July 11, 2017

Andre Walker

July 11, 2017

US pro-lifers should butt out of Charlie Gard case

Andre Walker asks how the court, the hospital or the parents of Charlie Gard are assisted by the presence of people like the Reverend Jim Mahoney, a US pro-life campaigner.
July 7, 2017

Jihadi Jones deserves the death penalty

British jihadi Sally Jones wants to come back from ISIS, Andre Walker votes NO!
June 11, 2017

Labour’s staggering DUP hypocrisy

Andre Walker says Labour’s latest glut of faux outrage, prompted by the Tory-DUP deal, is even more sickeningly hypercritical than usual.
May 17, 2017

The BBC’s contempt for English names

Andre Walker examines the BBC’s double standard of by-passing the English name for certain countries and cities to instead adopt the local name and pronunciation.
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