Nobody could make such a mess of Brexit unless they were doing it deliberately, says Ian Connor.

Theresa May is a political genius.

I know what you're thinking.  He's lost his marbles.  Parliament is in chaos.  She's totally inept.  She never wanted us to leave the EU in the first place, and it shows. 

The EU have fallen into the trap that Mrs May set for them.  It was no deal all along, unless they offered a decent one in the first place.  Genius!

The EU's patience has run out.  They are making the decisions now.  Though they have been since 1973. There are only two options from their point of view:  Leave without a deal or accept the deal with a short extension for ratification. 

The EU will only authorise another delay if her deal passes the Commons.  They won't authorise a long delay because they don't want 70-something Nigel Farage clones in the EU parliament.  They have their own problems with 'populists' and Eurosceptics.  They don't want British troublemakers on top of Italian ones and those from the Visegrad countries.

The so-called 'deal' Mrs May has negotiated with the EU is abominable – it keeps the UK as a vassal state to the EU.  Forever.  Unless they give us permission to break the agreement. 

She knows this and she doesn't want the deal to pass.  Nobody could negotiate such a bad deal and expect us to swallow it. But Mrs May is not stupid.  She realised early on that it is impossible to negotiate with the EU.  The one-time Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, wrote a piece for The Guardian warning the UK Government that negotiation with the EU is not possible.  He even outlined the tricks they use.  They have used every trick he mentioned in the article.

Keep in mind that in Mrs May's world, the Conservative Party comes first. 

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She joined as a young girl and stuffed envelopes.  She has spent more than 50 years as an active member.  She knows full well that should the UK not leave the EU then the Conservative Party will be a spent force. They can kiss goodbye to the next election.  Probably any election after that as well.  The electorate will not forgive or forget the betrayal of the largest democratic vote in British history.  UKIP will profit.  We may even end up with a Marxist in Downing Street. Mrs May knows this.  She also knows that to keep the Tory grassroots and voters happy, she needs to ensure we leave the EU – properly. 

Local Conservative association members are already refusing to campaign for the local elections in May.  More doors than usual are being slammed in their faces of those who are still willing to pound the streets.  Leaflets are being thrown back at them.  May knows this too.  She doesn't want to be the Prime Minister that killed the Conservative Party.

Last Wednesday night she went on television and told us that the problems facing the country are all the fault of those naughty MPs who won't back her deal.  What she said was They're the ones causing the bother, not me. Look at the reaction this has had.  MPs on all sides are incensed.  How dare she blame us?  I was thinking of voting for her deal.  Well I'm not now! And that is exactly what she wants. 

She's been accused of being tone deaf and making a bad situation worse with her cack-handed TV appearance.  All part of her genius.  She went out of her way to wind up MPs.  She is what is known as a 'troll'.

The Remainers are now in a state of panic.  MPs will try to pass motions and try to Brexit block in the little time they have left. Not that it will make any difference. Mrs May will ignore all these tantrums and wait patiently for the clock to strike 'midnight' and then in accordance with the law, we leave the EU and are free on WTO terms as a sovereign nation and in charge of our own destiny once again.

Once the clock has run down Mrs May can say she delivered Brexit.  In three years' time the Conservative Party will be safe for the next scheduled election in 2022.  Once Brexit is achieved then people will forget and go back to voting for either the Reds or the Blues.  No fear of protest votes. 

Mrs May will then hand over to a new Conservative leader.  Maybe not straight away, but she will be gone before the next election.  This will allow Tory MPs to elect their next leader.  She will give way to someone who will have their own domestic agenda that people can get behind.  The British won't elect Marxists. 

The Conservative brand will once again be a dominant force in British politics, not the split, argumentative mess we see today.

On the other hand, maybe the thrust of this argument is wrong and she actually is the most tin-eared, inept Prime Minister we have ever had.  Either way, we will find out on Friday, or maybe in April.

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