June 5, 2017

BBC blind to Britain’s social realities

BBC blind to Britain’s social realities

The pervasive left-wing orthodoxy consuming the BBC leaves it impervious to the realities of modern day Britain, argues David Sedgwick. 

It wasn’t that long ago – five years – when in his role as anchor for BBC2’s Newsnight programme, Jeremy Paxman became very sniffy with a certain studio guest named Tommy Robinson. “You are seriously suggesting that young white girls are being sexually exploited by what you say are gangs of Muslim men? Is that what you are suggesting? Seriously?”

“Yes,” replied his guest, to which Paxman looked aghast. How could this racist, xenophobe suggest such rot? Sexual grooming of under-age white girls? How utterly absurd. The BBC weren’t having any of that. Had Robinson cared to cast his hostile gaze on the streets of Notting Hill he would have seen a thriving ‘multi-cultural’ paradise, where every creed and colour came together to produce a ‘vibrant’ Liberal fantasy land. Grooming? What grooming?

Paxman scoffed. He knitted those famous eyebrows together. The drawling voice, tinged with hostility and scorn from the outset, became indignant. Sat in front of him was a clown. And the good old BBC were going to expose him.

His guest was clearly an Islamophobe, but how could the host and his BBC employers make the young man understand this? How to educate this young thug? How could the BBC make Tommy Robinson and his kind see that the real problem lay not with cultural attitudes towards young (white) women prevalent within a certain ‘community’ but rather that the real problem lay in his own bigotry and prejudice?
Robinson repeated his delusion once more: gangs of predominantly Muslim men were indeed targeting young white English girls, ensnaring before going on to sexually abuse them. Paxman sighed. There really was no reasoning with this man. Liberals all over the country winced. For here was their worst nightmare: a nasty little racist intent on upsetting their multi-cultural applecart. What other reason could there be?
To the progressive Notting Hill mind, Robinson’s conspiracy theories were naught but the culmination of Daily Mail paranoia and right-wing propaganda. They’d seen it all before, knew exactly the root cause, knew that Robinson was merely the symptom of a warped ideology.

Thus, the BBC’s position was: grooming gangs are a figment of Tommy Robinson’s rabid anti-Islamic imagination.

Robinson’s position was: grooming gangs do exist and while the police and social services ignore them, such gangs are sexually exploiting some of the most vulnerable in our society, i.e. young working class girls.
So, who was right? The ‘racist’ Mr Robinson or the Liberal BBC?

Having been proved so catastrophically wrong you might think the BBC would desist from slurring Mr Robinson in future, or at least give him the benefit of the doubt, right? Wrong.

Whenever they mention his name, the national broadcaster still bring forth the usual barrage of slurs when reporting his activities; ‘racist’ ‘bigot’ ‘far-right’ etc. etc. The BBC has apparently learnt nothing.

They have, however, been uncharacteristically silent in relation to Mr Robinson’s latest activities in which he has been present outside various magistrate’s courts as members of the grooming gangs turn up to face charges ranging from sexual grooming to rape of minors. Odd. One would have thought the BBC would have been crawling all over the place with their armoury of slurs and smears, ready to expose Robinson’s ‘Islamophobia.’ Hmmm…

Strangely, while the allegedly anti-racist BBC seem wholly unconcerned by a crime with such overtly racist motives as the specific targeting and sexual exploitation of white girls, a rasher of bacon placed outside a Mosque on the other hand will draw its full fury, such a crime more than enough to send the broadcasters into full ‘anti-racist’ meltdown.

Oh yes, when it comes to getting it wrong the BBC is a master of the art.

Just what is it about the corporation? How can the national broadcaster get it so very wrong so often? Instead of sneering at Tommy Robinson, dismissing him as an ‘angry white man,’ this publicly funded institution should have been doing all it possibly could to help stop this horrendous catalogue of abuse.
But no. As ever, the BBC decided to take the wrong side, the side of the abusers. So, what’s new? Those who know anything of the BBC’s recent history will know they have form in this area: Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Stewart Hall. The list goes on and on.

