British jihadi Sally Jones wants to come back from ISIS, Andre Walker votes NO!

There can be few more sickening sights than a small child having been brainwashed into murdering in cold blood. It was something we thought we would only ever see befall children in war-torn Africa, but radical Islam has an unbound capacity to wreck the lives of anyone it comes into contact with, wherever they may live.

We do not know for sure, or our leaders have not publicly told us, that the child-executioner in the 2017 ISIS propaganda video was 10-year-old Joseph "Jojo" Dixon, son of Sally Jones. But we do know she took him to the terrorist-controlled area and she was involved in the creation of ISIS propaganda.

American and British forces have wanted to kill her for years, her spreading of hate persuaded hundreds of young women to abandon their families and head to Syria. Jones then trained them to kill the civilians of the ISIS-controlled area.

Amazingly they would travel from the UK to kill local Christians in the middle east whom they called 'crusaders' despite their families having lived in the same villages for thousands of years. The fact Jones and her cohort could not see the irony merely highlights their own murderous stupidity.

She took to Twitter warning Britain: "To be honest I wouldn't go into Central London through June … or even July well to be honest I wouldn't go there at all especially by Tube. "She also encouraged attacks directly, saying: "U can't just sit there with ur tea & scones ordering RAF drone strikes on UK brothers with no comeback from the Islamic State."

The reason she is still alive is because she was using Jojo as a human shield against a drone strike. Allied forces were too nice to allow her to cause the death of her own son, a decision that not every Brit or American would have supported. Nonetheless, she was spared to protect him.

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But now we are told Sally Jones wants to return to Britain? Perhaps she thinks she's done as much 'good' as she can in Syria and it's time to spread her unique brand of parenting to the UK.

Here is what I say: no, never, not at all.

I would be absolutely delighted if she died tomorrow, blown to bits by a drone and left to rot with whatever trash she had around her. Let the dogs chew what is left of Jones, perhaps that might go some way to repaying her debt to Syrian society?

Either way, she can be sure her evil will live on through a traumatised child, who is highly unlikely to ever lead a normal life. Even if he is taken from Jones and put in the care of the relatives he has who are sane (his stepfather is the Jihadi, his dad is distraught his son has been 'brainwashed').

Jojo will probably be a danger to society but at least I don't blame him for that, I blame Jones. She gave birth to her son and then radicalised him, turning him into Abu Abdullah Al-Britani the murderer.

Some will argue she should be brought to justice, but a UK trial is not going to deliver justice. That is because we need to bring back the death penalty for terrorist murderers, and perhaps other offences.

Until that happens the only way to be rid of Jones is a drone strike: let us hope it happens the day that kid pops to the corner shop without her.

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