September 20, 2016

Auntie’s still determined to remain in the EU

Auntie’s still determined to remain in the EU

Remember the risks to staying in the EU’s Single Market? The BBC obviously hasn’t, argues Rory Broomfield. 

It may have been my imagination but didn’t Leave win the referendum? From my (admittedly hazy) memory of June 24th, I was under the impression that roughly 17.4 million people voted for the UK to leave the European Union in the largest democratic vote for anything in the UK’s history. Despite this though, it seems that the BBC still hasn’t got the message – and has a vapid memory of what was claimed about the Single Market during the campaign.

The risks of remaining in the Single Market were made clear in the referendum campaign – not least by the erudite Dan Hannan MEP. On this website, both John Redwood and John Mills have recently sought to explain and reiterate the benefits of our future outside the regulations of the Single Market, including by mitigating the risks.

However‎, the BBC’s insistence on‎ describing what they see as “hard Brexit” compared with what they describe as “soft Brexit” is nauseating, and doesn’t just naturally prefer debate about an “EEA / EFTA” option, but also misses the point.

It came to a head when Radio 4’s Today Programme interviewed Lord Lawson who, on being asked his views on “hard Brexit” said, quite rightly, that he preferred the term “clean Brexit”. Yet that, of course, hasn’t deterred the Beeb from using the phrase as if it wishes to constantly emphasise the difficulty that would – it tries to suggest – be associated with leaving the EU’s Single Market. In contrast, what Lord Lawson said during the referendum campaign – that the alternative to being in the EU is not being in the EU – seems to suggest that leaving might actually be the easier option.

The corporation during the campaign claimed it was neutral – even too worried about its impartiality, according to one presenter, but since the referendum the gloves have seemed to come off. We seem to be hearing more about the benefits of the single market and the risks of leaving rather than the other way around. This is a mistake. It also misses an opportunity.

The goal should be now to embrace a free trading future with the EU without getting drawn back into it. If the BBC were to ignore voices looking at this, it would be making a mistake and limit the terms of debate and discussion over the wider possibilities that are there for the taking outside the Single Market.

So my plea to BBC executives is, next time you are thinking about debating the EU, think to yourself how you can create a discussion and use language that embraces all the potential scenarios. Indeed, why not reframe the debate to look at how the UK can take advantage of all the trade deals that it can now make with the rest of the world?

There’s a world of opportunity out there. If only the BBC could see it.

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Rory Broomfield
Rory Broomfield
Rory Broomfield is Director of The Freedom Association and the Better Off Out campaign. He is an authority on the EU and has written a number of books including his latest, co-authored with Iain Murray, Cutting the Gordian Knot: A Roadmap for British Exit from the European Union. He has previously worked in the City of London and in Westminster for a number of Members of Parliament, including the current Prime Minister, Theresa May; the current Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Graham Brady; and Sir Richard Shepherd.
  • gelert

    He said it about 50 years ago. Nowadays, there are probably many Amins etc. on the Harvard faculty.

  • Cullerchris

    Too many Amins, Azizes, Ahmeds, etc, for my tastes.

  • Big Les

    Which news media outlet is one to trust these days?

    Here is my preferred order of sources to trust – (1) Breitbart, 2) Fox, 3) LBC, 4) comments on both here and……….. =100th BBC / CNN / SKY.
    It only takes a brief visit to the latter to be reminded just what balance and impartiality are. Or rather, are not.

    We can’t do much about CNN or SKY, but the Culture Secretary could (and should have, when he had the chance…) revoke the BBC’s charter.
    Their continual doing-down of the UK, in my book, labels the entire organisation as a nest of traitorous rats. If I had my way, every single one of their political and current affairs producers, editors and reporters (with the exception of Andrew Neil) would be in court on a charge of Treason. And of course Mark Carney, dim Tim Farron, Izzard, Geldof and Branson. C*nts, all of ’em.

  • Greychatter

    Don’t the BBBC get a subsidy (back-hander from our money) from the EU to keep pushing the notion of Leaving as a disaster.
    I saw somewhere that the BBBC gets about 33Million a year for keeping up the pretence.

