Brexit is coming, and while it's tricky to predict what that'll deliver and remove from the UK's business ecosystem, it's clear that changes are on the way. Where some opportunities and practices will be taken off of the table, new opportunities will present themselves in different areas – you just need to know what to look for in the market.

Of course, it's nearly impossible to predict the major new exploits that will occur with Brexit, but the best place to start is by analysing the latest news. The BBC is keeping track of all of the trade deals that the UK is making, which will help savvy entrepreneurs to identify new areas to explore.

Here, we're going to delve into some areas that look set to open up some new opportunities as Britain closes in on completing Brexit and enters a new space of trade and international relations.

Get on the button of the post-Brexit pricing

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Many predict an increased demand for domestic products, but there may also be an uptick of overseas goods and services making its way to the UK. Many industries are going to change a fair bit, with the new tariffs and fees agreed with jurisdictions altering the cost of said goods and services.

Most prominently on the retail front thus far, but comparison websites have become go-to pre-purchase platforms for consumers – as many as 60 per cent according to some reports.

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There may be a new area to explore in the region of comparison websites. With potential new products and brands coming in, businesses that can get in early to showcase a focussed look at all of the new values could be very appealing – provided that the platform is up to scratch. As much as these have mostly been for general consumers so far, there may also be B2B opportunities.

Several existing sites seem outdated and overcomplicated, and even though Trussle seeks out the top mortgage deals for free, it presents the key information and search options very clearly. It's this modernised format that makes finding vital information even easier, even in the stressful space of mortgages; making a process easy is what sells online ? especially so in a time of uncertainty.

Facilitate the transition

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While the above area concerns helping people in the new scenes of business after Brexit has come through, you could instead opt to facilitate enterprises en route to Brexit, as the new landscape unfolds and afterwards.

If you've found yourself struggling to work out what's going to happen after Brexit or how to go about business as Brexit approaches, it's all-but-certain that others have too. Setting up a service within an industry that helps to facilitate business through all of the changes that are to come could be very appealing.

Many business owners are either worried about how Brexit will impact their business or are unsure of what's to come. A facilitator who does most of the legwork will surely have a place in most sectors. In Germany, the Laue Consult is already positioning itself as the gateway to the European Union for potential clients in the UK.

Many people see Brexit as an opportunity to work into new spaces of business. With any amount of change, new prospects open up for those who can identify the potential needs of consumers. Anyone who can meet them in an appealing way can find success.

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