September 18, 2017

Andre Walker

September 18, 2017

Trump’s right, we’re failing to stop terrorists

Andre Walker argues the terror register should be expanded to include those suspected of participating in terror related activity.
September 11, 2017

‘Street Fighter’ Bannon Wants a Civil War

Those who predicted Bannon’s departure from the White House would mellow the shameless attack dog are in for a shock. As his interview yesterday demonstrates, he looks set only to have turbo charge his indignation for the mainstream, says Andre Walker.
August 28, 2017

Behind the doors of the Trump White House

Andre Walker discusses Trump’s next steps and offers a fascinating insight into the dynamics and inter personal relationships of the President’s White House team.
August 24, 2017

Gandhi next for public desecration

Andre Walker argues that if the only people that could be publicly venerated were those who were universally admired, then no one would be celebrated at all.  
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