  • geordieboy

    The BBC needs to be neutered but that seems impossible as it appears that none of them have any balls to tell the truth as it is.

  • JohnInCambridge

    Maybe the BBC will be distracted from Brexit by Trump’s victory, at least for a few days. It should be because it now has about 100M Americans who have shown their contempt for everything it stands for as well as 17M Brits. It makes you wonder how long our pusillanimous politicians can possibly go on giving it a free pass.

  • Old Gerry

    Sadly, I don’t think this is the answer. Surely the BBC would simply lump together under one subscription their popular Strictly-type programmes with the biased news/current affairs/Toksvig/Jeremy Hardy/Mark Steel efforts. They would charge enough for one side to subsidise the other, then claim massive public support for their brand of social re-engineering.

  • guest

  • Bill Sticker

    The BBC should be down on its knees praising whatever god it prays to for saving it via brexit. As revealed by greenpeace in its leaked copy of Barack TTIP Obamas retirement plan which Mrs Merkel is sure she can complete there will be a scrutiny committee of EU and US corporations post TTIP. They will target ALL government organisations for privatisation by big US businesses. FOX/BC anyone?

  • Andrew Baxter

    When a hard brexiter can explain to me how we negotiate a ‘bespoke FTA’ in 2 years and doesn’t have the idiocy to think that the ‘WTO option’ is actually a real thing, then I’ll take them seriously.

    Until that point, they are just morons. Best to be ignored.

  • Med Jumper

    And this is why I no longer pay the Al Jebeeba tax

  • Al-beeb will still be fighting this war long after we’ve invoked article 50, concluded our negotiations and left. Like a Japanese soldier on a tiny island still fighting world war 2.

  • Gerald Brown

    I’ve bought my “Is that true? Or did you hear it on the BBC” car sticker.

    Have you?

    P.S. i have no commercial relationship with the sticker producers, just a loathing of the BBC

  • Roger Hudson

    The government should take the ‘hardware’ side of the BBC away, that was the reason people needed a licence to decode radio/TV waves, fund all the transmitters and cables etc. from general taxation ( after all it claims to ‘own’ the radio frequencies already), then the BBC would be a content producer like all the competitors and would fund it’s wares by subscription like Sky. The BBC is nothing special anymore, get over it.

  • Reborn

    An even quicker way to show our determination is to repeal the Blairs’ foul Human Rights Act.
    Although the HR Court is not the same as the EU court, countries wishing to apply for EU membership
    must submit to judgements from this corrupt & corrupting court.
    When the UK was taken into the EU this was not necessary.

  • Lamia

    The BBC is bought and paid for by the EU. It receives millions a year from it – money that it has not been keen to admit taking. (Why on earth a ‘respected’ national broadcaster should be allowed to take money from anyone outside of the UK is beyond me.)

    Before and since the referendum, the BBC has been pushing the line that suits its own employees, and the families of friends of its employees – mostly relatively well-heeled metropolitan ‘multiculturalists’. It feels no duty towards the country or the wider population, except possibly in a deluded paternalistic sense – that it knows best.

  • Terry Howard

    Which news media outlet is one to trust these days? The number of journalists employed is decreasing daily. Tens of thousands of bloggers spew electronic reams of made up crap onto the internet. Donald Trump claims to believe every word. Here is my preferred order of sources to trust – everyone is welcome to adopt their own. (1) BBC News (2) Comment Central (3) The comments section of Comment Central. Were i to include other sources in the list, the latter 2 would still be near the bottom. It only takes a brief visit to sites like this one (or to one of Momentum’s equivalents) to be reminded just what balance and impartiality are.

  • nanumaga

    As time goes by we shall see the passing of a few ‘cherished’ institutions, including the BBC, the EU and the NHS. It will be a wrench for some and an inevitable improvement for others. That this will happen is certain. In 30 to 50 years our children and grandchildren will look back and wonder why we bothered to spend so much money and emotional effort on any of these redundant institutions. The Morris Dancing clubs, along with the Rare Breeds associations, Pigeon fanciers and Pony Clubs, Potholers, Ramblers and Bagpipes players and all the assorted, traditional English, Scots, Welsh and Irish cultural clubs will be there. They’ll all be fine and will stand the test of time. The BBC has already failed this.

