Governments across the world seem willing to abandon all evidence to push unsubstantiated climate dogma. Reality needs to come knocking to shake the world out of the self-imposed straitjacket we have allowed climate change to lock us into, Keith Hartrick argues.

Can you count? Almost certainly yes. Can you count from one to a hundred? Almost certainly the answer will be yes. But what if you were told that every government in the world cannot count from one to a hundred. Surely you would say that is nonsense, but suppose it could be proved. Cast your mind back to the end of 1999, what were governments and people all over the world doing? Celebrating the new Millennium of course.

But is 1999 the end of the 20th century? Surely not, it is the 100th year of the 20th century. It started in 1901 and ended in the year 2000, not 1999. So the new Millennium actually started in 2001 and will end 100 years later in the year 3000! So now do you agree governments cannot count from one to a hundred? To my knowledge not a single government pointed out that they were in conflict with reality. So we can see how the world gets swept along on the basis of wrong information.

Exactly the same is happening again. The world has reached a consensus, at least in the west, that will cost ordinary people a great deal of money in taxation to once again do something that is completely wrong.

It is the new climate change dogma, swallowed whole by gullible governments, various pressure groups and many ordinary people who accept what is presented to them by the mainstream media. For example, we are told that our CO2 emissions are in danger of causing global destruction. That human activity is causing a massive rise in CO2 emissions and we must change our lifestyles or die.

So the amount of carbon or CO2 in the atmosphere must be a huge problem for us. Just how bad is it? Well, google it and be prepared for a shock, it amounts to 0.4% of our atmosphere! So other factors account for 99.6% of our atmosphere and climate but are totally ignored. It is frightening to think that our political class has swallowed this delusion whole. Would you not think they would do some basic research first? It does not take long to research and discover the simple truth.

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But surely all these highly intelligent climate scientists with their computer models cannot be wrong? Actually they can, for example none of the computer models they use can correctly assess the impact of clouds on our climate.

But surely all the scientists agree don't they? Wrong again, there are plenty of highly qualified climate scientists who don't agree that carbon, or CO2 is the problem, but they are shut out of the mainstream media. As an example, the BBC decided some years ago that the science was settled, so they would not give a platform to any scientist, or pretty much anyone else, who disagreed with the BBC on climate change.

It is not that these scientists disagree that the earth is warming at the moment, they just disagree that carbon emissions are the cause. With a little study you will find that the Earth has been warming and cooling for thousands of years. For instance, a couple of hundred years ago there used to be ice fairs on the River Thames because it was so cold that the river froze solid and the thickness of the ice meant it could support stalls and several hundred people who came to see and buy from them. Nor were they a one off, they went on for many years.

Most climate scientists who are not heard publicly would say that the Sun and the Earth's elliptical rotation have far more to do with climate change than carbon emissions. But it takes a little effort, thought and research to find the information about this. It is so much easier to go with the crowd, if the mainstream media keeps telling you that carbon emissions are the problem how many people will take the time to find out for themselves whether or not it is true? People lead busy lives and want to feel that what they are hearing and reading is true.

Like many complex problems in our world today, the temptation is to reduce everything so the solution is simple and we don't have to think about it.

So, are electric cars much better for the environment than petrol or diesel powered ones? In theory, yes. But if you take the whole life performance of electric cars, including the carbon emissions in their production, plus the use of rare metals in the batteries the answer becomes only maybe. The cleanliness of petrol and diesel engines today is incredible compared to 25 years ago. Let us also remember that only 25 years ago the Government made diesel cars more attractive to buy because they were believed to emit less harmful emissions than a petrol car. Another wonderful example of the government getting it totally wrong.

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