July 19, 2016

Young people naïve to horrors of communism

Young people naïve to horrors of communism

Our education system is failing to inform young people about the true horrors communism has visited upon our world, says Chris Everett.

The New Culture Forum has released an excellent study into the perception of the revolutionary far-left among 16-24 year olds, in anticipation of the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Surveying 883 youths and young adults, the study’s findings are shocking. Genocidal Cambodian dictator Pol Pot is considered responsible for fewer crimes against humanity than President Bush and Tony Blair, while Reagan and Berlusconi are considered by more to have been dictators than the Romanian monster Nicolae Ceaușescu, a man responsible for the deaths of untold thousands (there is no accurate estimate).

You’re probably noticing a pattern by now – that each of these hard-line communist rulers is deemed less bad than their capitalist, democratically elected counterparts. While this could be put down to lack of name recognition from a couple of the lesser known brutal dictators, the paper’s author, Dennis Sewell, goes on to reveal that socialism was the most positively viewed ideology among the respondents – as well as being the least negatively viewed. Point being: something has happened to young British people to make them at best sympathetic, and at worst supportive, of the murderous ideology of socialism: ‘the creed of ignorance’ responsible for nearly 100 million deaths in the 20th century alone.

Somewhat amusingly, the insult that the male dominated left is more ‘brocialist’ than socialist appears to hold true. Brocialism is left wing thinking being left up to the boys, visible in Corbyn’s multiple cabinets and staffing choices, in leading authors, film makers and artists of the hard left, and even in the causes modern day socialists find themselves being attached to.

The study shows that 29 per cent of males (compared with 15 per cent of females) believe the Russian revolution was “Something well-intentioned but then went horribly wrong”, while 8 per cent (6 per cent of females) think it was “Something that showed it is possible to build a fairer society without capitalism”. More than 20 million are estimated to have been killed as a direct result of communism in the Soviet Union, with the last forced labour camp closing just two years before the Berlin Wall fell. Give me unfair capitalism any day.

Perhaps in a week in which the centre right Conservative Party has crowned it’s second female PM out of the last four, most Tories should welcome the fact that young men seem inclined towards socialism while young women treat it with scepticism.

The point remains, though, that both male and female youths have clearly been failed in their education regarding the crimes and horrors of socialism. That men or women are more susceptible is irrelevant if a majority still believes that the experiments in tyranny that took place in Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Cambodia, Somalia, Iraq, Cuba, and a myriad of other places were not an overall negative for humanity, but instead represent the latest in a series of moral ‘grey areas’ that are not for the likes of individuals to pass judgement upon. Most concerning in Sewell’s report is the moral ambivalence of my peers – that cannot be tackled in the classroom alone.

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Chris Everett
Chris Everett
Chris Everett is a reporter for Guido Fawkes, specialising in data journalism, politics, and foreign affairs. He has an MSc in International Public Policy from UCL, and has previously been involved in both Conservative and Liberal Democrat politics. In his spare time he enjoys reading Middle English, golf, and watching cult cinema.
  • MMatic

    Young people are quite justified in their support of communism, and I say this as a person who has lived through both communism and capitalism. Every horror, as you liberals put it, of communism was strengthened and intensified when capitalism took over. Communism is better in every way shape and form, even the defective kind we had in Eastern Europe. One cannot even imagine what wonders for our species an advanced country, like the US, practicing real communism can achieve.

  • Squatter

    Islam is not a race!

  • Mrs Roper

    Anti-social you mean.

  • toboot

    Socialism is so often indoctrinated into the young by extreme left-wing teachers and lecturers, before they have achieved the gifts of scepticism and independent thought. Regrettably many, Jeremy Corbyn as an example, never do grow out of it, and remain unquestioning.

  • PierrePendre

    Even well educated adolescents and young adults tend to be ignorant of the world before they were born and this includes graduates of Russell Group universities in my experience. The views of the sample above are not surprising given the natural idealism of their age group and the tendency of the young to be more liberal than their parents. I don’t know how strongly the education system influences schoolchildren and students politically but the post-Thatcher world they have grown up in has been strongly biased in favour of left-liberalism and they probably apply this to their abstract interpretations of historical events such as the Russian revolution. If they’ve heard of Pol Pot (doubtful), they probably see the Khmer Rouge as a counter to the US colonial/capitalist war in/against Vietnam. Their views probably owe more to a naive and uninformed good guy/bad guy take on history and the fact that socialism as a ideal survives all its ideological failures. The British have never taken student political opinion as seriously as the French or the Americans and are right not do so.

  • BobH2003

    Hahaha, if you think Ukip has imploded since then you are really stupid!
    Tory has changed leadereship.
    Labour is in meltdown over leadership.
    Ukip, after its massive success in the referendum, is in the throws of a very peaceful leadership campaign.

