"Can't stop the feeling". The world might be mired in socially distanced lockdown, but love knows no bounds. With Valentine's Day less than a week away it's time to get your thinking cap on to give your partner the magical gift they need to make sure their "heart skips, skips a beat" this year. 

"Love is a battlefield", but it doesn't have to be. Wholee Prime, the hot new shopping app storming the download charts across Europe is here to cut the stress out of Valentine's Day and make sure Cupid's on target this weekend.

The team at Wholee Prime has crunched the numbers to work out their most popular gifts for both him and her this year. As with all of their goods, these come with the Wholee promise — lowest price guaranteed and no mark-up costs. What's not to love?  

For him 

1. TW Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Stereo Earbuds

"Can't get you out of my head." From Bryan Adams to Bon Jovi, at only £4.26 these high-quality Bluetooth earbuds mean you and your partner can listen to power ballads in perfect sync. Compatible with Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft devices the earbuds come in a range of colours.

2. Men's Ripped Slant Pocket Jeans

Your partner will never go out of "style" with these fashionable ripped jeans. Available in a range of colours,
including grey, light blue, black, and dark blue, your partner can enjoy these high quality, comfortable jeans all year around. Skip past the fashion giants and get these for just £11.95.

3. Men's 'Moda Nellav' Tracksuit

No need for a "Suit & Tie". They say fitness is like a relationship: you can't cheat and expect it to work. Thankfully, this tracksuit won't leave you cheated, and from as little as £9.22 it seems clear why. Available in black or red, this makes the perfect gift for boyfriends or husbands who love their fitness.

4. Riding Mask for Men

Think of the "Man Behind the Mask". No need to mask your emotions, let them out this weekend. Show them you care with this carbon filter, anti-fog, anti-wind dust mask. Be it for a socially distanced walk in the park with your boyfriend, or to keep your husband safe and healthy during his daily life, lockdown hasn't changed Valentine's Day. It's just made the gifts more creative. Available in a range of colours, and with Velcro seals this mask could be just the ticket for only £1.93.



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5. Mobile Gamepad

"Love doesn't have to be a losing game." Help him through lockdown with this state-of-the-art mobile gamepad from Wholee Prime. For just £2.26, this unique gift comes with joystick, mobile phone holder, and four-finger linkage allowing you to play games just as you would on the main console. 

For her

1. Silver Mom Love-shaped Diamond Necklace

"Shine bright like a diamond" this February. We all know that Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers, but also mothers. Whether you're not with someone, or just want mum to feel special, Wholee Prime has you covered. Treat her to this diamond necklace in gold, silver, or rose gold for just £0.99.

2. Pearl Head Band Accessory

In the immortal words of The Isley Brothers: "Spill the wine, take the pearl". It's the obvious choice. This elegant hairband is ideal to stand out from the crowd. At £1.09, top quality, unique style could be hers at the click of a button and with you in no time at all. Don't clam up, the pearl-fect gift is waiting for you?

3. Gold Crystal Water Drop Earrings

"Now, I ain't sayin' she a gold digger", but for just £1.96 the special woman in your life could be beaming with joy when she wears these. Perfectly suited for parties, weddings, and anniversaries, the earrings come in both silver and gold. 

4. Women's Large Frame Sunglasses

"You Are My Sunshine". What better way to show it than with these elegant women's large frame sunglasses from Wholee Prime. Whilst the sun may not be out right now, make sure you grab these for the bargain price of £1.82. After all, even if a foreign holiday isn't on the cards this year, the fleeting glimpse of English summer sunshine is still a realistic possibility. And, with their elegant design, these are the perfect gift for your sol-mate!

5. Spa set

"Baby, It's Cold Outside". You can't beat bubbles and Bublé, so give your loved one even more of an excuse to stay indoors with you this February. With spas and beauty salons out of the equation during lockdown you need to bring the spa to your loved one. Avoid any spa-rring this weekend and use this gift as a massage to show you care. From £15.17, this soothing Zen Buddha Statue and Candle Holder is perfect for releasing the tension.

With the abundance of gifts available, there's no need for Valentine's Day to be write-off (even if the rest of the year is). Affordable gifts can be yours in no time when you shop with Wholee Prime, and who knows where a gift may lead? 

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