  • ratcatcher11

    I think the age of the BBC is coming to a slow but definite end and as in the US where Trump is going to force the ruling class to acknowledge the will of the people and listen to their wishes and for once represent them. He is anti PC and the Washington elite hate him for it. The same in this country the majority have grown tired of being oppressed by a voiciferous minority that have managed to seize the reins of power via the justice system and installed a PC political class, reflected in the broadcasts by the BBC and the MSM. The British conservative majority are coming around to the view that they will not be oppressed by the 5% minority and their PC advocates and that was demonstrated by the vote for Brexit in direct contradiction to the pro EU output broadcast by the MSM a vote for that also included the more conservative Labour supporters. Brexit will bring more than freedom from the Brussels, it will also be a start to free Britain from the tyranny of the PC MSM and justice system.

  • WuffoTheWonderDog

    Pass the law saying Yes It Will!!!, Kiddo, and then see them bottle.
    Plus, make me Lord Chancellor and I’ll strike off those who have ‘views’.

  • Richard Milton

    I was willing to give the BBC the benefit of the doubt until I saw their coverage of the referendum and subsequent events. Neither Laura Kuenssberg nor Kamal Ahmed made any serious attempt to conceal their bias or their belief that Remain was a foregone conclusion. Like many others they are still trying to justify their position by injecting pessimism into their Brexit reporting.

    One particular cause for concern is that all BBC reporters continue to perpetuate the myth that Norway has been compelled to accept free movement of EU Citizens in return for access to the single market. In fact, Norway has negotiated a deal where it accepts free movement of EU *workers* – people who already have a job. This means hopeful economic migrants from EU countries cannot enter Norway. We can conclude the same deal.

  • I would argue it is Neo Liberal, but that is just splitting hairs.

  • The BBC has to go. It has lost all credibility, it is a malign shadow over our lives.

  • And if you follow the money you might be surprised about some of the goings on in our so called ‘charidee’ sector.

  • You have to remember to follow the money…
    The BBC and Nick Clegg and the Kinnocks will never talk ill about the EU because in the BBC case they get millions in grants. In the case of the Kinnocks and Clegg, not forgetting Paddy Ashdown, all are due EU pensions and if they speak ill of the EU they can have their pensions stopped.

  • UmUmUmUmUmUm

    The BBC is Marxist, and at it’s core, anti-British.

  • getahead

    Indeed, Herr Goebbels would have been proud.

  • George Scoresby

    You’re appealing to the BBC to act fairly?

  • getahead

    Membership of the Single Market means continued EU legislation and (reduced) EU subscriptions, in other words diluted EU membership.
    No thanks. We voted to Leave.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    With you 100%. But it appears that our leaders don’t fully understand the strength of our position. They keep talking about what deal we can negotiate with the EU instead of talking about what deal the EU can negotiate with us. F**k ’em, I say. Let’s go. Now. The businesses in mainland Europe will want to continue trading with us because they need access to our market. They will not allow their government or the EU to get in the way of profits.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    Don’t forget the lawyers who will tell you it can’t be done unless you shower them with millions of pounds.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    Anti-Brexit. Anti-Trump. Anti-Israel. Pro left of centre totalitarianism. That just about sums up the BBC impartial approach.

  • lojolondon

    The only way to stop this intentional undermining of our hard-won democracy is to stop the TV tax. No other way.

  • It is a well known fact that the EU invented science in 1995. Before then British scientists sacrificed goats to find out what was going on.

  • Yes – but he is good looking and was in a pop band. Don’t forget he invented the Big Bang and reads his BBC script correctly without thinking which makes him cool.

  • Polly Toynbee blocked me on Twitter.
    I was not rude, I just pointed out an inconsistency in one of her articles.
    I am told I am in good company.

  • And as someone smarter than me observed, this is fine, but if Guardian readers want their own TV station shouldn’t they pay for it rather than the rest of us?

  • The BBC does not report the news, it uses news items to push a deceitful agenda.
    The BBC is not our friend, it has turned against the people of this country.

