Meghan Markle is a liar, social-climber, woke lefty, and a threat to the Royal Family, or at least that is what the blinkered, unwavering royalists and media would have you think. She poses a threat of reform to a stale, pale, out of touch firm. That is just what is needed, asserts Tom Bromwich.

Harry and Meghan's decision to renounce their royal duties and privileges struck a negative chord with many, myself included. Allegations of 'Meghan the puppeteer' having Harry wrapped round her little finger grew, and the sentiment against the couple soured. Rumours of a serious rift between Harry and William, Meghan and Kate surfaced, exacerbating the already fractious public opinion at having their taxes pay for the seemingly ungrateful couple. I would say that the Brits had already been conditioned to greet Meghan with animosity.

The situation the couple now find themselves in is being entirely exacerbated by those such as Piers Morgan, Laurence Fox, and royal 'experts' and 'insiders' who in reality are blinded by their snobbish tunnel-vision deference to anything royal. Simply by repeating that Meghan is 'selfish', 'hates Britain', 'hates our Queen', 'has stolen Harry' gives credence to those voices with distasteful aims. The newer claims they agreed to an interview with Oprah for personal financial gain and publicity also seem ludicrous – she is one of the best-known actors in America, he is a prominent member of the most successful Royal Family ever, and son of arguably the 20th century's most famous woman. It is not like they will soon be struggling to make ends meet, or will simply evaporate from the public eye. Their positions ensure this will not happen. So, when I hear people claiming that the position they are in has been orchestrated as a PR exercise to either secure Netflix or Spotify contracts, or to benefit financially, I can't help but feel they watched one Piers Morgan rant and are now self-qualified 'experts'.

Harry and Meghan have antagonised the Royal Family and, most notably in the eyes of the British, the Queen. Harry has willingly alienated himself from his father and brother, from his grandfather whom he enjoyed a particularly close relationship, and turned over half the country against them. I do not see how this young family, soon welcoming a daughter, would gain anything from creating such an atmosphere of hostility against them. 

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We have seen more condemnation of Meghan by the British public and the loudest voices in its commentariat, than we saw following the appalling interview Prince Andrew appeared in after the death of Jeffrey Epstein in which he expressed no remorse for his friendship with the child-abusing paedophile. To focus on Meghan Markle is to play into a tired playbook adopted by unwavering Royalists, cultural purists, and yes, racists.

I am inclined to believe that this example highlights why Americans do not belong in the Royal Family. It has brought the institution to the brink twice – the previous time being Wallis Simpson's relationship with Edward VIII. However, unwavering Royalists have targeted her in the same way they did Diana – both threatened the existing stability of the family and risked shedding a light on and contrasting the institution's sinister foundations with a fresh, relatable woman. In their minds, anything that remotely brought attention away from the senior members of the family, or brought them into disrepute was to be disposed of. Markle's accusation that her mental health issues were ignored by the family and staff, that her baby's skin colour was a topic of concern, and that she was prohibited from exiting her house all show that the institution saw her as a threat, as an outsider with flair which risked bringing down what is a grey, pale, stale organisation.

Cultural purists will chastise Markle – after all she represents all they hate. She is a successful Hollywood actress, who discouraged voting for Trump, is feminist, is alleged to want the benefits of royal life without doing the work, and has spoken out in favour of Black Lives Matter. In short, these individuals were never going to warm to her. They would sooner defend a child predator than dare to approve of a liberal celebrity holding power. 

Beneath the cultural purists you have the racist elements behind the public's reaction to Meghan and Harry's interview. She is half-black – a first for the Royal Family. Her wedding was characterised by soulful music sung by black choirs, and she has not shied away from making her race a poignant issue in the reform of the Royal Family, and of the country. But of course, people will say she is 'playing the race card' – there is no convincing these individuals otherwise.

Whatever the couple do will never be enough. Those who chastise Meghan are fed their lines from Royalists, cultural purists, and the racialised messaging from the press. The pair have nothing to gain from this interview, and are highlighting that the family we blindly revere have significant flaws rooted in neglect, racism, and rigid tradition, which are reinforced by the media – it killed Diana. Meghan's exit was a lucky escape.

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