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Contributor | Ben Somervell
Ben Somervell is a Burkean conservative and a social, moral and fiscal conservative. He strongly supports Britain's exit from the European Union, its internal market and its customs union as well as our withdrawal from the European Arrest Warrant and the European Convention on Human Rights. He is primarily interested in theology and UK politics. He has his own blog at:
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Bananas Edited
David Miliband’s proposed second referendum would undermine the will of the...
Ben Somervell
August 16, 2017
Brexit Euro Pound Blue Yellow
Ben Somervell explains why failure to leave the single market would...
Ben Somervell
August 8, 2017
Brexit Euro Pound Blue Yellow
Ben Somervell explains why a bilateral UK-EU free trade agreement need...
Ben Somervell
July 24, 2017
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