With support among her MPs and Party members continuing to collapse Theresa May's resignation is a matter of when, not if, says Peter Divey.

A stark choice has been laid bare. Support the eiderdown "association arrangement" from Chequers or risk losing Brexit. It is an ultimatum and a warning. A bird in the hand is especially precious if the bush is empty. Policy can no longer evolve if it is extinct. Even now, after the obvious and grotesque connivance, I still have a small measure of empathy for Theresa May. She is in an almost impossible position having boxed herself in.

Once again you are a young child, hiding behind the couch, as Doctor Who is menaced by yet more terrifying monsters. You must look on. Even amidst all your fear, it is compulsive and fascinating, so you peek through your fingers. You are certain that the Doctor will eventually prevail. Watching May at work has that similar ambivalence.

But this drama is different because the outcome is not predictable. Knowing the difficulties are self-imposed only increases the uncertainty. Theresa May is no Time Lord but she does inhabit a strange and alien world where everything is a series of unfortunate events. Theresa May is obsessed with Special Advisors. Doctor Who would be the ultimate recruit but instead she chooses Lemony Snicket.

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Everyone has been commenting on speeches and red lines. The speech that left the biggest impression was all coughing fits and P45 prankster. It has been the best public opportunity yet to see May in extremis and resilience and endurance enabled her to finish the task. PM May is unyieldingly obdurate. If you do not bend in a storm you are likely to break and waiting for the inevitable demise and collapse of a politician has always been a national sport.

Across the Channel all has been remarkably quiet. The odd lone voice of little consequence. They are taking it all in, and what to make of that Brexit-lost warning? Threatening the British people and Parliament is usually folly. Backs go up and loins are girded. This series of unfortunate events has been predicated on just such faulty thinking. Robbins sent off behind the bike sheds to collude with the EU as the phoney war carried on out front. The EU should now respond by rejecting the Chequers approach because without it Brexit is lost. Number 10 has said as much. It is everything they want. But is it true, is it a double bluff? Is a threat for one really an opportunity for the other? Complicated business.

Parliament is grid-locked and the reason is simple. The majority would rather not honour the referendum result. All the rest is just so much pretend pomp and circumstance. A solution has been proposed and it is gathering some momentum. The People's vote. Only the wisdom and foresight of the British people can save Parliament from themselves. A cry will go up if this comes to pass. Perfidious Albion will be the shout as suffrage itself staggers from the blow. The question has been asked, and it has been answered.

Downing Street wish to pour oil upon the troubled water by offering an early start to the summer recess. Very tempting I am sure for many. It is not the Tardis but you gain some time to turn down the heat. Soubry was sounding off in the Commons, demanding to know why Jacob Rees-Mogg is in charge. He could very well counter with the same argument about her. The purging of the inconvenient Brexit component from the Cabinet by inducing constructive dismissal has not been the balm that was expected.

Theresa May will go because the collapse in Tory support will become intolerable. The voters are paying attention, they have not been bored into indifference. Speculation only revolves around how soon. As to the runners and riders…well, time enough for that. This summer recess will be unusually filled with politicking. The future of the Tory party is inextricably linked to the fortunes of Brexit and it cannot be shaken off. Doctor Who, by toggling a switch or two, would be able to see all. She could choose to interfere, to collude, but would she? If I was her I would lend my sonic screwdriver to Steve Baker. Doctor Who travels across space and time…everything she does is about Leaving. If you have a Tardis you never Remain.

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