  • BobH2003

    Look at the politics of Griffin’s BNP and you will see it is all Socialist!

  • BobH2003

    Its plain mythology that Marxists are fair or friendly, we have watched their hatred manifest on the streets and online comments ever since they lost the referendum! Violence has always been the creed of the left wing.
    Nazis might be based on demented race hate, but Marxists are based on demented class hate. Both systems are tyrannies.
    Marxists and Hitler’s Nazi party are close bed fellows despite wanting to kill each other.
    Both system’s leadership get to the top and keep themselves there by murdering their friends and colleagues who might possibly challenge their exalted status.
    Both systems are happy to torture, enslave, or murder millions of their own countrymen en-route to “saving” their own countrymen.

    Despite what everyone keeps spouting, the Nazi party was left wing.not right, and.Hitler was always a socialist.
    The clue is in the Nazi Party’s full name. –
    ie. -The National Socialist German Worker’s Party.
    Hitler led the German equivalent of our Socialist workers.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Never blocked a “Mrs Roper” but showing as “This user is blocked”. Multiple accounts, different names. Same troll.

  • Chirgwin

    The Bolsheviks took power in late 1917 by a coup against the Provisional government. (the real revolution took place in March, when the Czar had been overthrown) when they badly lost the subsequent election the Bolsheviks closed the constituent assembly, turned away the new members and Lenin’s Bolshevik dictatorship began (substantially supported by powerful American capitalist interests).

  • RightwingBlogwatch

    You’ve just described Ian Duncan Smith’s DWP, have a gold star.

  • Cat

    You just need to see the schools’ history curriculum to understand this. GCSE history is Civil Rights in America/Slavery in America/Study of Adolf Hitler and the rise of Nazi Germany. A Level history is The rise of feminism, the Russian Revolution (up to November 1918 – i.e. before the Bolsheviks took power) and the French Revolution. Each and every topic is specifically chosen to reinforce that the perception that male capitalist hegemony is a bad thing and that socialist and feminist action a good thing. It’s utterly pathetic.

  • Vesta

    Talk about rewriting history! Address reality, not airbrushed idealised leftism. You garbled Marxist ‘real’ world view inhabits a really weird virtual unreality, and reminds me of those grim schoolteachers (all had to be party members of course) I knew when I had the misfortune to work in the GDR. They loved to wax lyrical about Marxism, the socialist revolution and the glories of living in the workers’ paradises while spying on each other, threatening parents and reporting any pupil who asked too many questions to the Stasi. This was communism in action, as it was actually lived. No wonder the workers finally rejected the entire fascistic apparatus. You are on the wrong side of history.

  • The Banana

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    and hey, I lived in Cambridge for a while too. Don’t be so prejudiced!

  • The Banana

    National Socialist, the clue is in the name.

    Winston Churchill, the right wing imperialist and Tory Party’s darling, was on the other side.

  • Mervin Knight

    every time there’s oops it goes up by 2 million?

  • Vesta

    You exemplify the slack-jawed ignorance discussed in this article. Your Orwellian “friendly and fair values” reminds me of the old CPGB who used to claim they were “For peace and socialism” when in reality socialism was being imposed on millions of people through unpeaceful totalitarian state violence based on demented denunciations, rigged elections, show trials, gulags, mass deportations, mass murder and vicious race hate. Typically, you not only misread the reality of the actual lived experience of Marx-inspired socialism, you smear your prejudices over the reality of the present. You can’t get further right than the demented ideology and practice of islamofascism employed against anyone deemed to be an unbeliever, a holier-than-thou viciousness it shares with blatantly unfriendly, unfair and unpeaceful Marxism.

  • Dr Evil

    Interesting. I was always very focused even at the age of 14 when I chose the O levels I would study for. This is probably why I never, ever flirted with socialist nonsense.

  • Dr Evil

    I obviously didn’t have and never had a heart.

  • Dr Evil

    Our timescales differ. I was a student during the 70’s. Mind you I was in the faculty of medicine and politics et al was never spoken about nor of course did it feature on the curriculum. We did however vote out the politburo of the students union when these commie bastards asked an IRA man to address the union. We stopped that. These scum were killing civilians and soldiers at the time. Our government never had the will or balls to exterminate them. Kow towing to American pressure as usual.

  • Flatdog

    I found this article interesting, but feel that the sample size was way too small. 880 is just too few to come to any firm conclusions.

  • The Banana

    Friendly and fair values, uh no, it was about smashing people deemed guilty of some half baked class warfare bollox and taking their stuff, because Marx himself rather liked taking people’s stuff so it was good justification of his scumbag existence as a parasite, I guess.

    It was dressed up with fancy words to fool gullible tools. just like every horrible ideology is.

