The President elect will reshape America's foreign policy. Their partnered relationship with China threatens the UK, and Biden's aim to lift Iranian sanctions will damage global security, argues Donald Forbes.

President Joe Biden's foreign policy priorities will be Iran, climate change and China in a step back into the pre-Trump worldview that Barack Obama adopted from a long-standing State Department playbook.

He intends to rejoin the nuclear deal Obama negotiated with Iran and the Paris climate agreement, both of which President Trump withdrew. Biden also wants a partnered relationship with China to replace Trump's confrontational posture towards Beijing.

Each of these objectives is fraught with damaging consequences for the West that strengthen its foes if Biden is successful. And his chances of making progress are good since he will be swimming with the tide of establishment policy rather than against as Trump did.

Under Trump, the US internationally was more than usually the odd man out. He offended Europe's anti-American liberal leaderships and the vision of the world's future evolving within powerful organisations like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

Biden's personal infirmities are unimportant in the context of a White House firmly under liberal control dedicated to dirigiste – loosely translated as 'we lead you by the nose' – government for the foreseeable future. Our collective future will be determined and dictated even further over our heads than it is already.

Despite regaining independence from the EU, the UK is fully committed to the interlocking globalist agenda. This includes accommodating China's growing influence over the way the world is run and its ruthless pursuit of self-interest over adherence to the rules of the international organisations it joins. The World Health Organisation and the World Trade Organisation are stand out examples.

How many knew before the Covid crisis how dependent the West was on medicines made in China? And if China ever cut the supply as a bargaining weapon in a stand-off with us? White goods manufactured in China we can get by without. Essential pharmaceuticals not so much. We did this to ourselves, knowingly.

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In its way, this revelation was a wake-up to the extent that our politicians and industrialists have surrendered to a communist regime which is not our friend except as a market for its manufactures and a source of superior technology that can be stolen.

John Ratcliffe, the director of National Intelligence Agency (NIA) wrote in the Wall Street Journal this month that "China was the greatest threat to America today and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom since WW2." Its dictatorial government "intends to dominate the US and the rest of the planet, economically, militarily and technologically."

Deng Xiaoping was the Chinese leader who made possible the unlikely union of communism and capitalism. It was the West's demand for cheap electronics that transformed China into a manufacturing superpower. It exploits its wealth to pursue predatory investment in the West's key economic sectors. With Trump gone no one stands in its way.

It's clear now that Western governments are fully committed to the commitments of the Paris climate accord which lays a monumental economic cost on the people of the West from which the main polluters, China and India, are exempt until 2030. Why not just say they get a permanent pass paid for by us, because by then China will be even more uncontrollable?

Biden has picked as his climate czar John Kerry, a stalwart of the World Economic Forum which is pushing for a "Great Reset" of the world's economy based on the abolition of fossil fuels, bigger and more controlling governments and corporations which put social responsibility on the same level as profit.

Where Biden can make a personal difference is in reviving the nuclear agreement with Iran which was the jewel in Barack Obama's legacy. It was negotiated by the same John Kerry, or rather dictated to him by the ruling mullahs so desperate was Obama to secure something from his failed presidency.

It is in the interest of the entire world – not just the Middle East – that Iran, a rogue sponsor of state terrorism, should not acquire nuclear weapons which the Obama deal allows it to do by the mid-2020s. Trump left it and re-imposed crippling sanctions because the Iranians were cheating by continuing to enrich uranium.

Biden wants to restore the deal and lift the sanctions if Iran returns to compliance. The question immediately arises: if the mullahs didn't keep their word first time round (and did Obama really expect them to?), how can they be trusted a second?

An Iranian bomb in the hands of its aggressive theocracy, transforms the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East where Iran is a sworn foe of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States as well as Israel. The latter is already a nuclear power and can defend itself but neither Saudi Arabia nor Egypt will tolerate Iranian nuclear capability without wanting it for themselves. The deal is a recipe for nuclear proliferation.

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