Trump's resilience at facing off his critics is unparalleled, more than that: he seems to revel in their loathing. By drawing his opponents into his carefully choreographed 'fog of war', Peter Divey asks who is the real fool, the President or his detractors?

Trump continues to be underestimated by almost everybody. Bannon is learning this. "Sloppy Steve" will now stick forever. The publication of Fire and Fury is causing a sensation, and it is of course damaging to Brand Trump. But far less than you might suppose. The author is known to be a fantasist and has little real credibility himself. Also, this will only further stiffen the sinews of many who feel that President Trump is under an unprecedented barrage. It is basically just a continuous and unceasing Ad Hominem attack which started against candidate Trump and has intensified since. Even some on the Democratic side are beginning to find it wearing and unedifying. More to the point, Trump's Presidency is progressing well. It must be knocked down, at any cost, by any means.

Russia Gate is not working, the more Mueller probes the more he sees Clinton and the Democrats staring back at him. So a new tack is needed. Article 4 of the 25th amendment is not a new play but it has been reinvigorated, bolstered by the supposed idiocy and eccentricity in Wolff's new book. Trump is, literally, a man-child. Psychiatrists are happy to wade in and diagnose President Trump from "a distance". Indeed, he is clearly unfit and should be removed from office. Back in April a group of psychiatrists in conference at Yale University said the same thing. Never mind that it is unethical and wholly inappropriate and breaches clear professional standards.

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It has been said that any member of Congress has "a duty" to express concerns about the Commander-in-Chief's mental ability. That they may be liable to legal censure indeed, if they do not reach out. The tosh of the desperate. Impeachment does not look any closer unless the mid-term 2018's go very badly and the "loony" appeal will obviously fail. But it was never expected to succeed. Just more noise and spite to add to the overall weight of President Trump as intolerable, to bring around a misguided voting public. Why can't they see?

Trump's ongoing tweets are said to be proof of his insanity. My button is bigger than yours. This reminded people that Trump has control of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, and some did not like it. Trump pinged out another tweet about his mental stability and genius. There has been a left-wing melt down. It is the discussion point far and wide. On radio this morning Pienaar's Politics mentioned it often and attempted to use Trump himself as a way of either embarrassing guests or forcing them to disclose a revealed situation. It was automatically assumed that everybody would think Trump was nuts or dislike him. All it demonstrated once again was the BBC bias and lack of balance. If it was meant to be comedic it failed dismally.

The tweet about genius and stability has been a total triumph for President Trump. For the next week, month, longer even, the term genius and Trump will be inextricably linked. Everyone is falling for it. It is a well-known psychological ploy. Good publicity or bad, link one characteristic with another often enough and they become fused, permanently. This moment will pass, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune will not pierce President Trump's armour this time. Trump's resilience is incredible and he is going to need it as there is no sign of a reduction in the spite and bile fired at him. Almost as if he wants it that way. If you focus on what he says, you miss what he does. Obscured by President Trump's carefully crafted fog of war. Who is the fool?

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