With the United Kingdom's exit from the Transition Period now within touching distance, it is more important than ever for the UK media, and those backing Remain, to stop the over-inflated scare stories of 'Project Fear'. Exaggeration doesn't help anyone prepare for our future. We must come together now and leave behind the ludicrous arguments of the past to look forward to our future, outside of the EU – argues Jayne Adye, Director of Get Britain Out

This week has seen Parliament return and this has come with the same old scare stories of 'Project Fear'. MPs who have long backed Remain are once again given the microphone of Parliament to project perceived negatives of the United Kingdom finally Leaving the European Union – regardless of their validity. Not only this, but with negotiations via Michel Barnier grinding to a halt and suggestions a 'No Deal' exit will bring chaos, complaints and scaremongering are soon to reach fever pitch.

Last week there was an attempt by some within the agriculture and food production industry to try and link an inability to make enough flour to a 'No Deal' Brexit. Grain stores are reportedly at a record low following heavy rainfall last Autumn when seeds were planted, then again in early Spring, followed by a drought, resulting in low yields. However, apparently an inability to come to a trade deal with the EU would make it impossible to import grain to match demand – leading to increased costs for bread etc in the supermarkets. The only problem is – EU Member States are not the only source of grain in the world – sources not available to us during the Transition Period as a result of the Common Agricultural Policy. To resolve this potential shortage, isn't it about time we looked for alternative sources of product outside the heavily protectionist EU – something we would be clear to do in the event of a 'No Deal'. This could actually lead to cheaper goods for UK consumers and better relationships with countries around the world.

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With the opportunity of Brexit, industries in this country will have the chance to change. Those who take this leap will thrive, whereas those who are unwilling to adapt and push for the UK to remain closely tied to the EU, will find themselves at a disadvantage. The future is outside of Europe and not within the EU.

It is not just in agriculture where opportunities present themselves and stories of 'Project Fear' are set to increase. Ever since the EU Referendum we have been told the UK would suffer from a brain drain once outside the EU, with top students and job seekers turning away from any new 'Little England mentality'. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, accusations like this continued. Again and again, they have been proven false. Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed the UK is attracting record levels of migrants from outside the EU, with the biggest driver of growth being overseas students coming to study at world-class Universities in the UK.

As shocking as this may seem to many Remainers, there is a world outside the EU, people understand the historic quality of an education within the UK. Voting to Leave an economic and political institution like the EU doesn't change this.

The key to our future is to build on these successes and companies like Unilever committing to their headquarters being based in London now. The opportunities of Brexit are plentiful, but only if we fully embrace them and take steps to distance ourselves from the grip of Brussels. It is vital to end the continuous promotion of scare stories and Armageddon predictions. Businesses need to understand the reality – and over exaggerations do not help anybody. The Government has a clear chance to Get Britain Out of the EU, whether with a Deal or without a formal deal. Either way, businesses will face challenges. However, with a commitment to communicate reality – and not political messages – there is a clear path to success for our global future.

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