George Soros and Lord Adonis are united as two contemptuous, arrogant, narcissistic, self-appointed champions of the post-democratic society, says David Hardy.

The news that billionaire financier George Soros has officially joined Project Fear's pro-EU scare campaign has seemingly done nothing to dampen the audacity of Euro-fanatics, just the opposite in fact. Andrew Adonis recently tweeted how "proud" he was to have the financial backing of the self-proclaimed philanthropist who, back in the 1990s, very nearly brought down the Bank of England thanks to his desire to make a fast buck on the international currency markets. In his eagerness to welcome Soros to the anti-Brexit fold, Mr Adonis seems to have forgotten all about Black Wednesday.

In a recent Daily Mail feature, Soros had the temerity to declare that his antipathy towards Brexit was due to his love of Britain, that same country he tried to bankrupt just a couple of decades ago. If that's what he calls 'love,' just imagine if you will what his hate looks like. Interviewed in the late 90s, the financier openly admitted that similar interference in the economic affairs of Malaysia and Thailand – two more countries which his dealings had brought to brink of financial calamity ? had simply been business.

'No,' Soros flatly declared, 'I do not have a conscience about the consequences of my actions.' It was what he said next that should send shivers down the neck: 'I'm amoral . . .'  Little wonder that in certain parts of the world Soros has the status of a pariah, considered a real and present danger to the democratic process: Hungary, Israel, Russia, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine, the list goes on.

The tentacles of his Open Society Foundation indeed reach far and wide. Soros is said to finance myriad political groups around the globe including the violent left-wing fascist outfit known as Antifa. Through these front groups, it is suggested that Soros uses his enormous wealth to impose his own worldview upon democracies.

Tracing just how deep his financial fingerprints run is, however, a task that would challenge the most accomplished forensic accountant. The Octogenarian is many things, but one thing he most certainly is not is 'open.'

That the elitist Project Fear high command has not only accepted but welcomed this Svengali into its ranks should surprise nobody. Like them Soros has contempt for the little people; like them his superiority complex gives him a distinct feeling of invincibility; like them he has nothing but contempt for democracy as his nefarious activities in countries such as Ukraine and the former Yugoslavia go to prove.

If we are to be judged by the company we keep then Project Fear might just have found the perfect addition to its camp. Soros may look and sound like an archetypal James Bond villain, but this avaricious man is no fictional caricature. George Soros is for real. His apocalyptic schemes make those of Goldfinger seem tame in comparison.

And Soros does rather enjoy playing God. The financier likes moving the little people around on his global chessboard. He's also rather fond of acquiring new pieces, strategically placing these political pawns on his board. According to some reports, Soros can call upon several hundred members of the European Parliament who can all be trusted to invariably look upon his wishes favourably.

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But isn't Mr Soros American-Hungarian? What on earth is he doing pumping money into a campaign whose avowed aim is to overturn the result of a British referendum?

Overnight, the Remain camp's objections to overseas meddling in national referenda seem to have evaporated. Recall that until social media analytics so spectacularly burst their bubble, it wasn't so long ago that Remainers were howling over 'foreign' ? Russian ? meddling in Brexit. Those same fanatics are more than happy to take Soros' dollars, strings attached notwithstanding.

In George Soros, Andrew Adonis may have met his perfect ideological playmate: neither man has ever been democratically elected to office, yet both fervently believe they have an inherent right to subvert the democratic process should it not deliver the result they desire. While the Labour lord owes his political rise entirely to the not-so-democratic methods of personal favours and cronyism, the billionaire has simply used his vast wealth to override whatever democratic obstacles might have stood in his way.

Indeed, the financier is driven by a vision entirely cognisant with that of Project Fear: his ultimate fantasy is to turn Europe into a borderless, homogenous mass of rootless consumers – aka The United States of Europe – a place bereft of distinct peoples and cultures, a place controlled by an elite, coterie of trans-national ubermen – the George Soroses of this world. EU fanatics such as Adonis, Soubry and Umunna and the rest of the Project Fear mob, motivated purely by short-term personal gain, are merely the useful stooges in pursuit of this long-term ambition.

'We can stop Brexit!' recently tweeted Adonis, buoyed no doubt by the support of an individual who can rightly claim to be an expert when it comes to subverting democracy. If such arrogance does not shock you to the core, then democracy, as we understand it, may already be on its deathbed. Adonis is openly calling for political betrayal on a scale never before witnessed, actions that will set in motion a chain of events that could permanently lead to the disenfranchisement of a whole class of people. But should we take this eccentric peer seriously? After all here is an individual who believes (so he claims) the BBC is pro-Brexit . . .

'I'm also proud,' gushingly tweeted Adonis, 'that his (Soros) enemies are Rees-Mogg, Farage, the Daily Mail, Trump & various East European autocrats.' As to who precisely these 'East European autocrats' are, Adonis does not elaborate. Presumably, he is thinking of Viktor Orban of Hungary or Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico, two heads of state who have attained their positions via democratic elections ? a phenomenon that appears to stick in the throat of this unelected and unaccountable peer.

Rees-Mogg, Farage and Trump have also been democratically elected to their current positions, which certainly sets them apart from Adonis. Demos, elections, civic society, egalitarianism . . . the world of Adonis' enemies and those who participate in such trivial matters are such a bore. Why not just cut out the middlemen and go directly to Andrew and George?

Shining a very bright and uncomfortable light on their activities and ambitions while steadfastly refusing to bend to their elitist will, to this pair, democratically elected politicians and a free press can indeed only ever represent one thing ? the 'enemy.'

Contemptuous, arrogant and narcissistic, self-appointed champions of the post-democratic society, it was only a matter of time before Soros and Adonis came together. Birds of a feather.

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