The European Union's belated reaction to the continent's immigration chaos is to blame those few members with practical solutions.

Merkel has destroyed the present EU. Not tomorrow, or next week, but slowly, inevitably. You know when the poison was administered, you just cannot be sure when the end will come but the symptoms are worsening. Unchecked migration was always going to be the pill that could never be digested. Guy Verhofstadt railed against the "Fifth Column" working from inside the EU, throwing accusations around like confetti and demanding that the wrong type of elected National Leader be marginalised. Nigel Farage has called any personal links to Russia a baseless lie and asked Verhofstadt to withdraw and Arron Banks has threatened legal action. Verhofstadt cannot change, his solution as always is to draw the EU tighter together, reform can only ever mean more EU. Dissenting voices representing the democratic choices of voters should be swatted harder if they persist.

Austria is engaged in preparation to ensure the security of its external border as Balkan police warn of 80,000 migrants heading north to seek asylum. Austria had already announced the closure of Mosques and the expulsion of Imams as part of a drive against radical Islam. This has greatly angered Turkey who funded much of this community. President Erdogan has spoken of the imminence of a war between the Crescent and the Cross, and has said that Austria's actions will be answered. Erdogan has received billions from the EU in recompense for checking migration within his borders and must now be sorely tempted to open the tap. A simple non-military method to devastate the wicked anti-Muslim forces.

The Italian Government, in turning away the boat of refugees have at last openly admitted what must never be said. Most of these people are not refugees. They are illegal immigrants hoping to access Europe for economic gain. The cat is officially out of the bag. Italy will close its migrant routes before the expected massive summer migrant wave arrives. Malta rowed with Italy, France said the actions of the Italians were unacceptable, although they never offered to take the migrants and a proper little spat ensued. Spain stepped in, this time. I have studied the new Italian Governments manifesto, and it is…bonkers. Socialism with no regard to cost. Debt load will increase swiftly if it is implemented in full. The EU rules concerning fiscal limits will be flouted massively. They are going to try running the country as if unconstrained by EU membership. As if they still had the Lira. The EU and especially the Euro have not worked for Italy so there is really not much to lose by changing tack.

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Austria, emboldened by Italy's stand calls for an "axis of the willing" and a most remarkable response comes from Germany. Horst Seehofer, Interior minister in Merkel's recently formed coalition withdraws from a meeting hosted by Chancellor Merkel and declares solidarity with Austria and Italy. He repudiates Merkel's 2015 "the more the merrier" migration plan because he knows it's a poisoned pill and hopes that the medicine, even if administered late, will not fail. Death by virtue signalling makes you just as dead.

The EU has a plan. Solidify and secure external borders and use massive amounts of cash to develop holding camps in Africa and the near-East. But it will take time, as even now the virtuous continue to shame and blame as the catastrophe unfolds before them. Brexit is hardly more than an irritant now as the EU look on in relief and amazement as British politicians themselves undermine it. Tony Blair is growing confident and says that the chances of blocking Brexit are now better than 40 per cent and rising and he will have relished telling his EU masters. The re-distribution of migrants already within EU borders is a hugely contentious problem. Countries on the front line are under immense strain as existing plans are ignored or placed on a go-slow and open defiance is growing. Poland is subject to disciplinary proceedings and under threat of Article 7 sanction because of political decisions that it has taken about its own judiciary.  Poland itself is musing the possibility of a Constitutional referendum which would include specific questions about its relationship with the EU.

Austria, Italy, and perhaps now Germany will seek to remove failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants much faster and in much greater numbers. Victor Orban of Hungary is most clear-headed of all. He says that the unfettered migration is likely to irrevocably alter the Judeo-Christian culture that has underpinned Europe. Regarding the coming Balkan migration wave he warns other countries to secure their border as Hungary has, and that soon countries such as Italy and Austria will be causing even more discomfort for the EU than Hungary does now.

He knows what is coming. He is fighting for his people and his nation. Others soon must join in. Guy Verhofstadt throws out blame and scapegoats but solutions are more difficult because the very measures needed to resist Populism are Populist in nature. Merkel talks of EU unity and only of working in collaboration with the entirety of the EU. The antithesis of her 2015 folly. Verhofstadt doubles down and howls at the moon as he sees the pain of necessary change coming. He is unwilling to change himself because he has no doubts that he is right. Like Blair he is certain of his moral and intellectual superiority. He has unshakeable faith.

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