The Labour Party under its current Leader, Sir Keir Starmer, is definitely a far slicker political machine than under Jeremy Corbyn. However the Party's policy of not taking sides on the biggest issues of the day, means voters are being left in the dark and deprived a proper opposition, argues Jayne Adye, Director of Get Britain Out 

While the Government pushes on with its COVID-19 'Recovery Plan' and the mission to deliver Brexit, the Labour Party has been very conspicuous in its silence. On some of the biggest issues of the time, the official Opposition in this country seems set on a strategy of saying nothing and then claiming support for whichever outcome seems to come out on top. Sometimes this lack of opposition for opposition sake is welcome, especially regarding the response to COVID-19. However, when it comes to Brexit, the voters of this country are being left in the dark over the position of the current Labour Party.

Sir Keir's history of pushing a 'Remain' agenda while in his previous role as Shadow Brexit Secretary in traditionally Eurosceptic Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet, means there is no doubt, we all know where Starmer's allegiances lie in the Brexit debate. However, as a whole, his Party is refusing to be upfront and honest with the public about the Party's current policy. Why is it we are hearing no pressure from the Opposition, or even questions about areas where improvement is needed?

Sir Keir has claimed he believes in the Government and trusts them to get a trade deal with the EU. Yet, while this is a bold claim from Labour, believing in the Government's policy on this issue should still mean raising questions on areas which need scrutiny. It should not just be left to backbench Conservative MPs to be voicing their opposition to the many failings contained within the Withdrawal Agreement. What does this Labour Party actually want for their voters in finalising Brexit?

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On the biggest issues of the moment, Labour have time and again held back from the debate. On July 15th, the SNP put forward a motion to demand an extension to the Transition Period – Labour MPs were told to abstain. Have they suddenly abandoned their long held pro-EU beliefs, or is it now the case that under Sir Keir Starmer, Labour are intentionally hiding from the public in an attempt to deceive them over their true motives?

On the few occasions Labour has voiced opposition – for example on the new Immigration Bill, which effectively ends Freedom of Movement – this goes against their own commitments to accept the Brexit debate is over. Why on some occasions are Labour so clearly against delivering Brexit and then on others, show no interest at all? It clearly appears to be just one big political game to Starmer and his staff.

The lack of concern shown by Labour over the recent push for renegotiating the Withdrawal Agreement to remove issues including UK liabilities to the European Investment Bank, is of great importance. If Sir Keir is really pushing for a 'good Brexit' as he claims – and he now accepts the result of the EU Referendum – then he and his MPs should also be pushing for these changes to be made. Or is the truth simply that Sir Keir could not care less about delivering on Brexit and is simply trying to ride out the storm, planning to use his powers as 'Captain Hindsight' (which have been so prominent in the COVID-19 crisis) to claim he was always on the prevailing side. After all, being party to changes to the Withdrawal Agreement would not suit a man intent on trying to overturn Brexit if he ever gets to be Prime Minister!

While much of this may sound hypothetical, Sir Keir and the Labour Party have categorically failed to put out a clear message about Brexit since the General Election – nor, in fact, a clear message about anything. So those of us who are working tirelessly to try and achieve what is best for the public as a whole, are left wondering what Labour's motives are. The People deserve to know what the official Opposition's rationale really is – if anything – and what they will do if push comes to shove come the end of Transition Period on December 31st.  Will they support the outcome of the trade negotiations; any changes to the Withdrawal Agreement; or Leaving on World Trade Organisation terms – or will they again try to wriggle out of any public commitments and attempt to put a spoke in the wheels at the last minute, with the intent to delay the final part of Brexit?

Sir Keir Starmer might have been a success in the courtroom in his past life, but now he is part of mainstream politics – and he is answerable to the voters. The Great British Public need to know what is going on in the minds of those in the official Opposition Party, prior to our launching the United Kingdom onto the global stage. At the moment, Labour's Brexit Silence is Deafening.

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