At first sight the PM's limited reshuffle suggests business as usual following last week's general election. Nothing could be further than the truth, argues Peter Bingle.

In a few short days the most amazing transfer of power has taken place within the senior echelons of the Tory Party. Government by the trio of Theresa May, Lady Macbeth (Fiona Hill) and Rasputin (Nick Timothy) has been replaced by the return of collective responsibility. The Tory Party has taken back control not just of Number 10 but also of the government's policy agenda.

The PM is now the 'prisoner in an iron mask' and the blame is entirely down to her …

The PM is no longer in control of anything. The government is being run by Damian Green, Graham Brady, Philip Hammond and Sir Michael Fallon supported by Gavin Barwell at Number 10. Theresa May makes John Major look like a serious politician.

Media reports about Boris Johnson running for leader are nothing more than a joke. He is no longer a player. The same applies to David Davis who is being blamed (rightly) for persuading the PM to hold an early election. Amber Rudd is not a serious contender as her seat is far too marginal. The serious folk are now back in control of the Tory Party and the government. If Patrick McLoughlin possessed an once of decency he would buy a sword and then fall on it!

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Going forward the PM must not only defer to her Cabinet colleagues but also to Graham Brady and his colleagues on the influential 1922 Committee. She will hate every minute but has no choice. The PM no longer has any political power. She is the servant of others.

The deal with the DUP makes sense for a number of reasons. The first is very simple. It will ensure the passage of the Queen's Speech and guarantee that Theresa May remains as PM until the Tory Party decides the time has come to replace her. The second is politically more important. The DUP will ensure that all the stupid and unpopular policies in the Tory manifesto are dropped. The third is delicious. It gives the Labour Party the necessary time to prove that it remains unfit to become the government.

Looking at last Thursday's results the reality is that providing the Tories regain their political acumen, this probably represents the high point of Corbynism. If he couldn't win on 8th June against the worst Tory campaign ever why should he do any better at a future election? I don't think he can or will.

A Tory government run by Damian Green, Graham Brady, Philip Hammond and Sir Michael Fallon with the PM playing the role of an interim frontman is good news. There is no appetite for either another election or a Tory Party leadership election so this is a time for calmness. A slimmed down Queen's Speech and a long Summer Recess will ensure that the public starts to focus once again on matters non political.

After the excitement of recent times what is now needed more than ever is dullness and turpitude. The PM exudes both of these qualities …

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