March 22, 2017

John Redwood MP

March 22, 2017

Blair’s New Labour nonsense

Tony Blair’s belief that New Labour is the perfect balance between ‘the extremes’ of politics is self-serving nonsense, says John Redwood.
March 16, 2017

The SNP’s indy ref logic is bonkers

The SNP’s logic is flawed, says John Redwood. Leaving the EU single market is bad, and yet leaving the UK single market, which is four times bigger for Scotland’s trade, would be good…
March 8, 2017

We need a budget for growth

The country needs a budget that promotes growth, investment and more productive working, rather than ever more taxes, explains John Redwood.
March 7, 2017

Solving our productivity crisis

John Redwood explains how tomorrow’s budget can be used to tackle the nation’s productivity crisis.
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