Theresa May's pledge to enshrine a leave date in law is no more secure than her premiership, says Peter Divey.

The article in the Telegraph by the PM last week was timely. Brexit under my watch is a certainty. It needed saying. Clear blue water between this May Government and a posturing opposition. We are the only Brexit Party. An amendment to enshrine a leaving date in law was another flag in the ground. This offer to the electorate can never be any more sure footed than the PM's own position or that of her Party. It all comes down to what you think PM May's version of leaving actually means. Real or illusory?

The message is also sent EU wide. They will receive it loud and clear.  We are leaving, this Lady is not for turning. A good tactic to counter the EU strategy of always cranking up the pressure as Davis and Barnier meet. This time they have rolled out a hard border in Northern Ireland, again, and a time limit for "clarification" over the Brexit bill. Money, money, money, it's a rich man's world…i always recall that Abba jingle whenever the EU return to this worn out trope. Transition may not be agreed if we do not pay up. Good, that's £18 billion saved. A Brexit bill will be paid unfortunately, and it will be multi-billion pound massive. But less than the EU hoped for. I wouldn't pay a penny. Neither side will be satisfied and i suppose that is the art of the deal.

Even now many seek to reverse or block Brexit. On both sides of the channel. Everyone on the European side of course respects the British vote, it is democracy after all, and then having said that will lambast and nullify the result in every way possible. The British voter was conned basically. Sheep unable to think for themselves. The latest EU tactic is to question the survival and credibility of this Government, the very Government they are engaging with in good faith. May will be gone by Christmas, Corbyn will sweep in soon after so we better talk to his Generals. It is an open invitation to the British people to remove May and the Tories and together the EU and the Labour Government can revoke Brexit. Is that not what you secretly want? Heseltine is encouraging this foolishness by openly saying that Corbyn is preferable to Brexit and he is minded to vote for him. The EU would of course never interfere, let alone comment on another EU nations democracy and sovereignty. Just ask the Catalan's. Unless you are Britain, or one of the Visegrad Four. Even the old news that article 50 is in fact reversible has been wheeled out once more. Just in case we had forgotten, or wish to change our minds.

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This idea that the Tory Government is about to topple is funny coming from the EU. Italy is known to produce exemplary and stable leadership. The Dutch have now formed an official Government, it only took 208 days. Nothing to do with keeping Geert Wilders and his Party away from the levers of power, never mind that they are the second biggest representation in Parliament. You do not disenfranchise his voters when you engage in stitch-ups of this type apparently. Austria may have cobbled a Government together by Christmas we are told, certainly by the New Year. Austria was told by the EU that it was duty bound to form a pro-Europe leadership. But they never interfere. Unless it suits.

Will trade talks begin in December? Maybe, but the British need to offer just that little bit more, after all it is only "peanuts". Sufficient progress is only measured on the newly invented Merkel/Macron scale, a very sensitive instrument and procedure. It is unable to recognise any unit smaller than one billion Sterling and works best when it is nearly overloaded.

But of course sufficient progress is not the real reason that EU talks are held up. Where did this mythical December date for final judgement come from? it sprang out of the German election cycle. It was the date by which Merkel's re-coronation should have been confirmed. Merkel is now  much weaker than May, hobbled by those pesky right wing voters. Her potential coalition partners are having the temerity to expect something meaningful for their support. A re-run of the election is risky as her support could collapse further. Without Merkel's heft the EU is unsure how to proceed. Stall. Blame the unreasonable Brits. Deflect. Please hurry up Angela!

In Merkel's absence Macron has stepped up and not everyone is happy. Macron is throwing out proposals like confetti. The EU is weak he recently said, in need of urgent reform, and it is only through his plans that the EU can improve. He is the new saviour. An Irish politician has been moaning about being abandoned by the UK, smaller countries now open to the whims of Germany and France without the counterbalancing gravitas of the UK. He is gaining a belated new perspective about his beloved EU. It might only last a week but you could almost think Merkel and May have swopped roles, and neither Merkel or the EU will like it. Why hasn't Britain folded yet? The saga will drag on as long as Britain keeps posting the cheques but at least, even if temporarily, this Government has shown a measure of resolve. More please.


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