Just why the national broadcaster would have gone to such lengths to prevent Robinson from exposing this evil practice raises some profound and very uncomfortable questions about the British Broadcasting Company and the staff who prosecute its ethos.

The BBC have a habit of brushing such ‘inconvenient’ matters under the luxuriant carpets of their commodious executive offices. Indeed, at Broadcasting House it’s business as usual. Auntie simply continues to demonise anyone who dares raise a voice of dissent against their favoured ideology and those who practice it.

The very troubling part played by the BBC in concealing these (and other) heinous crimes will more than likely never be examined. Similar stories of ‘Asian’ (BBC’s preferred blanket term) sexual grooming gangs are never aired on any of their national news platforms. In fact, it would require more in the way of luck than judgement to stumble upon any such reports, hidden carefully away as they invariably are on the regional news pages of the corporation’s website.

To the BBC it seems the workings and motivations of paedophiliac ‘Asian’ grooming gangs rank in importance somewhere between failing traffic lights and local jamborees. Nothing to see here folks.
Nevertheless, whether they wish to acknowledge it or not, the BBC played (and are still playing) a significant role in this tawdry business, which raises some profound questions:

Should there be a penalty for not only shooting the messenger but also for helping to ensure said messenger is reviled, censured and ultimately silenced?

To what extent is a concerted attempt to silence the messenger an act of complicity?

Most galling of all perhaps is the BBC attitude on those rare occasions it is forced to acknowledge the reprehensible phenomenon which is the targeting of under-age white girls by these gangs. Its presenters will of course feign the right amount of incredulity: Why did this happen and more importantly how could it ever have been allowed to happen?

And then without even the faintest trace of irony a lightbulb will suddenly light up in the head of a Newsnight presenter: If only someone had spoken up at the time…

If Tommy Robinson or any of the several thousand young girls who have been (and continue to be) victims of this abuse are waiting for an apology from the national broadcaster, they’d be advised not to hold their breaths.

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David Hardy
David Hardy

A university lecturer by profession, David Sedgwick writes about a wide range of topics including Theatre, Politics and Formula One. His forthcoming book, ‘Shooting from the Hip’ is a collection of political essays written from a Libertarian humourist perspective. In his spare time, he enjoys marking student dissertations…

  • Kay Dames

    I do. Too little, too late.

  • Budgie

    I believe the BenP were the first to raise the issue. But of course they cannot possibly be listened to.

    My point was that it is peculiar that the Labour MPs, who are supposed to know their constituencies and the people in them, remained ignorant (apparently) for so long, despite a number of people raising the issue over many years (20 years, as you say).

    And of course to highlight the bias of the BBC against Tommy Robinson when he raised the profile of these crimes. Even if he was far from first.

  • Stephen Whitaker

    Presumably you don’t mind paying for the BBC’s hard hitting 3 Girls drama about the Rochdale gangs?.

  • Stephen Whitaker

    Funny how Jayne Senior MBE had blown the whistle on the grooming gangs from 1997 and the first convictions came in 2010 . Andrew Norfolk has been writing about the Muslim grooming gangs in The Times since 2011. Tommy Robinson hasn’t exposed anything that wasn’t already out in the open..He’s a trouble making chav from Luton trying to be famous.

  • Jehovah God Jr.

    Folks, just stop paying your TV license. It’s the one way we’ll beat them.

  • Budgie

    Nobody, as far as I can see, including the post author, has said that Robinson should not be questioned.

  • Budgie

    Don’t pay. Really, just make a small sacrifice (not watching live TV, or anything BBC) and they can be brought down.

  • Budgie

    Certainly since the mid 1970s, because I saw the BBC interview a man I knew who was a Trotskyist shop steward, and present him as an ordinary Midlands working man.

