It's Monday morning, and what better way to kick start another Brexit infused week with a cold cup of reality splashed in your face. It's a weekly occurrence in which I, Ted Jeffery, Comment Central's Deputy Editor highlight some bitesize nonsense that we seem to find ourselves immersed in. 

This week, the incomprehensible organisation, otherwise known as The Labour Party… 

The only reason we are having this General Election is because of Brexit. And because the wishes of 17.4 million people have been ignored? yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea. We all get the idea. The problem is the Labour party don't

Jeremy Corbyn must realise that Labour has got no chance at this year's election. His inability to explain the parties position on Brexit for the past three years is only one of the many factors as to why the electorate don't trust him. So far on the campaign, Corbyn has made it plain that he will renegotiate a Brexit deal that protects workers rights and then after having done so will take that 'Deal' back to the British public. Only of course for Emily Thornberry (Shadow Foreign Secretary) to then vote against it. Meaning Labour will have created a ridiculous political sh*t storm the likes of which humankind is not ready for. 

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So because they can't win when it comes to Brexit, it seems as though the Labour big cheeses have decided to push home the message that this election is about more than just Brexit. It's about trying to change the national conversation and divert it to the future of the UK's political landscape. A landscape that Corbyn and McDonnell are keen to reshape. 

With Labour, it's been about announcing ludicrous policy after ludicrous policy. For instance, let's take a look at this 'Free Broadband' nonsense. Like everything in society, it's not free but in fact, funded by taxes. Also, when asked: "Can we afford it?" John Mcdonnel replies: "We can't afford not to do it". Otherwise translated as: "Yes, with the help of the British tax-payer anything is possible? Your money is my money. No freedom, no liberty, no choice. #VoteLabour.

If you thought that was barmy, then the latest revelations which took place yesterday will be the flake to your '99'. It was reported that the Labour Party would not be conducting an official investigation into a Welsh General Election candidate who has an alleged role in a Facebook group that has links to anti-Semitic comments. Now whether or not the candidate (Maria Carroll) is involved with such comments is one thing. However, the fact that Labour is prepared to brush these matters to one side shows their complete disrespect to a community in Britain that many of whom feel under-threat since Corbyn's rise to power in Labour. With many saying they would flee the country if he were to become PM. So what kind of a message does this send out? – Simple. Corbyn is only interested in bombarding the media with his Willy Wonka promises. 

With Jezza Corbyn, it's all about his mad Marxist Utopian dream. Let's just wait and see what the manifesto has got in store for us.


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