The big news from the EU this week was the ongoing stalemate with the Brexit talks. But what we see lurking in the shadows is a campaign, led by Tony Blair, to derail Brexit.

There are many fronts that the Brexit negotiations are focusing on. Whether it's trade, citizens' rights, or the 'divorce bill', the EU Commission and the UK Government have a lot to resolve.

But the EU isn't the only one that disagrees with the Government. The Labour Party earlier this week announced the latest in a long line of policy proposals regarding Brexit. There are also media outlets, such as the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Economist and London Evening Standard who are feeding into the frenzy of divisive opinions ignorant of compelling evidence in support of both Brexit and the Government's approach. All this does is feed into an unhelpful atmosphere of economic and commercial uncertainty.

But what both the press and the Labour Party are trying to contribute to is a culture of negativity that is further fuelled by former Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Despite being on the losing side in last year's referendum, Blair has begun a new war against the majority of the British people. Asking people to 'rise up' in February this year was just the start. Just two months ago he claimed the UK could remain in a reformed EU, which still subscribes to the free movement of people.

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By appearing on broadcast news outlets like Sky News, and by promoting his own agenda, Blair continues the campaign of misinformation that has come to epitomise the Brexit debate.

This week we saw the former Prime Minister's latest strategy of deceit: Blair visited Juncker.

The two former Prime Ministers rekindled his relationship their fondness for one another by meeting to discuss 'current European economics and politics'. This code wording for Brexit from the EU press service shows the access, the desire and the drive Blair has to undermine the will of the British public.

In a bid to fend off the Europhile counterstrike, The Freedom Association's Better Off Out campaign has launched the Stop Blair Campaign, which looks to keep the positive message of Brexit alive, against the backdrop of all this negativity. We are looking to raise an initial £50,000 to design, print and deliver hundreds of thousands of leaflets across the UK to homes in specially selected areas in order to continue to promote the benefits of Brexit, both for Britain and its people.

To help in this effort, please visit The Freedom Association's website and donate to the Stop Blair Campaign.

Together, we can stop Blair campaign against the Brexit process. With your support, we can keep the UK's self-confidence up and ensure it's free to make a better future for itself outside EU.

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