Peter Divey explains that Tony Blair's recent contributions to the Brexit debate are simply the latest in a series of salvos, coordinated to by the European Union, aimed at pushing Britain towards Brexit-ref two.

I watched Blair on the BBC last Sunday. I had already scoured the press on the web.  Remarkable. The biggest walk-back in political history? Hypocritical and comedic. He is garnering altogether too much air-time and general coverage. Having said that I was glued to the telly waiting to hear his justification for tighter immigration from the EU. He was almost pleading. Mostly for a second referendum. The EU told Cameron to do one but suddenly now in this new post-Brexit enlightenment the EU may be more amenable. There was an acknowledgement that Brexit voters had legitimate concerns. Really? Not uninformed or unintelligent. Are the insults not working? Are the Lemmings not complying?

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The thing that really caught my attention was something small: "it is a conversation that we will be able to have after the German elections". This confirms the reason for the current stalled Brexit talks. Not only to do with "insufficient progress". Everyone on the EU side is in a holding pattern until Angela is re-crowned. She will then sweep in and give her considered decision. I suspect it will carry the overwhelming weight of a fait accompli. Blair mentioned proposals from Macron to alter EU movement of people that would specifically prohibit under-cutting of local pay. Blair himself spoke about area specific pay bargaining. Rather complicated. He used this as an illustration of new EU flexibility going forward. The EU can reform. He chose not to mention that it has been sternly opposed, principally by the Visegrád Group.

The usual EU provocateurs are especially noisy and un-diplomatic right now. I honestly believe that the EU did not expect Brexit to go ahead. Why would they? Just another referendum after all, and the EU are expert at forcing a re-vote. Or they just ignore it and press on regardless, there is always a side-step or a back door to be found. The UK delaying implementation of article 50 bolstered with confidence that it would be practice as usual. Blair met his old mate Jean-Claude recently and, clearly, they exchanged more than just a kiss. This is another salvo in the EU plan with Blair as messenger-in-chief. We need Brexit-ref two. Juncker does not seem to realise how toxic brand-Blair now is as he clearly still retains credence in EU circles. MPs and Lords only need use the courage of their convictions to steer the British populous back onto the right path, that is Blair's message. We can yet u-turn and save the day, back into the hands of the caring and protective EU. Our newly flexible friends. Blair of course never admitted to any errors. These are different times.

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