As voters flock to the polls in what promises to be one of the most significant elections in a generation, there are signs that support for Conservative leader, Boris Johnson, is eroding, according to an exclusive poll for Comment Central.

Reflecting the downward trend observed by other polls, the latest survey – conducted exclusively for Comment Central by ViewsHub – sees the Labour leader overtake Boris as the preferred candidate overall.

The online poll of over 750 respondents measured each of the main party leaders out of five stars in four key areas: trust; ability to resolve Brexit; approachability; and voting intention. The scores were then used to produce an overall rating.

Compared to the results of ViewsHub's previous poll published in the Sunday Express last month, the Labour leader has risen to the top of the rankings with an overall score of 3.8 out of 5 stars overtaking the Tory leader on 2.9. Nicola Sturgeon came third with a rating of 2.5; Nigel Farage 1.9, while the Lib Dem leader was left languishing in fifth place with 1.7.

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Tory strategists will take some quiet comfort, however, that despite his falling ratings Boris Johnson still topped the 'Voting Intention' ranking with 2.7 stars ahead of Corbyn's 2.5. This suggests that despite perceived shortcomings with Boris Johnson many voters were still not prepared to vote Labour.

The survey also asked respondents on the approachability of each candidate and who they would most like to have a drink with. The Labour leader came first by a clear margin with 4.0, while Boris came second with 2.9. Drinking on her own, the Lib Dem leader trailed behind her with 2.2.

Commenting on the results, Ab Banerjee, Chief Executive and Founder of ViewsHub said:

"Using our unique performance tracker for individuals and teams, TeamScore, offers a new, modern and innovative way of benchmarking our leaders' performance over time. 

"Rather than a simple analysis of voting intention, our leadership assessment translates individual and team performance appraisals from a corporate setting to a political one. It shifts the relationship between politicians and the electorate to one where politicians are employees working both for us – the voter – and with us. 

"The results offer us a unique insight into the electorate's perceptions of leadership ability among the General Election's front runners. 

"The results of our survey echo sentiments in some corners of media regarding Jeremy Corbyn's resurgent popularity, the Tory leader's falling support, and the ominous outlook for the Liberal Democrats."

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