  • Budgie

    Funny how the Labour MPs in Rotherham (Kevin Barron, John Healey and Sarah Champion) were so unaware of these racist/ideologist sex and torture thugs, despite Tommy Robinson, and Anne Cryer, and some of the girls, complaining?

  • chaos123

    Most Islamic girls are kept indoors and not allowed out without a chaperone and even then, only when covered from head to foot. Thus any male after a bit of free cookie will find the white girls much easier to find.
    However, when I first encountered Pakistani or Bangladeshi men and boys in the mid-sixties in Birmingham, the men would cheer on their boys spitting at us in school uniforms as I & my Christian Indian friend passed by. Very unpleasant, and very wrong of the police to tolerate it. The misbehavers in Rotherham would have been little boys at the time.
    We reap what we sow. We who recieved the shouts of “Slag” in 1964, and nothing was done, (apart from name-calling our local MP, Enoch Powell), know that the authorities took tolerance towards incomers too far. They should have demanded that those incomers leave their home-country’s attitudes behind, or go home.

  • countryfox

    Abolition of the BBC is always the attractive option. The mere thought of those smug, lefty metropolitans getting their comeuppance cheers me up. But I think I have a better idea, one that recognises the BBC international prestige, and the things it does well, stuffs the pretentious, arrogant panjandrums in charge and saves the beleaguered taxpayer money:

    Restrict the BBC to:

    a) Light Entertainment such as Strictly Come Dancing, East Enders and the GBBO
    b) Closely monitored News reporting & World Service radio (i.e. no comment or opinion) to ensure impartiality and balance. So an end to e.g Newsnight, Today, Election “Debates” and biased programmes like The News Quiz
    c) Subscription only. The first of these alone would attract subscriptions & foreign sales enough to pay for the second and monitoring.

    Job done

  • digitaurus

    On the basis of this article, it looks like Yaxley-Lennon (“Tommy Robinson”) was absolutely correct on this occasion and Paxman got it badly wrong. The subsequent investigations and criminal trials have shown just how wrong and also how widespread the problem was. From what I have heard, the BBC drama ‘Three Girls’ was a powerful exploration of the whole thing. Having scanned his Wikipedia profile I wouldn’t want Yaxley-Lennon running a whelk stall on my behalf, let alone holding public office, but that’s just a personal opinion.

  • YachtSupra

    It can be correct, and it is correct.

  • timbo_21

    I must admit that I knew nothing of Tommy Robinson until I saw him interviewed recently by Brillo. He had been subtly slandered in an article written by a member of the Quillam Foundation for the Grauniad.

    I’ve since seen a number of his videos online (including his Oxford Union address) and am shocked by the violence, death threats and persecution he has had to endure. Part of the problem is, because he comrs from a working class part of Luton, he has a typical southern English accent and so members of the establishment automatically think he’s a yob. The BBC almost certainly views him the same way.

  • Andypara

    Excellent comment in line with an excellent article.

  • Inoff the Red

    It would be interesting to get Paxman’s views now on his interview with Robinson and whether he regrets his high handed and disbelieving attitude. I don’t believe Tommy Robinson is a saint but he has been cruelly treated by the Establishment. It seems that anyone can issue death threats or assault Robinson with impunity, the police do nothing even when the assault has been recorded. Some religions seem to have a free pass and the ability to escape justice. Yet when Robinson doorsteps a journalist or blogger who has accused him of being a racist or islamaphobe merely to discuss their comments and to debate the issues, the police can be relied on to spring to the defence of the defamer and threaten Robinson with arrest….and so the misrepresentation of Robinson continues. Mention his name to a bunch of snowflakes and watch the reaction, they know all about him you see. But they won’t have seen his speech to the Oxford University Union, they wont have seen his discussions with liberal leftards where he exposes the paucity of their arguments and shows that they are fascists and bigots and not Robinson. (search Youtube). Look yourself, keep an open mind and listen to what he says and then make your own judgement.

