Party donor and businessman Paul Sykes talks about the importance of electing a government that will get Brexit done and ensure the UK gets back to self-governance. 

Today (Thursday), we will have an opportunity to elect a government committed to leading this country out of the EU and start embracing the wider world especially our commonwealth countries. When you step into that voting booth, think about how important it is to elect people that's got your interest at heart here in the UK not some distant beaurocrat in Brussels.

As a businessman and philanthropist, I have had significant experience investing to create wealth for the many not the few.

For many years ? more than twenty-five in fact ? I have distanced myself from a Conservative Party committed to remaining in the European Union. Since John Mayor considered joining the Euro in 1992 and the Maastricht Treaty, I left the Party and joined forces with Nigel Farage whom I respect. We campaigned successfully in the European Elections of 2014, winning outright and intensifying the pressure on David Cameron to hold his promise of an In/Out E.U. referendum, which we won.

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We are at last seeing a conservative leader who seems determined to get this great nation back to self-government something we should all be proud of. I find it difficult to believe or understand that we have the Labour Party committed to re-nationalising some of our industries, this is not the future, it's taking us back to pre 70's where nationalised industries proved to be such failures to all of us.

I appeal to all the electorate who share my vision and frustration to give their support to Boris Johnson and the Conservative party at this crucial time in Britain's history.

To coin a slogan or two. It is way beyond time to take back control ? Lets just get Brexit done.

Providing he sticks to his word and delivers Brexit next year, I will help the Conservative party, once again.

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