for the rest of their lives?

We have our Home Secretary who talks a good fight but has not actually achieved very much in terms of concrete results. Priti Patel says she will stop illegal immigration across the channel, yet more illegal immigrants have come via this route this year than ever before. All talk, no action.

Then we have Insulate Britain blocking vital motorways and road junctions for several weeks. We are told there will be a new law to enable the police to arrest and lock up these people who are self-righteously endangering lives by their actions. Are we really supposed to believe there is no existing law which these people are breaking, no existing law under which they can be arrested, refused bail, and sentenced to at least a year in jail? More talk, no action, with a police force which does nothing about climate change protests which inconvenience thousands.

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Finally where is the action to take advantage of our new post Brexit freedoms? Where is the bonfire of EU-inspired red tape and laws? Where are the freeports? Where is the action to stop debt fuelled private equity firms taking over the crown jewels of UK business? Does anyone believe that Morrisons will still be a first class supermarket chain in ten years time? Why are these vulture companies allowed to take over our best tech companies and destroy the chance to build them into world leaders, based in the UK and paying tax in the UK, not in some offshore tax haven?

We all know about COVID-19 and the money, energy and focus that has taken in the last 18 months. How amazing that legislation to deal with lockdowns and all the other things associated with Coronavirus seemed to sail through parliament overnight.

Why are civil servants being allowed to work from home to the detriment of the public they are supposed to serve? The current sloppy performance at the DVLA in regard to HGV licenses is a perfect example of why the Prime Minister ought to order all civil servants back to work in their offices.

Where is the clear vision of where the UK will be in ten years time and how the transition to clean energy can be managed without bankrupting both the UK and the people living here?

Where is the vision as to how we can manage the NHS and make it work better without that too bankrupting the UK? All the people at the sharp end – the consultants, doctors, nurses, porters, lab technicians, cleaners and cooks (my apologies to any front line staff that I have missed) are doing an excellent job – but do we need so many layers of management, especially managers with no real time experience of working in health care at the sharp end?

Our Government and MPs, currently, are talkers not doers. Let's have a lot less talking and a lot more action.

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