    Some of the recorded radio interviews are worth listening to as BBC interviewers who cannot land a blow on Robinson resort to puerile comments referring back to Robinsons early days with the BNP and EDL. I mean who hasn’t made a mistake? It’s not as if he was responsible for creating a dodgy dossier that led us into an illegal war (that may be partially responsible for what is happening on our streets now) but whereas Alistair Campbell is still feted by the BBC and is fawned over by his adoring BBC mates, despite having exposed the grooming gangs and predicted the current problems on our streets, the MSM treat Robinson as being part of a problem that should be swept under the carpet.

    The reality is that by shining a light on what is happening on the streets of Luton, Rochdale and Rotherham he is actually part of the solution because until the scope of the problem is recognised and accepted it can never be solved. Platitudes, flowers, soft toys and virtue signalling at vigils may show support and sympathy for the victims of terrorists but do nothing to solve the underlying problems.

  • gelert

    Good point.

  • Ian Walker

    Wait a few days, and then “rise in hate crime following xxx attack” is so predictable the bookies won’t take bets on it

  • ethanedwards2002

    Ditto old sport

  • obbo12

    Because you haven’t worked that all the people that agree with you are Russian shills

  • Muttley

    But are the whites selecting exclusively muslim girls for abuse? That would be all over the press from day 1. It’s the racial element that led to the concealment of Rotherham etc by the authorities.

  • George Tanner

    Quite wrong old fellow!

  • Pennypennypenny

    Sky news are not far behind. They are more than happy time and time again to let left wing apologists ramble on unchallenged .

  • donbob

    Poor old Paxo, deep into his late mid-life crisis and unable to admit he was wrong,wrong,wrong (bigly) !

  • noix

    Very good article. The BBC has lost its way and is suffering from a rush of blood to the head at the same time. Following Brexit, one might have imagined that they would have realised now that they are out of touch with the thinking of half the nation. Instead they seem to have doubled down. We have had the blatant bias in the debate audience make up, and they are rewriting history by omission in their ‘6 day war in sixty seconds’ on their website.

  • Ravenscar

    Very well said BUT………………..it’s not just the beeb though, now is it?

    The whole political claque upper and lower houses, plus the whole of the UK administration have all agreed to stick their heads in the sand and ever so conveniently.

    Most readers, on here, will be very well aware that, sexual grooming by gangs mainly though not exclusively of Pakistanis, there have been numerous cases up and down the country the latest of these is, in N. Yorks and Keighley – again – LINK HERE though one ponders, did it ever stop?

    These Muslim men are taught to regard the ‘others’ ie non believers as subhuman and therefore like meat – fair game.

    The real question begs, what to do about it, they’re here and they don’t acknowledge UK statute nor its jurisdiction, in fact they recognize us – not at all and ‘our’ authorities are totally complicit. The sobering facts are that, the UK taxpayer, the whole lot of us ‘non believers’ – yes, all of us are on the meat market. And if that isn’t a wake up call, then, what will it take?

  • obbo12

    Free speech doesn’t means what you say can’t be questioned. The author clearly thinks that a rigth wing bigot should not be asked questions by the BBC because that is sneering, which the right wing equivalent of calling something racist. Then you repeat the same tiresome pointless logic of a momentum supporter becasue I disagree with you therefore I must be left wing. You are the person trying defended an author who claims that a right wing bigot cannot be questioned by the BBC because that is sneering. Thats is extreme opinion and not representative of the Party of Sajid Javid and Priti Patel. Outside of your echo chamber it may come as surprise to you that people can be against Robinson and Livingstone, indeed most of population of the country is against both.

  • madasafish


    I don’t like bigots.. but even they can occasionally be correct.

    I assume you are happy with left wing bigots. or religious bigots.. but not right wing ones as they are the only ones you mention…

    Even bigots have the right of free speech..

  • Norris Mc Squirter

    Mohammed, you filthy goat botherer, why are you so obsessed with Russia?
    Tommy Robinson repeatedly tried to raise awareness of Pakistani Muslim Rape Gangs, which were operating with impunity up and down the country. He was called a “racist” an “Islamophobe” a “fascist”, and smeared as “far right”.

