As major online giants have grown at mind-boggling rates over the last year, one online shopping app has flown under the radar and has begun to position itself as a credible threat to these household names.

While online giants such as Amazon and eBay have continued to assert their dominance over the last year as online shopping has taken on a new level of importance for consumers in light of the pandemic, Wholee Prime, a Singapore-based online shopping app, has managed to grow itself at such a rate as to now be considered a viable alternative for consumers.

Marketing itself as a zero markup and ethical consumer shopping app, where members can access benefits including 24/7 customer support and over a million products with priority packaging and shipping for its Prime members, Wholee launched in August last year, and has already established a presence across four continents. It has enjoyed tremendous success in download markets, and has recently passed what is seen as the symbolically significant target of 3 million downloads across the iOS and Android markets (1.1 million and 2.1 million respectively).

Seen as a key market by Wholee Prime, the United Kingdom has been at the forefront of the company's growth strategy, leading both downloads (1.4 million) and Prime membership sign-ups (48,000). Wholee Prime spokesperson Eleanor Thomas commented on this, saying:

"We are delighted with the sustained growth in both app downloads and membership subscriptions.

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"Our success reveals the appetite among consumers in the UK, as well as globally, for a new way of shopping online that allows consumers to avoid questionable marketing approaches, over-inflated prices, and demand-based price spikes that are the hallmark of the more established e-retail giants.

"Through our unique zero markup pricing model, we're committed to transforming an already tired and outdated e-retail market."

With Wholee Prime membership starting at as little as £0.50 for one month, the free-to-download app's zero markup pricing model means users only pay for the production cost on millions of products across a range of categories, including fashion, lifestyle and beauty products. The price paid is the price set by the manufacturer and saves consumers from having to pay for distribution and marketing costs they usually face.

Global as well as UK appetite is certainly evident in Wholee Prime's figures, with 21,000 members in the US, and growing figures in the EU, Canada and Australia, on top of millions of downloads. Although it may be a bit of time before we see sales and growth figures akin to those of Amazon, eBay, and even Wish, if growth continues at this kind of rate, we may be seeing a lot more of Wholee Prime in online retail over the next few years.

Wholee Prime is available through the iOS and Android app stores, as well as online at


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