December 20, 2016

The EU is morally repulsive

The EU is morally repulsive

The EU’s refusal to reassure all of its citizens living in each other’s countries that they can stay after Brexit is morally repulsive, says John Redwood.

Giving the cold shoulder to the Prime Minister was juvenile. Refusing to reassure all EU citizens living in each other’s countries that they can stay after Brexit is morally repulsive.

I assume even the EU would not stoop so low as to demand the departure of UK citizens from other EU countries once we leave. It would be against decency, morality and probably international law. So why don’t they just say so? Their refusal shows the PM was wise not to assume they would.

The UK has made clear it is happy for all legally settled EU migrants in the UK to stay. So why can’t the others say the same about British migrants?

At the same time, why can’t the rest of the EU reassure business that they have no wish to damage their trade with us? Again, they put their own institution above the needs and wishes of businesses, employees and customers around their Union.

It certainly strengthens the case for leaving. These people clearly do not want the best for their citizens. They use them as pawns in their macabre political game. I thought the EU’s idea was to take our money in order to give us some service. Once again it looks as if the opposite is true.

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John Redwood MP
John Redwood MP
John Redwood is the Member of Parliament for Wokingham in Berkshire. He was formerly Secretary of State for Wales in Prime Minister John Major's Cabinet. He is currently Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party's Policy Review Group on Economic Competitiveness.
  • ukipwankers

    You lying fucking cunt Redwood.
    You’re a piece of shit.

  • Adrian Johnson

    Hummm. I must get hold of that book. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Adrian Johnson

    It’s the vehicle and creature of the NWO.

  • PAD

    Wonder what the owner of BI (John Bird ?)has to say about this?

  • Dynamo11

    It’s a ploy for us to concede and accept the dregs of Europe that we have already taken in. I say we should not get suckered in, this is the one and only opportunity we’ll get to “fix” the mistakes of the past decade regarding EU immigration. Many immigrants I’m sure will be allowed to stay (they speak English, have jobs, clean criminal record etc.) all others however must go back to the EU.

  • SonofBoudica

    The fact that the Euro’s policies were set to suit Germany, and Germany alone at a time when it needed low interest rates to cope with the costs of reunification of Germany, resulted in the borrowing, construction and property bubbles in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and Ireland and the subsequent wrecking of their economies. Germany, on the other hand, gained low rates, a massive home market for its products, easy credit for its customers to buy those products, and a much lower international exchange rate via the Euro than the old DM to boost its export market.

  • SonofBoudica

    Most of those I know who are most angry about the Brexit result are thinking only of their “sweet little holiday homes” in the Dordogne or Tuscany.

  • SonofBoudica

    Roma have taken over Big Issue where I live too. Do we no longer have any homeless UK born youth who need Big Issue as a stepping stone to work and stability? I notice that the big chief of the Roma BI sellers locally has been on his patch for over 10 years and being late middle aged obviously has no intention of looking for tax-paying work. Every now and then he disappears bad to Romania for a couple of weeks, followed by a complete change of Roma BI sellers as the new ones come in from Romania and the old ones disappear into the benefits system.

  • SonofBoudica

    The EU resembles nothing more than a playground gang in a school which turns on anyone who leaves the gang, and then gangs up and bullies him/her unmercifully for their crime.

  • Wolseley

    I did suggest to a Flemish friend of ours that given the UK is leaving the EU it would make sense to have one EU Parliament located in Berlin……….needless to say, he was not amused.

  • Wolseley

    And how many refugees has the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia taken in………..

  • Derek

    The EU set out its stall for the needs of big business (30,000+ lobbyists and counting tells you all you need to know about who the EU works for).
    Big business needs restrictive practices to reduce competition, have high prices, have lower wages, have mass immigration. All are needed to drive down competition, wages and conditions to boost profits.
    You can’t expect people not to notice that their share is going down and that their life opportunities are getting worse.
    The EU has therefore chosen a low growth future as its only small companies that create significant new wealth and jobs for the majority.
    Big Business reduces rather than increases employment and the practices it needs guarantee low economic growth as it stifles competition. Therefore public dissatisfaction will continue

  • Andy Towell

    Of course they want rid of us, to them we are revolutionarys in the midst! The last thing they need is a load of thinking for them selves British in the ranks spreading poison lol

    We have rejected their federalist (erosion of the nation state) ideology and are a danger to their pet project!

  • mrdavidjohnson

    Very true

  • StuckInUK4Now

    “…most vanity projects seem wonderful to those at the top. The folks at the bottom usually have a different view.”

    Exactly. Consider the following passage from Joseph Tainter in his book ‘The Collapse of Complex Societies’: “What may be a catastrophe to administrators need not be to the bulk of the population. It may only be among those members of a society who have neither the opportunity nor the ability to produce primary food resources that the collapse of administrative hierarchies is a clear disaster. Among those less specialized, severing the ties that link local groups to a regional entity is often attractive. Collapse then is not intrinsically a catastrophe. It is a rational, economizing process that may well benefit much of the population.”