    Everything he said was true.

    There have been dozens of prosecutions of Muslim Rape Gangs, some of the cases have been truly harrowing involving 13 year old girls being pack raped.

    Scum like yourself Mohammed, even now will not accept any blame being laid on Muslims, it is never your fault.

    There needs to be a program of mass deportations, you, and your goat, should be on the very first plane.

  • Nockian

    We are waking up aren’t we ? It takes a few radicals to stand up and name the poison before we get the bit between our teeth and begin pointing to the tormentor and its Government propagandised defender. The BBC isn’t the only thing that needs abolishing-our entire Government structure is unfit for purpose and needs to be torn down.

  • AA_Bill

    The BBC is part of the problem.

    When Channel 4 did their undercover report into extremism in a West Midlands mosque who did the BBC go after? Why, Channel 4 of course.
    At every twist and turn of the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal in the infiltration of schools by Islamic extremists, the BBC has done everything it can to discredit the enquiries taking place.
    They couldn’t help even themselves when trailering their belated ‘Three Girls’ programme which featured one of the perpetrators being arrested. And who was being arrested? Why a white male.
    Whenever an Islamic atrocity occurs the BBC is there scouring the streets to find the Muslim taxi driver who saved everyone.
    Whenever it hosts one of their rigged studio audience participations following an atrocity you can bet that they will pack it with hand wringing Muslims bleating on about how they got a ‘dirty look’ from someone, proof indeed of ingrained ‘islamophobia’ (whatever that is supposed to mean). And woe betide any audience member who chooses to challenge this orthodoxy, given immediate short shrift and cut off by whichever Dimble clone is chairing.

    Time people stopped using the euphemism ‘Auntie’ when referring to the BBC. It’s an ugly wizened old crone.

  • obbo12

    Oh look its right wing bigot repeating what hes told by Russia today

  • BungleFever

    I stopped paying the licence fee four years ago, anyone who is tired of their spin should do the same

  • Norris Mc Squirter

    Listen Mohammed, you blithering imbecile, I am not on facebook and I don’t know any Russians.

    By the way, what is a “small mined bogot”? Some kind of Howling Spastic like yourself I would imagine.

    Do us all a favour and piss off, you tedious Onanist.

  • starfish

    More likely to be in the creche

  • blue2beak

    The BBC prefers to educate rather than inform.

    But its main role is to stupefy the masses with mass market, dumbed down TV entertainment and pop music radio.

  • obbo12

    Translation: I dont want a right wing bigot to be questioned because I agree with him .

  • obbo12

    You should spend less time listening to Russian shills.

  • madasafish

    You really have not a clue..

  • gelert

    They probably have a shrine to the memory of Savile in their boardroom loos.

  • gelert

    Er, you need to spend more time at your English classes instead of promoting jihadi propaganda, Mo.

  • gelert

    Google it – a good example of Trump’s accusations that CNN is a false news media site.

  • Frank

    I hear you and broadly agree but I put 60 years because there seems to have been a quiet campaign to slowly get control of the levers of power and then use the BBC for their progressive purposes. Clearly, it could have started slightly earlier, slightly later. I have dated it from the Suez Canal Crisis as it strikes me that it began then?

  • starfish

    The BBC is hardly going to condemn the activities of paedophiles regardless of their ethnic origin

    After all, it is a BBC trait

  • Salmondnet

    Exactly. I did point that out, but obviously that does not help when letters get “lost”.

  • gelert

    You forgot the initial “y” in your pseudonym.

  • obbo12

    Go away you small mined bogot thats is too dim to work that all your facebook friends that agree with you live in Russia and are paid to agree with you

  • gelert

    There may be more white than Asian men “grooming” young girls because there are a lot more of them. Per capita figures would be more accurate. Of course, the whites would be nobbled, not ignored, by Plod – another skewing of the incidence.

