The unwelcome involvement of multi-billionaire George Soros in the Brexit debate reveals the level of antipathy many on the Remain side feel towards the Great British Public. He seeks to use his financial power to steamroller the democratic process and reignite Project Fear, writes Jayne Adye.

In 2016 the Great British Public took on the political establishment and won. Despite the incessant scaremongering from big businesses, the Bank of England and foreign politicians, 17.4 million Britons bravely voted to escape the clutches of the European Union and its supranational project. Nevertheless, rather than graciously accept defeat following the result of the EU Referendum, some super-rich Europhiles have emerged with the sole aim of overturning the largest mandate in British political history.

The likes of Lords Adonis and Malloch-Brown, despite having never been elected to Parliament, continue to lecture anyone who will listen on the perils of independence, whilst setting out to "stop Brexit". However, this contemptable circle has managed to sink to further lows in recent weeks by recruiting multi-billionaire George Soros to their ranks, exacerbating the anti-democratic mission which characterises their movement. Soros is best known as 'the man who broke the Bank of England' back in 1992, when he bet Britain would crash out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, making himself over £1billion, but inflicting over £3 billion-plus worth of damage to our economy. This financier has also played a role in toppling several elected governments, and as a foreign citizen his right to interfere here, in the British political process, is absolutely non-existent.

Having made considerable investment in Goldman Sachs, and having among his acquaintances high-profile remainers, such as Sir Richard Branson and Mark Carney, Soros is a walking personification of the establishment. Meeting with these individuals on numerous occasions, and being hailed as a 'friend' by Lord Adonis, perhaps the only surprise about his involvement in Brexit is that it has taken him so long to become embroiled in the debate!

The fact he gave the seriously misnomered campaign 'Best For Britain' £400,000 to fund a seriously pro-EU advertising blitz later this year, should worry anyone with a semblance of democratic principle. Further typifying Soros's arrogant persona; upon seeing the justifiably outraged reaction to his involvement, he has proceeded to donate a further £100,000 to 'Best For Britain', meaning the total he has invested in attempting to destroy Brexit is £500,000 – so far!

This donation will allow the group, led by advertising magnate Sir Martin Sorrell, to pursue a ferociously aggressive media campaign, swamping the public discourse with Europhile rhetoric with the sole aim of drowning out those on the Leave side. Brexit voters believed they had secured Brexit by winning the EU Referendum. As we have already seen with Soros's second payment into this campaign, he is more than willing to contribute further money – as and when it is required ? in his attempt to turn the tables on Brexit.

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Fortunately, as the rejection of Project Fear has shown, the Great British Public do not take kindly to being told what to do by powerful members of the establishment and will not be cowed by a large-scale scaremongering campaign.

Groups, such as Get Britain Out, Leave Means Leave, Global Britain and Labour Leave, whilst unable to match these levels of funding, will continue to fight for the people of this country and ensure their voices are still heard.

The loathsome premise of Soros' intervention ? and that of others like him – is that if they do not approve of a vote's outcome, they seem to feel 'entitled' to intrude upon the domestic affairs of a nation-state – and influence proceedings with the huge sums of money at their disposal. Not only is this behaviour the very antithesis of democracy – which they preposterously claim to be proponents of – but it is akin to the unaccountable workings of the European Commission, which Brexit was a vote against. The remain movement welcome his embrace ? and his money – and this is a sad indictment of how far they are prepared to go to try and prevent Britain's departure from the EU.

As an individual accustomed to wielding a considerable amount of power and influence, one could perhaps understand why Soros is so eager to retain the status quo and the prevalence of the European Union for his own business reasons. For elites across the world, being able to manipulate decision-makers behind closed doors, with no accountability ? as they are able to with EU Commissioners ? provides the perfect opportunity to sway policy in a manner of their choosing ? and largely for monetary gain.

A little-known fact is, following the EU Referendum, Soros had no fewer than 7 meetings with members of the European Commission. No Minutes have been published, and despite several Freedom of Information requests ? no details have not been published! For George Soros, the EU is an avenue through which he has the ear of those in power. With his vast wealth, he can attempt to shape proceedings around the world, and attempt to pile more and more money into his coffers. It is a scenario which cannot be replicated at the national level.

The battle to Get Britain Out of the EU is evermore becoming a conflict between the people – the men, women and children of this country, against the elites. As the debate over billionaire George Soros' recent intervention has shown, it is crucial the verdict of the majority overcomes the wishes of a powerful few.

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