Trump’s right, we’re failing to stop terrorists


Trump’s right, we’re failing to stop terrorists

Andre Walker argues the terror register should be expanded to include those suspected of participating in terror related activity.

Last Friday’s terror attack on the London Underground has once again sparked a row between Theresa May and Donald Trump on Britain’s response to terrorism. The President was up early on Friday morning tweeting comments that implied Scotland Yard knows who the terrorists are but is failing to act.

What makes him think the police know who the terrorists are?

The answer is actually remarkably simple: Inspire Magazine, published by Al-Qaeda jihadism advises its readers how to make bombs. One of the methods it has laid out is the use of Christmas fairy lights as part of a trigger.

If you look closely at the pictures of the Parson’s Green bomb that have been posted on Social Media you can clearly see fairy lights.

This magazine has been downloaded 50,000 times in the UK and is read by 4,000 people per week. That, in of itself, is pretty shocking, but what is more shocking is that the Police appear to have taken no action against the people doing the downloading.

The Metropolitan Police have previously threatened to arrest people who download terrorist material, which it says is illegal. Their claim did spark a legal debate about whether the 2006 Terrorist Act made these documents illegal but certainly anyone intending to use their knowledge could be prosecuted.

But the threat to arrest those involved in downloading remains hollow, despite the fact the methods laid out in Inspire was used in numerous attacks. Including the attempt to blow up a “high-speed rail line” in 2015 by a 29-year-old terrorist, Zahid Hussain.

Inspire is a magazine that tells you how to build a bomb and encourages you to use it: surely that act must provide enough suspicion to warrant arresting the person and seizing their computer. I’d be willing to bet that arresting these people would unearth all manner of evidence and lead to many convictions.

I know that the detractors will say we don’t have space for 50,000 people in prison but to stop murderous attacks I think it is worth creating the space. Also, even if we convict them and let them out on the streets on license at least they will have been exposed and could be subject to parole conditions curbing their activity.

Like sex offenders’ register Britain has a terror register composed of those convicted of terror related charges, but the remit of this should be expanded to include those suspected of participating in terror related activity.

This will make suspected terrorists easier to monitor and will reduce the likelihood of successful attacks.

Inclusion on the list will require those individuals to inform police of foreign travel plans and more basic details, such as a change in home address. Depending on the nature of their suspected terror activities, they will also be required to maintain contact with the police.

The Police have already admitted they cannot watch all 23,000 people they believe are potential terrorists in the UK. In the past, they would try to work out which of these were dreamers, incapable of committing a terror attack, and which were able to do it.

That process is now a waste of time, anyone can find a knife and attack people at a shopping mall. So, by extension, all 23,000 on the terror list now pass into the category of those who are both willing and able to strike.

The British security services are the best in the world, but until we hunt down the online offenders we can never be truly safe.

That was the point Trump was making and, for once, I hope everyone can agree he was right!

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  • Andre Walker
    Andre Walker
    Andre Walker is lobby correspondent and columnist for the New York Observer. He covers the work of the British Parliament and Prime Minister. Before joining The New York Observer he was part of the team that established Breitbart London.
    • John Smith

      Trump has been correct on a number of things, hence why he was elected POTUS
      Now the Lib left tirade, after Hillary lost, is subsiding, he can get on with the job in hand

    • stuartMilan

      expand the terror register by all means. but get ready for the fallout when the number of people thus monitored reaches six figures

    • James Chilton

      I think we all know, or can at least guess, why the police do so little to prevent so-called “jihadi” attacks on the Underground etc. If the authorities were really committed to public safety, instead of just paying lip-service to it, they would permit pre-emptive strikes by locking up or deporting all the known suspects.

    • Androsupial

      Nightmare. Downloaded 50,000 times … and that’s just one so-called ‘magazine’. Others are (presumably) available, so downloads of terror-related content may be far greater. Yet, strangely, despite this tsunami of terror literature, the number of incidents is … barely in the tens. A drop in the ocean compared with the Blitz in World War Two. (And I met someone who, personally, was strafed by a returning Messerchmitt fighter while she was walking on the Kent seafront to visit a friend.) In other words, if we start to imprison – sorry, ‘detain’ I think was the word in apartheid South Africa – people whose views we don’t like, and do so because of what they *might* do, we are turning the UK into a dictatorship, which is pretty much what these bozos want. It’s ludicrous for practical reasons, too: the justice system couldn’t process them, the police couldn’t monitor that many; and nor could the parole system. To fund enough additional people to do the job would cost a huge amount of money that no government is going to find under the sofa. And all to do … what, exactly? Imitate WW2 America and intern the Japanese? Remember, these lone nutters live among us. Instead of detaining them because of who they are – ye gods, read that again – we should be showing them why they should want to live to enjoy their futures. If the bad guys can persuade them to blow themselves up, we should be capable of promoting better alternatives. Or are all the smart people working for the enemy these days?

      • r3d3

        And after we’ve shown (& of course convinced ) the 23000 to “live to enjoy their futures” we can do the same with all the other criminals. A future with No Crime – who’d have thought it was so simple.

      • James Chilton

        “…….these lone nutters live among us…….we should be showing them why they should want to live to enjoy their futures…,”

        Nonsense: Nutters, by definition, are not to be reasoned with.

    • Jolly Radical

      A useful article, but this was not the point that Trump was making at all.

      The US president receives immediate briefings on terrorist attacks in the UK, as part of our information-sharing agreement. He was presumably told that the suspects were already known to the police (which of course we now know is correct) and based his tweeted comments on this. We don’t know if he was also told that the police were actually watching the suspects at the time, but his use of the phrase “in sight of Scotland Yard” suggests this strongly.

      The mysterious reluctance of the authorities under Amber Rudd’s chaotic leadership to name or release pictures of the suspects (which must have been possible immediately) has left the public in the bizarre situation of relying for factual, potentially life-saving information on the President of the USA, the Daily Mail and and ITN news. And Amber Rudd appears not to understand why that’s a problem.

      • r3d3

        “A problem hidden is not a problem” … HMG*

        * until someone blabs.

    • Dr Evil

      These 23,000 should be interned and the downloaders likewise. There is no action. The authorities are pussyfooting about instead of grasping the snake’s throat and throttling it.

    • The Sage

      Best in the world? That’s a joke, our police are more interested in tracking down Twitter comments than fighting terrorism.
      I also believe there is also something very fishy about the Jones family. An 88-year-old foster father? Owning more than one property?
      Let someone undertake some investigation into these so-called respected members of the local community.

    • James P

      Interesting, informative and logical article.

      Sadly the only problem is UK is leaderless at the moment, May would rather call out and criticise President Trump than actually do anything meaningful! She thinks deploying the army to guard nuclear plants makes her look and sound like a leader. I think not, now if she actually read the above article and acted on it, now that would be a start.

      • EnglandLaments

        The problem is not that the UK is leaderless, but that the elites of Europe are leading us into disaster, against the wishes of the majority of settled, lawful citizens.

        Trump is right about some things – border security being chief amongst them. We need to scrap the totally discredited asylum system and reform the human rights circus so that we can deport people in the name of public safety, regardless of any other circumstances.

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