Too often people in this country leap for joy at the chance to undermine our own Government, regardless of the validity of the opinions espoused by foreign politicians who have limited understanding of the details here in the United Kingdom. If the UK is to truly thrive outside of the European Union, we as a country must discard these politically motivated intrusions and push on with our agenda, not afraid to step on some toes and upset the established order, argues Jayne Adye, Director of Get Britain Out

Since the announcement of the In-Out EU Referendum way back in 2015, those on the 'Remain' side have continuously held up and parroted the arguments made by individuals on the world stage whose opinion they consider sacrosanct. Throughout the Referendum campaign and the years since, this consisted largely of out of touch celebrities, however, on occasion we have seen international politicians chance their arm at influencing the UK electorate. Most famously, in 2016 Barack Obama, the then American President, claimed the UK would be at the "back of the queue" in trade negotiations with the USA if we voted to Leave the EU. A claim which unaspiringly has fallen flat on its face, with discussions between the UK and the USA now in advanced stages after the Fourth round of negotiations which ended this week.

Mr Obama was rightly condemned for attempting to interfere in the UK Referendum and this condemnation is still relevant today after the Democrat nomination for President and former Vice-President to Obama Joe Biden claimed a UK-USA trade deal would be under threat if we put the Good Friday Agreement in doubt by passing the UK Internal Market Bill (UKIMB).

In his rush to try and score political points back home, where there is a sizable Irish-American population, Biden has fallen for the same pitfalls as Obama – and the many celebrities who have tried to preach to the Great British Public on Brexit. Quite simply, Biden has shown he has no understanding of the on-the-ground realities inside the UK, nor the nuances of negotiations with the EU.

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Such nuances have been lost on many, even within the UK Parliament, with many MPs happy to condemn the Government for the introduction of the UKIMB, claiming the Bill will break International Law. However, it is clear to all those who have been paying attention, this Bill is of vital importance. Even if it does not fix all of the problems of the Withdrawal Agreement, the Bill makes a start by protecting the integrity and sovereignty of the UK. If we fail to implement this Bill, it has become clear the EU has no interest in acting in good faith or mutual benefit in negotiations, instead utilising any legal loophole to try to divide the United Kingdom and harm our economy.

Such actions would never be condoned by any US President if it was America which had their sovereignty on the chopping block. What's more Biden seems happy to condemn the UK without looking at the grave damage to the Good Friday Agreement done by the EU. It is the EU which is trying to implement a border on the island of Ireland after proposing a customs office in Belfast. Not content with this, the EU insists on a 'regulatory border' down the Irish Sea, a move directly contravening the Good Friday Agreement, which clearly sets out Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom.

These are facts which are plain to see. The refusal to accept them is fuelled by nothing more than a desire to score quick cheap political points. If 'Remainer' MPs are still so set on listening to foreign politicians and leaders, then perhaps they should listen to all of them, rather than just the people they agree with. For example, representatives from Australia, New Zealand and the current US Administration have all come out saying the UK Internal Market Bill will have no impact on trade discussions which are ongoing.

In our push to Get Britain Out of the EU, Brexiteers and the Great British Public at large have overcome numerous attempts to intervene in UK politics by foreign politicians. The latest move from Joe Biden is no different and will rightly be brushed aside by those who have been paying attention. If we are to thrive as an independent nation after Brexit, then we must not allow ourselves to be pushed around and dictated to by foreign politicians who are so clearly not in possession of all the information.

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