Recently launched retail shopping app Wholee Prime has seen significant growth since launch, writes Comment Central. 

The new shopping app, Wholee Prime (, has just finished the first month of its official launch.

The new app has had over 100,000 downloads throughout its first month on both the Google Play and Apple's App Store, placing it as one of the 10 most popular shopping apps on both platforms. 

Wholee is free-to-download but is members-only and has a starting cost of £0.50 a month. The app gives users access to a new shopping platform that offers a zero-mark-up pricing model where users only pay for the production cost of the product. The price paid is the price set by the manufacturer, aiming to remove the distribution and marketing costs typically faced by the consumers. Wholee has a range of products on its site, including modern consumer fashion, lifestyle and beauty products. 

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Wholee Prime currently has around 10,000 members and is currently witnessing a week-on-week growth rate in excess of 50 per cent. In an attempt to boost membership Wholee has launched an in-app function that allows users to earn prizes and rewards by inviting friends to become members. 

Commenting on the launch, a Wholee spokesperson said: "We're delighted by the overwhelmingly positive reception Wholee's received since its official launch in the UK last month. It's interesting that fashion & lifestyle are the two most popular product categories for UK consumers. Interestingly, there are clear signs that British shoppers are gearing up for Autumn with demand for warmer clothing surging. 

But, above all, our success shows there's a real appetite and demand for a transformative approach to retail in the UK. Wholee is the latest stage in the evolution of retail and e-commerce. It cuts out the middlemen and the marketing gimmicks, so consumers only pay for the price of the good and aren't subjected to marketing guff like 'prices dropped' or 'closing down sale' — when, in fact, there's no such thing. 

"Wholee Prime is unique in its capacity to meet this demand. We offer our members a fair and transparent model where all they pay is the actual cost of the product and nothing else. We're excited about the continued growth in the app's popularity we expect to see over the coming months."

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