  • WuffoTheWonderDog

    At the UKIP conference, as soon as the dust had died down after Nigel’s final speech as leader, the packed hall gradually cleared as most left for lunch. Then TV camera crews started filming rows of empty seats to prove that very few had attended and that UKIP’s day was done. That splay-footed penguin Michael Crick was pattering around, looking for someone to admit they were racist, fascist beasts who enjoyed stamping on kittens, without success. He really must have had a sad and lonely childhood.

  • Robert_Eve

    I really hope you are right but I have a nagging fear she’ll try the soft option.

  • Vesta

    Good example was last week’s totally fake BBC news item about London Fashion Week. Brexit, we were told, is ‘the talk’ of the event. Not so. I was there. No fashionista was wittering on about Brexit. The only time Brexit came up in conversation in two days was when the BBC reporter arrived with her BBC anti-Brexit agenda and singled out a few interviewees, including a designer from Eastern Europe working in the UK who actually never said Brexit was an issue for her. A shocking piece of pseudo-news entirely set up by the BBC. It’s like the BBC news ‘cuts’ agenda a few years back. After appearing on a BBC TV documentary, the producer asked me to get in touch if I ever came across a ‘cuts’ story. You couldn’t make it up, although the BBC does its very best.

  • WuffoTheWonderDog

    The BBC keeps the Guardian afloat by buying half its production run.
    It also advertises jobs solely in the Guardian, nowhere else.

  • WuffoTheWonderDog

    Robert is on the EU payroll.

  • NickAndyRose

    I wouldn’t even reciprocate the tariff, just reduce Corporation Tax by the same amount for affected UK companies. Then the tariff only really affects the people buying the goods, ie making their own people worse off. That’s one reason I voted Leave in the first place – the EU impoverishing its own people. The EU Commission really are a gang of numpties.

  • WuffoTheWonderDog

    But she needs the appearance fees to maintain her Tuscan villa and estate, her Home Counties country house and estate and her London house. These things don’t pay for themselves, do they? And she is doing all this TV work for our benefit.

  • Renwick

    I think you’ll find China is.

  • getahead

    Sucking on the taxpayer – just like the BBC.
    The BBC tax needs to be discontinued. Make it pay per view. Subscription only.

  • WuffoTheWonderDog

    Easy as pie to leave painlessly. Just repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, which will render all subsequent EU legislation null & void. Of course civil servants will say it can’t but. by passing a bill saying that it certainly will through on the same say, we can then tell them to pipe down and get on with it or get out. What more is there to be done except ask the German auto industry if they still wish to trade with us?

  • WuffoTheWonderDog
  • WuffoTheWonderDog

    Each of them already in a mega-salaried & pensioned sinecure sucking on the taxpayer at full blast.

  • WuffoTheWonderDog

    Having been a UKIP member for two decades and stood in 3 general elections, would it surprise you when I say that I wish UKIP would endorse any call for a second EU referendum? UKIP would not have to lift a finger, deliver a single leaflet, knock on any doors, because the BBC and the MSM would do our job for us, just as they did in the first one.

    So I say bring it on as soon as you like. We outers will win 70%-30% and the cry-baby remainers know that we would. So bring it on. We in UKIP are waiting in our deck chairs for the fun to begin.

  • Coopercap

    But they are still assessing whether or not they were terror attacks.

  • janetjH

    Chancellor Merkel offered tariff free trade between the EU and Turkey. I suggest that we ask for the same.

  • WuffoTheWonderDog

    Repeal the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, used by the BBC to snoop.
    The BBC uses the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, passed by Tony Blair, to snoop on the public to maintain its enormous income and preserve its privileged position to control opinion in the UK, and prevent the public protesting in the only way it can against its biased reporting.
    Please sign and circulate this petition to stop the BBC snooping on anything and everything in cyberspace, not just the internet but your mobile phone calls and texts. BTW I have today received my comforting, monthly threatening letter from TV Licensing. I have been receiving these for four years now. I find them comforting because it means someone somewhere cares about me and my nice postman has a letter to deliver which means he keeps his job. What’s not to like about not paying the TV tax?

  • janetjH

    Packs and packs and packs of lone wolves

  • St Louis

    Unfortunately there are hundreds more where she came from.

