Peter Divey believes we are witnessing a 'second push' on behalf of the pro-remain campaign to destabilise the Brexit process. The charge is led by a phalanx of sympathetic media, of whom the BBC is chief.  

The anti-Brexit push appears to have taken on a second wind. Reports in the British press and across broadcast media point to a coordinated campaign by the pro-remain lobby to have another concerted push to undermine the referendum result. MP's are increasingly open about voting down not just aspects of the Brexit process, but the entire idea. The people want parliamentary sovereignty so let's give it to them, regardless of their expressed view. We know better. Speaker Bercow more or less intimated recently that the House should vote Brexit down. He was clever about it but it was obvious what his agenda was. Block, stall, tweak, discuss and amend until the end of time. Brexit must be made moot one way or another. Brexit voters are generally older so Cable would disenfranchise the elderly completely. Clegg is pulling in supporters like Branson who say wait for Brexit voters to die and then vote again. Lovely. Tory voters are rightly concerned about the implementation of Brexit but across both Houses representatives of all parties are finding justification for re-interpreting the referendum result. The political class overall, bolstered by the civil service, are trying to undo a referendum result that they didn't expect. Or wish to accept. Both Labour and the Conservatives ran on a manifesto of fully implementing Brexit. One has already taken a different path, and the other seems to lack the conviction, even if it hasn't yet strayed off the path. It is stationary on the verge looking back.

The BBC denied political bias when 70 MPs wrote a letter complaining about remain favouritism even when faced with statistical evidence. We do not agree, we will not change, move on the BBC said. The BBC have changed though. There bias is now even worse. I am no longer able to watch Question Time, an institution that has collapsed so completely as to be nothing more than a pro-Europe propaganda tool. Radio 4's once lauded Today programme has long since given up on serious political reporting. It is trying to capture a new audience, no matter if their credibility or balance is lost. All across the BBC the anti-Brexit stance is obvious and consistent. Any news from anywhere that supports this point of view is highlighted with zeal. Contrary opinion is minimised and suppressed or not even reported at all. The BBC are worst but the other TV, radio and associated digital media are on point.

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If Brexit voters do not die off quickly enough time and stubborn resistance will grind people down. Frustration, boredom and a sense of futility will lead to apathy and resignation. Regular injections of "Project Fear" re-born will do it. Already it is being reported that the British populous are falling out of love with Brexit. Fearful, fed-up and regretful. No one is countering this narrative, but it is difficult when the media won't allow it. Rabobank, the Dutch group, recently published a report that a No-Deal Brexit would lead to an immediate UK recession and a massive collapse in "potential" GDP of 18 per cent by 2030. This was energetically fallen upon by the UK media, ITV News stating that this of course meant that no responsible PM could allow such damage to Britain. Pay up, yield, fold, the only sensible pragmatic answer. The report was not challenged. There were other similar reports from august European bodies all saying the same thing but the Rabobank report was selected because it was the most dramatic and damaging to the UK prospects with its conclusions.

From every direction comes this renewed fusillade. The "independent" Office for National Statistics has "lost" £500 billion pounds. Half a trillion quid, 24 per cent of UK GDP.  Are they totally incompetent or just enjoying stirring the Brexit pot? The timing of this revelation is suspicious and comes atop of recent news that productivity has also been overestimated and wiped further billions from Hammond's budget pot. How can you possibly Brexit if you are a economic basket case? The day after no-deal aircraft will no longer fly and Britons will starve to death because food will be unavailable or unaffordable. It is no wonder some are wavering.

You can however take a different view. The prospect of a genuine no deal has alarmed the EU who have turned up the propaganda wick utilising allies here and abroad. The UK has not yet fully wilted even though too much has already been yielded. Brexit will take longer than anyone thought says Juncker. That is code for further extending transition with the associated big payments. The EU is determined to get the money one way or another. Just now there is lots of heat, noise and light. It is not a dead cat bounce but i wonder if this new invigorated attack is indicative of a realisation that Brexit may occur without the £100 billion that the Commission had reassured the 27 would arrive in lieu. The EU has other issues just now. Austria has moved right politically, the announced death of "populism" somewhat premature. Merkel is struggling to form a coalition and there has even been talk of another election. The V4 Group are agitating. Eurozone indebtedness and banking liabilities rumble on and talk of dialling back QE by the ECB is paused once more as attempts to create "inflation" need another shove. Macron's reforms are fighting strong headwinds in France and the EU. Italian elections may upset the apple cart further. The entire EU project needs careful handling right now. No deal is better than a bad deal. In a recent poll 74 per cent preferred a no deal. This was of course sparsely reported. Perhaps this new scintilla of fortitude is the cause of this desperate cry from Team Europe? A hint of panic methinks.

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