The Republicans must not lose focus on the 2018 mid-terms, even though, behind the scenes, Mueller is furiously cleaning shop, says Peter Divey. 

Obama and his crew have been sloppy. They were so certain that Clinton would be the next President that rather too many crumbs have been left behind, which is exactly why Rice sent that e-mail to herself minutes after President-elect Trump's inauguration. To control and establish the narrative, to change the look. Better late than never.

So how to clean shop when you unexpectedly no longer have access to the machinery of Government? There is always a way, there must be, think! Special Counsel Mueller is the answer. He would be willing and persistent, especially as he himself is neck deep in it. Protect Obama at all costs, and Clinton, and of course the FBI. Comey set it up beautifully and Mueller was duly invited in. It is how they got in the door, but not really why, and only now are people able to see beyond all the smoke.

Mueller and his partisan gang are the ultimate clean and sweep team. Collusion and obstruction are a big distraction, an irritation that you cannot scratch. That tick is dug in deep. It is a two-pronged approach. Behind the lines, Mueller's team are destroying as much incriminating evidence as they can, or altering it. They are hoovering up those crumbs just as fast as they can.

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To follow the trail is becoming more and more difficult. President Trump is fully aware of this and is doing what he can to pick up the scent. You would need a digital bloodhound of exceptional quality. What if he had one? Unable to work out in the open, for fear of being accused of cramping Mueller, even supported by the ablest team it would be the ultimate needle in a haystack scenario. The stakes are huge. Reputations destroyed and scandal writ large. The winner takes it all.

Mueller will plod on, no avenue, however obscure, will be unexplored, and all the time evidence will be destroyed or masked. Only when this process has been maxed-out will the Special Counsel halt. Russian individuals and entities have now been indicted, principally for identity and bank fraud. Helping to erect pro-Trump signs is a thing now, whilst canvassing, even if you did it unwittingly. Quite laughable really. Mueller has to be very careful about collusion. All known evidence suggests that it was the Democrats who engaged in any collusion. Obstruction may be a safer path.

The FBI, the DOJ and increasingly the Obama Government are looking to shy away from the reflected light that is being shined upon President Trump. This inadvertent scrutiny is becoming more than irksome. The drive-by media are all in. Impeach, impeach, impeach, Russia, Russia, Russia. It will all depend on the 2018 mid-term results, even as Presidential ratings start to rise, across the country locally and state-wide the Democrats have been winning. If the Republicans lose the House Trump will be impeached, no matter how spurious the evidence even if the Senate, just as with Bill Clinton, are likely to acquit. Impeachment would be the end game even for Teflon-Trump as a tidal wave of hysteria carries him away. President Pence is a bridge to be crossed further on.

That Obama spied on Candidate Trump and President-elect Trump and his team indirectly via dodgy FISA manipulation is becoming harder to ignore. The narrative will be about the context and the validity of positions and everything will depend on the trail of crumbs. The success of the bloodhound or the hoover will determine who controls the message. Uranium One? Benghazi? Just the tip of the iceberg, but can you show it? The economy and immigration/amnesty are the over-arching themes that have come to dominate the political scene but bubbling away under it all is this intrigue. For most citizens, a released memo is just too much geeky detail even beyond the constant "Russia did it" cry. But it will define the Trump Presidency through 2018 and up to the 2020 election because it will enable the message. Who really is the pantomime villain?

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