  • The question on the ballot paper was do we want to leave or remain in the EU. We voted to leave.

    None of us voted for some notional establishment run Brexit party.

    Time for Parliament to stop playing games and do their job.

    Get us out of the EU.

  • phil

    The problem with the BBC is that it sold it’s soul to the EU, decades ago, for “a mess of pottage” and is firmly ensconced as a signed up member of Brussels which brings with it an enormous pay cheque contingent on promoting all things EU good, Brexit bad.
    The Corporation, whose only conduit to the outside world appears to be viewed through the prism of one of the lowest selling newspapers in Britain “the Guardian”, is so out of touch with reality that if it actually ever realised what the man in street really thought about the EU it would do the decent thing and shut up shop in the realisation that it was flogging a dead horse.

  • Selohesra1

    Anyone keeping list of main studio guest on Daily Politics? – Polly Toynbee today and everytime I watch it seems to be a Remainer – hardly balanced.

  • Inoff the Red

    The BBC has long since stopped being an impartial reporter of news, it has adopted the role of propagandist for its favoured causes and politicians.
    During the Brexit campaign, one only had to compare the soft interviews given to Remainiacs with the hectoring and constant interruption of Farage and other Leavers to see that the Beeb had lost all right to be considered an impartial broadcaster with an interest in balanced coverage.

    If the feeble (non existent) coverage of terrorist events and the NTDWI mantra was not bad enough, the speed with which the BBC and other liberal luvvies sought to pile blame onto UKIP and Brexiteers as being responsible for the murder of St Jo Cox was truly nauseating and in marked contrast with the “lone wolf” nature of the Nice atrocity.

    Multiple attacks on women in Germany were treated as minor issues barely worthy of reporting but if a white male professor uses the term “trouble with girls” while making a self deprecating joke, the BBC will jump on the bandwagon of “wimmins rights” misquote his words and force him to resign.

    If the Beeboids got a tip off about Plod raiding the house of celebrity, they would hire a helicopter to film the raid yet surprisingly they were not so zealous in dealing with the various serial abusers that were so regularly employed by the BBC. (and how many of the BBC management team that knew what was going on have been sacked?)

  • gelert

    I think they’re even worse than the BBC regarding “refugees”. Mark Stone is like an evangelical preacher trying to convert us to want to let these hordes in.

  • gelert

    “I would rather be governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston phonebook than by the two thousand academic staff at Harvard.”

    Bill Buckley

  • gelert

    Surely a Mossad false flag operative.

  • Shadow Warrior

    A pack of lone wolves, no less.

  • Shadow Warrior

    Don’t forget the far right white supremacist Iranian in Munich.

  • Aethelflaed

    88 Countries Collaborating – also destroys his argument; there are not that many in the EU.

    And, I think it is the ‘free movement’ of ideas that the EU is actually against – the EU wants us all to think the same !!

    Brian Cox = nil marks for critical thinking, whatever he knows about space time !!

  • AnusRodendum

    Please, do understand the difference between being an intellectual and being intelligent.

  • Grumpy

    On BBC Newsnight on 19 September, Evan Davis ended a discussion on the Royal Society’s science book award with a totally gratuitous question to Blue Peter style scientist Brian Cox on the effect of Brexit on British science. Cox is horrified. Science he opined is “totally dependent on the free movement of people and ideas” he used for an example CERN, where he works that has “eighty-eight countries collaborating” and the European Southern Observatory in Chile and warned that if Britain cuts itself off from collaboration science will suffer. It didn’t seem to occur to Cox that he destroyed his own argument with his second sentence as neither CERN nor the ESO is anything to do with the European Union. Dr Cox is believed by the BBC to be Britain’s leading scientist and he gets lots of money doing work for them.

  • ratcatcher11

    The UK is the largest investor in the US, there is no way they will risk this.

  • ratcatcher11

    Don’t pay it then. Nobody needs to watch the BBC anymore there are plenty of alternatives.

