Ignore the naysayers. A No Deal Brexit on World Trade Organisation remains the most attractive solution to the Brexit impasse, argues Joel Casement.

A World Trade Organization Rules or "No Deal" Brexit would not be a cliff edge for the United Kingdom. It would immediately return full and unfettered control of our borders, money and laws to the UK Parliament. There would be no terms and conditions. Control would return to the UK as there would be an immediate clean and total break from the EU – the principle reason those who promote Project Fear have been so bombastically against a pure, No Deal Brexit.

Leaving the EU in this way would give the UK £39 billion to invest in its own economy rather than into the EU's coffers. This money could mean an immediate cash injection for business, tax relief, increased funding for schools and for tackling the knife crime epidemic.

Prior to the EU Referendum the NHS was promised £350 million extra per week after Brexit ? we all remember the red Vote Leave bus, and what was written on the side. 'Project Fear' lambasted this as false. However, NHS funding has already risen to £394 million extra per week ? even before we have left the EU, but the longer we are forced to Remain within the EU, the longer we are restricted from increasing investment in the NHS even more. What's more, for every month we remain a Member of the EU, we will be forced to pay £1 billion and possibly more every single month.

Much to the dismay of Remainers, last month the UK released its tariff schedule for a No Deal WTO rules Brexit. This option would ensure the UK has continued free and frictionless trade on 87% of imported goods ? an increase of seven per cent on the most optimistic estimates. Trade with the EU would continue and the shortages which have been touted would amount to naught. The UK has full control of what enters our ports and we would not choose to obstruct any goods moving into the UK.

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With No Deal, the UK's ability to trade with the rest of the world would no longer be restricted by the EU. 'CANZUK' (an acronym for the theoretical political and economic union of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as part of an international body similar in scope to the former European Economic Community) is an advanced initiative which would greatly increase the UK's trade with Canada and New Zealand. This, as well as many similar deals the UK is negotiating, will significantly benefit the UK by facilitating British business in exporting much more cheaply to markets around the world.

The UK is the world's fifth largest economy. A No Deal Brexit would be the world's opportunity to trade with the UK in as much as it is the UK's opportunity to trade with the rest of the World. The benefits of such a Brexit Deal would be global. Not being an EU Member State means we would no longer be forced to comply with EU regulations. Instead, we would comply with the rest of the world in a way which ensures Britain's quality production, whilst not putting up barriers to trade. One such area is animal welfare, where the UK has some of the highest standards in the world.

Project Fear would have us believe remaining inside the EU is the best option, advocating a comprehensive break from the EU would be the worst option. However, this is untrue. No Deal would be the best and most immediate way of delivering on the result of the EU Referendum and our global future for the nation and for the 17.4 million who voted Leave almost 3 years ago.

Theresa May's cross party talks with Labour have achieved nothing so far, except increasing uncertainty for business and the Great British Public. Labour's advocacy for a Customs Union and a second referendum would betray the result of the EU Referendum in 2016, as well as their General Election manifesto. With her Withdrawal Agreement, the PM has clearly opted for a softer Brexit, selling out the Brexiteers in her own Party to attempt to gain Labour votes to get her Deal passed.

Delaying Brexit until October 31st opens the door to the Remoaners' call for a second referendum and will further encourage the betrayal of Brexit. No Deal removes the uncertainty Mrs May has created for business and would bring together a United Kingdom, currently divided over Brexit. It delivers on the wishes of the British people and the result of the Referendum.

No Deal preparation, which is well developed, is being frustrated by Remainers within the Government. 6,000 Civil Servants involved in No Deal preparations have inexplicably been stood down, freezing Britain's No Deal preparations. Last Thursday, the Cabinet decided to reverse future No Deal plans. This is a deliberate effort to prevent the United Kingdom leaving the EU without a Deal on WTO terms and with minimal disruption. This is clearly another attempt by a Remain Government to betray the British people – and the majority of British businesses – who are ready for No Deal, and it is beyond time we left the EU.

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