The Left in almost every country has a problem in understanding why people freely vote for its opponents, assuming that they must be wicked or stupid. Richard Heller argues that insulting President Trump supporters is counter productive for the Left 

Slate magazine recently interviewed Nancy Shively, a teacher in Oklahoma and a Trump supporter in 2016 who recently gained a high public profile by renouncing him. She was asked what response she had received.

Her reply was deeply depressing.

" I have gotten a whole lot of negative feedback from the left about my article, which surprised me. I expected to get it from the Trump contingent, but now it's almost exclusively from the left." They did not welcome her conversion but blamed her for voting for Trump in the first place.

The Left in almost every country has a problem in understanding why people freely vote for its opponents. It assumes that they must be wicked or stupid, dupes of some sinister ruling-class conspiracy which they cannot see even when it is pointed out to them over and over again. We have seen this attitude regularly in Great Britain and it has been a regular giant asset to the Conservative party.

For the world's sake, I beg the American Left not to make the same mistake. Given the massive efforts now under way in Republican swing states to deny likely anti-Trump voters the chance to vote safely or even vote at all, it is vital to win over millions of people who voted for him in 2016. That cannot be done by insulting them.

Within those millions were an awful lot of nice people. He could not have won otherwise. There is only a short time to get these people out of the Trump column. Far too short to have arguments with them about their political or cultural or ethical beliefs.  But plenty of time to invite them – politely – to focus on Trump's character and to show that he is not fit to represent them. He is nothing like them or the kind of person they admire.

Here are a few questions which might achieve this.

Would you want Trump as your family doctor? Has he done what you'd expect your doctor to do to keep your family alive and healthy?

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Would you trust Trump as your local law enforcement officer to apply the law fairly and go after rich bad guys?

Do you think Donald Trump obeys the same laws and standards that you do? Does he pay his tax bill on the same terms that you have to pay yours?

Do you believe that Donald Trump had bonespurs during the Vietnam war? Do you think he has any idea what it means to be a veteran?

If you have a business of your own, did you start it on your own money or did you have a rich daddy? Did you pay your bills on time ? or cheat your creditors over and over again? Would you want to do business with Donald Trump now?

Would you want your young daughter to work for Donald Trump, or go to a party with him and his friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?

If you met Donald Trump in the line for a long bus ride or plane trip would you want him to sit next to you? Or to be near you and your family in a restaurant or at a ball game? Or might you think ? anyone but this guy yammering in my ear?

Does Donald Trump meet the standards you'd expect in your minister of religion? Do you think Donald Trump has ever put Christian principles ahead of his own interests, in political or personal life? Do you think Donald Trump has ever made any kind of sacrifice in his life? Is there anyone chosen by God in the Bible who acts in any way like Donald Trump?

If you have a gun, would you trust it to Donald Trump? Do you think he would know how to use it responsibly?

If you have children, would you like them to grow up like Donald Trump? Would you let your five-year-old have tantrums like Donald Trump's and tell fibs like Donald Trump's?

In every community in the United States there are respected, trusted people who influence others. It would be an immense electoral gain to ensure that these people stop advocating for Donald Trump and to force him to turn for public support to people as outlandish as he is.

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