  • JonathanBagley

    I agree. I looked up the tariff on Oz wine. Over 10p a bottle for 13% abv. Doesn’t seem to have done Oz much harm as the supermarket shelves are groaning with the stuff, but the cheaper the better. They always quote motor cars – high obviously to protect German car industry. Most tariffs are <4%. For example, referees' whistles, 3.6%, compared to recent drop in the pound of over 10%. John Redwood has the right approach.

  • ratcatcher11

    The BBC has it’s own agenda and that is the antithesis of democracy, which is not surprising considering they are a fascist organisation that considers itself to be the de facto opposition to the Conservative government and to conservatism itself. The BBC are a Progressive Left organisation, in the sense that opponents of their own policies are censored and ridiculed much the same as the rest of the MSM. They are the driving force behind the criminalisation of voicing objections to their pet projects which includes the promotion of the 5% above the 95%, anti Israel and pro Palestinian and the ridicule of non warmists who voice concern at the damage done to British industry by nonsensical carbon tariffs. Their primary agenda at the moment is black propaganda concerning Brexit and the presentation of the remain argument and the EU in general as a democratic force for good rather than the advancement of a fascist cadre that is crushing democracy in it’s member states. They have more in common with Hitler’s Third Reich than they care to admit.

  • Kevin T

    I fully agree. I think Theresa May is well aware of this, and also of the catastrophic divisions that would cause in her party. I don’t believe she is daft enough to not just disappoint Leavers but maximise the disappointment by promising a hard Brexit and then not delivering. I wasn’t a supporter of hers when she ran for the leadership but everything she has said since becoming prime minister suggests at the very least a very shrewd understanding of her voters and of the potential for taking a large share of Labour’s working class vote. She doesn’t strike me as someone who will choose a hung parliament over a landslide just for the sake of the EU, which she didn’t even bother doing any real campaigning for.

  • Ringstone

    I think the first steps are being taken, at least in the direction of making them more accountable.
    You may have noted that Rona Fairhead, late Chair of the BBC Trust, is currently clutching a UB40 having been told to reapply for her own job.

  • Space 1999

    I was a campaigner for Vote Leave, and spoke to literally thousands of people on their front door steps. All the people wanting to leave, wanted to leave because they wanted to control and/or limit immigration. For them that was the key – they didn’t want to stay in the EEA, because taking back control means taking back control – not taking back a bit of control and leaving the bit that they’re really worried about still in the EU.

    The Leave side needs to make it clear that we voted Leave because we want to Leave the EU full stop, not partially. If Theresa May ignores this, she’s toast in 2020. UKIP will get more seats than the SNP has now and they’ll be calling the shots, even if she’s still Prime Minister. Even if UKIP is lead by a hamster in 2020, people will still vote for them because the working class especially is very, very angry about what uncontrolled immigration has done to them. Many told me they hadn’t had a pay rise for 10 years, and were often threatened by their bosses that there were ‘dozens of Eastern Europeans waiting for their job if they didn’t want it’. That’s personal…

  • geordieboy

    Is it because we have to pay the £145 telly tax that they are entitled to feed us endless propaganda on the EU and left wing establishments.

  • Med Jumper

    Do what I do and refuse the licence

  • Mr TaxPayer

    UK-US trade is worth about £50billion a year. Approx 1million US citizens (in the US) work for UK companies and a similar number of UK citizens (including me) work for US companies in the UK.
    There is NO UK-US trade deal. Does Prez Obama know this? Or the BBC?

  • ethanedwards2002

    Ahhh the lone mental Norwegian theory. Seem to be a devil of a lot of these one offs don’t there.

  • Bill Quango MP

    Please ..It was only a few Norwegian and German lone wolfs.. And in America, just a demented catering electrical supplies person of unknown, Afghan, origin. Who was probably driven to his actions by Brexit.

  • DWWolds

    And Skye has just announced that there will be an hour long programme – every morning apparently – hosted by Adam Boulton. Jusdging by his column in the Sunday Times that is hardly going to be neutral. Skye and the BBC are as bad as each other.

  • The Sage

    A spot-on analysis. We do not want to remain part of the single market. We would like access to that market (just like, say, China or the US does) and we will reciprocate accordingly. But we will not pay money to the EU. Better to be out and just pay the WTO tariff and save £18 bn (gross) a year in transfers to Brussels. With our trade imbalance the government will be raking in the Customs revenue just as we finally get tariff-free wine from Australia, etc.

