Given Ken Livingstone's proclamation during the referendum campaign that, in the event of a vote in favour of Brexit, he would leave the country, Jayne Adye ponders why he still has yet to leave.

Ken Livingstone's back in the media spotlight after having been suspended, but not excluded from the Labour Party for his recent comments about Hitler. But remember when Ken said a Brexit vote would make him emigrate? Ten months after the Referendum result, he's still in Britain and apparently has no plans to leave. Red Ken was a little over-confident his side would win on June 23rd, and it's come back to bite him.

Perhaps the fact our economy has continued to flourish after the Brexit vote, proving 'Project Fear' wrong, has convinced him to reconsider. It's time for him to either admit he was wrong, or stick to his word.

Red Ken said during the referendum campaign that because of Brexit, the UK's economy would collapse, and as a consequence he would look for somewhere else to live. Unfortunately for Ken, this didn't turn out as he planned.

The UK's economy has not collapsed. Car manufacturing is at a 17-year high. The FTSE had its highest ever closing in March 2017 at 7,424.96. Employment is increasing and unemployment is decreasing. The prophecies of doom were wrong, and a financial crisis did not occur. Therefore, we can happily conclude the UK's economy has not collapsed after Brexit.

As the UK voted to leave the EU and the economy didn't collapse, surely it's time for Red Ken to start house hunting.

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Contrary to Mr Livingstone's intention, his threat of emigration didn't result in an outpouring of sympathy, or despair about the possible loss of such a political luminary. It was met with delight by Eurosceptics, and was yet another reason to encourage EU supporters to change their minds and back Brexit.

Not only would voting for Brexit give the UK control over its laws, borders and money, but it would also result in Red Ken being confined to the dustbin of history. No longer would we have to listen to this Corbyn-supporting, anti-Semitic irrelevance anymore. Something the entire country could unite behind after a divisive referendum campaign. But, no. He's still here, and still in the Labour Party despite the outrage over his comments.

It isn't even as if he's avoided the limelight since either. He continues to parade the television studios, talking about Hitler, economic doom, the apparent 'lies' of the leave campaign and Jeremy Corbyn. But he never addresses his change of home.

The biggest lie told during the referendum in reality came from Ken's own lips. He promised us he would emigrate, and it is about time this he did. If he can't fulfil his promise, then he needs to apologise. Apologise to all those 'Leave' voters who voted in the hope that Brexit meant saying goodbye to Red Ken.

We at Get Britain Out are not holding our breath that Ken will apologise. He hasn't apologised for anything in his life ? not even his comments about Hitler being a Zionist. Why break the habit of a lifetime?

His 'Project Fear' campaign has been proved for exactly what it was ? a lie. The British people didn't take any notice of him. However, for once we'd like him to fulfil his promise. Leave the country and spare us the melodrama which follows him around. And it isn't just Brexiteers, I'm sure there are many Labour members and MPs who would love to see the back of him too.

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