  • obbo12

    Try reading the article
    “Having been proved so catastrophically wrong you might think the BBC would desist from slurring Mr Robinson in future, or at least give him the benefit of the doubt, right? Wrong”
    The author clearly advocates not questioning the opinions of a right wing bigot.

  • Norris Mc Squirter

    Do shut up Mohammed.

  • madasafish

    You comments have nothing to do with the article and are playing the man , not the ball.

    Even bigots are allowed to be correct.

    And Godwin’s Law says you have failed…

  • Michael990

    Not sure about 60 years, I would put it near the time when a certain lady became PM. And even then there was an old guard still making good programmes and providing unbiased reporting. It’s since the 90s that things have gone seriously down hill.

  • Wild Bill

    The interview you mention should be shared. Is there a clip anywhere? The whole saga is quite shameful.

  • Salmondnet

    When the BBC reported one Islamic gang’s convictions for “grooming” (actually a euphemism for rape) of under age white girls on the Radio Four Today programme it included in its main headline an assertion to the effect that most similar crimes are carried out by white men. A letter of complaint sent on the same day asking (a) how that was relevant to the main report and (b) what evidence they had for the veracity of their assertion, failed to produce a response, as did a second letter asking for their comments. A third letter did produce the answer that they had not received the first two and that the compliant was now out of time.
    Quite a coincidence that. The Post Office twice failing to deliver letters to one of the most well known and active addresses in the country, but I guess it must be true. The alternative is that the Corporation is shamelessly socio-politically corrupt. Obviously that can’t be the case, can it?

  • Christopher Horne

    Hear hear! Time for a new party, a new movement even?

  • obbo12

    Tommy Robinson is a right wing bigot and should be called a right wing bigot. He is the equal and opposite version of the momentum, a blind extremists with no sense of proportion. The answer to left wing bigotry is not rigth wing bigotry any more than Clinton’s arrogance justifies Trumps competence bombast. Its not a case of either or and all these paid for russian post saying otherwise won’t change that. Its not a choice between Hitler or Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt exist

  • Kay Dames

    I definitely want to see that done. I resent paying for propaganda.

  • EppingBlogger

    The author would find it much easier to analyse the reasons for the BBC’s behaviour and its resistance to criticism if he looked at the whole political class. That would include the bulk of the editorial and managerial staff at the BBC and the bulk of the older political parties. Most of the policy making sections of the civil service, management at quangos and state sponsored charities and all of the education establishment.

    They move effortlessly from university to PR or tax payer funded jobs, to political assistant to appointment or elected office. The move in and out of the BBC and other parts of the tax payer funded industries building large pensions and often private wealth too.

    They are insulated from the rest of the country. They are mutually supportive and they certainly don’t like the rest of the country any more than it likes them.

    We (the public) have to find a way of breaking their hold over power and money. We have to find a way to break up the oligopoly of political parties and get some new hybrids into the political garden.

  • Fred Tomlinson

    The BBC. Where to begin? I cannot bear to watch them anymore, so I don’t. I believe they were in on the CNN fake Muslim anti-terror protest yesterday staged by CNN (see youtube), but that fits their agenda. They are rotten to the core and the public has to pay for this slime.

  • IanE

    The license tax should be abolished, full stop. BBC delenda est!

  • John Smith

    dont pay the BBC TAX

    if they turn up tell them to F K off and close the door

    if we get to 20% itll collapse

  • Frank

    The BBC are the enemy within and have been for the last 60 years.

  • Captain Cutlass

    The BBC has always been the mouthpiece of the pseudo establishment those rotters who think they know best what’s good for Britain. It’s about time the thing was broken up and privatise – sold off, banished.

  • Debs

    Anne Cryer MP flagged this up before Tommy Robinson and also got shot down .PC and diversity speak is paralysing this country let alone the BBC.

  • Jimmer7

    Spot on article, and completely true. The license fee should be abolished if the BBC cannot clean up its act.

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