  • J M

    Clive Anderson’s Law in Action discussed Brexit last week. The thesis seemed to be that it was all jolly difficult and complicated to leave and (unspoken) so we should not do it. Sounded like a lot of Aunt Sallies being set up to me. I like John Redwood’s approach. We tell them that we are leaving and that we intend to continue to trade with them on the same terms as we do now. Let us know if you want to change anything and we will consider it and reciprocate. Meanwhile, we repeal the European Communities Act and the primacy of European law. We have what we have already by virtue of statutory instrument bring the various Regulations and Directives into force. They can all remain in place unless and until Parliament decides to repeal or amend them. Simples. When the say they want to charge us 10% tariffs on motorcars we say fine and we’ll do the same on your motor cars, etc., etc.. As has been remarked it is business and people who trade with each other not governments. All governments do is get in the way of trade by imposing barriers in the form of taxes or regulatory requirements, which, in truth, benefit no one.

  • SonofBoudica

    The BBC no longer even pretends to be neutral in major issues. On the EU, migrants, “austerity” and a myriad of other issues, it is quite brazen in its selective reporting of “facts” to support its obvious agenda of supporting the liberal left line and no other. It is beyond reform and needs to be broken up and sold off. I am amazed that the Competition Authorities, for instance, have not investigated the BBC’s near monopoly in national and local radio. Tune in a car radio anywhere in England and Wales and it will pick up 4 BBC (often 5 or 6) radio stations out of the six strongest radio signals.

  • MrVeryAngry

    Correct. The whole notion of a ‘free trade deal’ (at government level) is an oxymoron.

  • MrVeryAngry

    A ‘plea’ to the BBC? You are kidding, right?

  • Ken

    Whether we have a trade agreement or not is irrelevant. Governments don’t trade with each other – people do. We don’t have a trade agreement with the US, yet a large minority of our exports go there and we buy a lot from them.

  • Excellent piece, Mr. Broomfield.

    The BBC is nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the EU – the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation, in fact – and, following its failure to secure a Remain vote in June, has obviously decided to double-down by intensifying its anti-Brexit propaganda still further.

    It’s taking a hell of a risk, though, because if we get “clean Brexit” and it’s a success – as I firmly believed it would be – the BBC will be utterly discredited to all but a tiny handful of pro-EU fanatics.

  • Debs

    The BBC is welcome to The EU. Give up the TV tax , become a fully functioning competitive private company and trade their wares into the EU. they can make their own trade deals as other companies around the world do.

  • ColTPride

    17,410,742 voted Leave. They and many honourable Remain voters who have accepted the result can see what the BBC is up to. Pushing its world view and pumping out propaganda.

    The idiots are the BBC who think no one can see this because they think they are oh so clever. So clever they overlook this thing called the internet and can write of 17,410,742 as gullible idiots.

    The real idiots I suppose are those in the Tory Party who don’t close this corrupted organisation down.

  • Robert

    ‘In contrast, what Lord Lawson said during the referendum campaign – that the alternative to being in the EU is not being in the EU – seems to suggest that leaving might actually be the easier option. ‘

    Being in the Single Market does not mean being in the EU. There is life in the Single Market while being out of the EU.

    If you want to collapse the UK’s trade with the EU then leave the Single Market and try to get a free trade deal inside less than 10 years.

    There is a way to leave and stay in the Single Market without freedom of movement of people. It is called the Market Solution and can be found here.

  • geo

    the bbc has not been neutral on any subject since they decided to be the defacto opposition party during the labour meltdown years of the 1980’s. Since that time they have relentlessly pushed the liberal left orthodoxy about everything. Why should they be any different over the eu than they are over their ‘climate change’ stance or their bias coverage of Israel as documented in the suppressed Balen Report. The bbc is not fit for purpose and I resent every single penny I am forced to spend to pay towards their tv tax.

  • Kevin T

    The public has long been wise to the BBC and the rest of the liberal media. If the referendum coverage didn’t wake people up, their pathetic attempts to play down this summer’s wave of Islamic terror attacks certainly has.

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