    Tainter here offers a tenable explanation for the differing reactions of the privileged classes and the ordinary population to the ‘Brexit’ vote. We can see the elites – I characterise them as the ‘Hugo and Cressida’ classes – are still in shock or boiling with fury at the idea that the plebs actually defied them and voted Leave, whereas the poorer, lower-status groups – the ‘Darren and Chantelle’ classes – are cheering and celebrating at the prospect of ‘getting our country back’ – or, as Tainter put it: “Among those less specialized, severing the ties that link local groups to a regional entity is often attractive.”

    It’s important to note that ‘collapse’ in Tainter’s view does not necessarily mean a regression to the kind of violence and lawlessness depicted in apocalyptic movies such as the ‘Mad Max’ series – rather, it refers to a reversion to less complex social structures. This may well not be viewed as a disaster by anyone except those at the top.

  • StuckInUK4Now

    Ironic, isn’t it, that an organisation (the EU) supposedly founded to ensure that Germany would never again control Europe has had the opposite result, with Merkel essentially getting to pull the puppet-strings of a whole continent.

    It’s not as if this outcome wasn’t forecast right from the start: Salzburg-born political scientist Leopold Kohr (1909 – 1994) wrote way back in 1957 in his book, ‘The Breakdown Of Nations’, that a federal Europe would be an ‘Unsuccessful Federation’ because: “European federation, based on its great national blocks, unequal in size and strength, would in the end become a federation in the interest of Germany, because Germany alone would be large enough to enforce a federal law, and no law could be enforced without Germany’s consent. Germany would be arbiter and master.”

  • SeeYouAnon


    It began in deceit. As such, I believe it has been a dangerous and worthless project from day one.

  • ratcatcher11

    The EU Brussels politicians are simply fascists terrified that their gravy train has entered the final curve with the brakes failing and the buffers looming. They are not a democratic organisation and should be considered Nazis.

  • Andrew Mitchell

    I’m at a loss as to how anyone is able to look at the EU, know that its the only market on the planet that has been reducing for the past 30yrs, while every other market has grown, see how the EU leaders act, childish and spoiled, and think “yes, I think the UK is way better off being attached to the basket case that is the EU”, I honestly believe that after we have left the EU, other nations will be watching and when they see that the project fear stuff, has proven to be utterly wrong, they will soon be demanding a referendum of their own, and that will be the death of the EU!

  • emma2000

    I am happy for any EU citizens who are settled, working and not claiming benefits for children not living here to stay but the area I grew up in has been taken over by thousands of Roma who are largely illeterate and not not work. The women are sent out to sell the Big Issue, a way of claiming tax credits. Plus the area is filthy and totally unrecognisable as the respectable working class area I knew. I left long ago and it breaks my heart when I go to visit a friend who still lives there, it is like a foreign country and she never goes out at night. Are these people to be allowed to stay and live off benefits they never contributed a penny to? I hope not.

  • geo

    the means always justifies the ends for so many people and the EU elite will hammer down anyone that threatens their grand project. to them it is a glorious edifice … but then most vanity projects seem wonderful to those at the top. the folks at the bottom usually have a different view.

  • Leo Savantt

    Is the EU in theory a good idea? Many and probably quite rightly think not.

  • PAD

    There should 1st of all be a mass clear out of all unemployed tandem with deportation of ALL immigrant felons..then and only then should the numbers be looked at.

  • DWWolds

    It brings to my mind the story of the frog placed in cold water. When that water is gradually brought to the boil the frog doesn’t notice anything wrong – until it bursts.

    Perhaps it is just that the EU powers-that-be are so hooked on the ideology – or their self-perceived importance on a large stage – to realise that the whole monolith is simply not working on a practical level.

  • getahead

    “self serving career politicians that have zero regard for the people they are supposed to represent.”
    That could also apply closer to home.

  • Odo Saunders

    At last week’s European Council of Ministers, the leaders of the other states behaved in a petulant and arrogant manner towards the Prime Minister. Why? Because Brexit has demonstrated to them that there is now a groundswell of opinion against the European Union and its institutions across Europe, and they are unable/unwilling to address the problem. In the meantime the European Union continues to sink into an economic and political morass, which leaves these leaders quite unmoved. This situation brings to mind the image of Nero fiddling while Rome burns! Come to think of it, isn’t the present-day Rome gradually being engulfed in an economic fire storm! The sooner we get the hell out of the European Union, the better.

  • Stuart Fairney

    Merkel seems happy to welcome one million undocumented immigrants (some of whom prove to be extremely injurious to the German people), but tax-paying law-abiding Brits may have to go?

    This says much about Mrs Merkel and the EU. Is anyone sad we are leaving this entity?

  • the baracus

    I believe that this, ultimately, is the real reason why most people voted to leave- however it is the one reason that the commentators refuse to address. They would much rather break the majority into smaller groups, such as those that are against immigration, those that were fooled by the refund etc. The whole attempt at identity politics with the referendum result (which is how they operate generally).

    At heart, though, the EU whilst in theory a great idea, is actually a nest of self serving career politicians that have zero regard for the people they are supposed to represent. That is why many people voted to leave.

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