The attacks in Berlin demonstrate that now, more than ever, the importance of the UK taking back control of our borders, argues Rory Broomfield.

The tragic events in Berlin over the past few days is the latest instance of Islamic terrorism across Europe. Those in the EU and across Europe have their heads in the sand and still believe the falsehoods of the past.

What happened in Berlin this week was a disgrace. The attack in the Christmas market that killed 12 innocent people was, along with other attacks, yet more evidence that we in the West should outwardly declare that we are at war with Isil, their values and their peoples and start to do more about tackling the root of this evil.

Indeed, Isil themselves believe they are at war with us. They call their terrorists 'soldiers' for a start. We need to act in kind.

But whether it be from the 7/7 attacks in London, the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris or this latest attack in Berlin the policy response from the liberal elite has failed to quash the genuine threat to our freedoms, our culture and civilisation.

The policy of multiculturalism has failed. So has the open door policies that some people are still so intent on keeping. ?These two areas of policy – expressed most accurately in the Blair Government in the UK – has been pursued with vigour in Merkel's Germany.

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But those politicians that have allowed this evil to spread across Europe ?are not prepared to accept that they were wrong and to redeem themselves by taking a different approach.

This was shown by both Guy Verhofstadt and Martin Schultz in tweets straight after the Berlin attack. Euro-federalists both of whom have climbed the greasy pole of EU politics by praising 'the European project' – or 'dream', as they see it – to the hilt, are not changing their tune. Unfortunately, that so-called dream has become a nightmare? – and it's been allowed to become so because they have their heads stuck in the sand. What they've called for, along with EU Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, is more EU?.

It's like both Europe and the European Union have a serious but curable disease and they are the doctors prescribing the wrong drugs. Not just the wrong drugs though: they, along with leaders across the EU like Merkel, continue to give out a drug that helps the disease spread, allowing it to go faster and further than it ever could without.

?The idea of more of a failed project like the EU can only signal more disaster for the people of Europe. We in the UK are thankfully planning to leave the EU, however, we also need to lead from the front in setting the right example.

Gone are the days of the Blairite agenda, but there is still more to do. The excellent work by Michael Gove while Education Secretary was just one way to tackle extremism (in this instance in schools). We need to adopt a similar approach in other departments and, at the same time, junk the failed agenda of the Eurocrats.

If the government does not push on ahead, then I fear that we will be engaging in a process of self-harm. If we take a proactive approach in ensure people are effectively integrated into our communities and culture, and if we take back control over our borders, then this will be a good way of mitigating the threat. If, however, we do nothing, or continue the way of Merkel's Government, then there undoubtedly be more pain to come.

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