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Boris must push for the full potential of a Global Brexit Britain

Jayne Adye
January 28, 2022

Recent successes have shown just what a 'Global Britain' can achieve. Now the Prime Minister must push on and make sure these initial successes are the start and not the peak of our success, argues Jayne Adye, Director of Get Britain Out.

'Global Britain' was a phrase used throughout the 2016 EU Referendum and the years which followed, but it's meaning and nature has always been up for debate. However, the start of 2022, with the UK economy recovering the fastest in the G7; a global vaccine rollout; a strong stance against Russia; and a diversifying trade portfolio have all allowed the world to begin understanding just what a 'Global Britain' really means.

While the Westminster bubble continues to obsess with 'Partygate', the real world continues to move on with potential tax rises, soaring energy prices and the threat of armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, under all the noise, one thing has become clear – Global Britain has begun to step out from the shadows and show what a force an independent United Kingdom can be on the world stage.

A major aspect to this has been the UK's ability to respond effectively and efficiently to threats made by Russia, now that the UK is not bound by the diktats of the EU, which are attempting to force a singular foreign policy on Member States. This is something which has given Germany its debilitating reliance on Russian gas for their economy, meaning they have a nigh on impossible situation to resolve, especially when the hostile nation in question is Russia itself.

The UK's swift action has already seen Ukrainian representatives speak out about the huge gratitude they have towards the UK in our commitment to pushing back against Vladimir Putin's aggressive actions. Included in those giving thanks is former boxer and now the Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko. In fact, the phrase 'God Save the Queen', has been trending on Twitter in Ukraine. In contrast, Germany did not even give the UK permission to use German airspace to fly weapons and equipment to Ukraine, forcing RAF flights to take a longer route, which was completely disgraceful.

This welcome (and principled) stance by the UK Government is not the end of the successes for Global Britain. We must not forget the fact that this month the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) also confirmed the UK economy is set to be the fastest growing economy in the G7, both this year and next.

On top of this, the UK has confirmed 2022 will see the further distribution of nearly 100 million UK-manufactured AstraZeneca (AZ) Covid vaccines to developing nations, on top of billions more sent from elsewhere around the world. This means AZ UK-designed vaccines are at the heart of the effort to end the spread of COVID-19 worldwide. If such action does not constitute so-called 'Soft-Power', then little else does. So much for the ending of the UK's influence on the world stage – as predicted by many who voted 'Remain' in 2016 and who have continued to bang their busted drums in the years since.

This week has also seen the release of the latest trade data for the majority of 2021, which has started to properly reflect the potential impact Brexit is having on our approach to international trade. Not only has total trade increased by 4.2 per cent over 2020 figures, but trade with non-EU counties has increased by 3.3 per cent to £697.8 billion, which includes a 26.2 per cent increase in the goods imported to the UK from non-EU countries. This just goes to show exactly why we do not need keep ourselves shackled to the EU for the goods we buy. There are plenty of other places we can buy what we need – often at a lower price – and we can also work on producing many more of own goods. This will not only make us more independent, but will mean more jobs for British workers.

Prices will also fall if the Department for International Trade keeps on its current path of ambitious trade negotiations with major global economies – including the CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership), the USA and India. These are all deals which will not only help us buy cheaper goods, but will also open up the biggest trade markets in the world for tariff free access – a feat the EU has been unable to manage.

Despite all this unquestionable success, the Prime Minister must not become distracted by scandals from the past and allow these opportunities slip out of our grasp. We are at the very start of implementing what 'Global Britain' was supposed to be all about. However, if the Government does not keep advocating for further separation from the EU status-quo, then it will be impossible to reach the full potential of our nation which was intended when we managed to get Britain out of the EU.

There would have been little point in our breaking away from the stranglehold of the EU, and enduring the last 5 years of political unrest, if meaningful action is not taken now. Boris must now embrace the full potential of a real Global Brexit Britain before it's too late!

Jayne Adye is the Director of the leading cross-Party Eurosceptic campaign Get Britain Out
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