  • The Banana

    Sure. 🙂

    Got married at 22 to someone even more right wing than me too. Still married!

  • RightwingBlogwatch

    Whoops, sorry, 8 million *MOSSAD making my PC whirr*

  • Mervin Knight

    neoliberalism, the post-democratic new world order and the rise of the super-elite = scourge of the earth!

  • RightwingBlogwatch

    Russia and China were vicious countries before the C word hit them though. You could say it was a large scale of enduring payback, to the Tsarists and the nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek respectively.

    If the Nazis were the alternative vote to the Reds in ’30s Germany, how on earth did the Nazis themselves become ‘left-wing’? Oh, because, you’re so ashamed of what was done on behalf of your ideology, across civilised Europe in the ’40s, you badly need to rewrite history and make such a monstrous trope stick. Which it doesn’t, away from blogs online, back in the real world.

  • Mervin Knight

    was it really 6 million jews…

  • Mervin Knight

    Communism was an economic-political ideology founded primarily by Karl Marx An accepted fact Karl Marx was jewish!

  • Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo

    The workings of the National Socialist Workers Party in Germany was little dissimilar in it’s attitudes with it’s allies in the Soviet Union.
    Neither had love for races it deemed ‘inferior’.

    The Reds expunged the undesirables, just like the Germans did.

    And, if one was to keep score, Communism was unmatched in it’s level of slaughter.

  • RightwingBlogwatch

    …you must really enjoy Cambridge.

    For the record, UKIP were a far-right party, before they imploded post Brexit, for telling massive lies about the NHS to deceive floating voters.

  • RightwingBlogwatch

    Did you get laid once without paying?

  • RightwingBlogwatch

    What are you talking about?
    A left wing MP standing up for her community was gunned down recently by some cretin with links to the British Far Right.
    Griffin smirked at the death of 6 million Jews – was that cuddly?

  • RightwingBlogwatch

    Marxism was based on friendly and fair values though. He wrote it in London for Christ sake.
    Nazism was based on demented race hate, like we sadly see in the UK today from the far-right today, only this time targeting Muslims instead of Jews (although the last far-right bomber in the UK, Copeland, said he wanted them dead too).

  • RightwingBlogwatch

    Those deaths (Stalin, Mao, Pot) happened far away, whereas Nazi germany, far-right fascist and nationalist, was much closer to home. It is shown on the screens in UK almost every night Nazis killed millions of Jews and tried to ruin Europe. Nick Griffin the well known far-right UK personality, smirked at the holocaust.
    Thatcher within the UK, cosied up to Pinochet, another brutal hardline right-wing movement.

  • Neil2

    Anyone surprised about this ?. Didn’t think so. The Marxist loons in charge of indoctrinating our young are not going to paint Communist/socialist mass murderers in a negative light are they. Everythings Fatchers fault or the evil imperialist West.

  • JohnInCambridge

    Because the UK media are in charge of perceptions of not-well-educated youth and the media [especially the BBC] are incredibly soft on the left in all its manifestations the bias shown in this article not at all surprising. The converse applies. A mildly right of centre figure like Nigel Farage is pilloried as a ‘fas*ist’ in the UK media [even though a high proportion of those who vote for his party have previously voted for Labour]. It scarcely needs saying that teachers in state schools, especially those belonging to the NUT, are also lefties and quis custodes ipsos custodiet. Communist Russia and its satellites were given a bizarrely soft ride in the UK after the second world war [our gallant allies…huh!] but those who interacted with them before the USSR went belly up know what dismal places they were. I visited the USSR, Romania and Bulgaria during the 1960s and, of course, I wasn’t allowed to see the half of it. When I visited Chinese universities in 1981 the academic staff were just getting back from whatever degrading place and occupation the cultural revolution had sent them to. They weren’t talking about it but their laboratories spoke volumes, being museum-like by western standards. Again, I was watched like a hawk, even having a minder accompany me to the lavatory in public buildings. The ignorance, prejudice and cynicism of the British media and education system allow rewriting of history in a manner calculated to mislead youngsters. If only they could be given en masse the treatment Socrates got for ‘corrupting youth’.

  • Am I the only one who’s looking at those results and thinking ‘But 71% of the young men didn’t think communism was well-intentioned’? I would have that those sorts of figures among young people have been fairly uniform for about 50 years. All about perception.

  • Judo Rick

    most are blithely unaware of the dangers of neoliberalism, the post-democratic new world order and the rise of the super-elite

  • Hanrahan O’Hanrahan

    The male female comparison is not really relevant because it applies to almost every scenario. In hominin social groups males have evolved to be higher risk takers than females and therefore more likely to be extremists. Which means all the great discoveries and great disasters the world were mainly done by males.

  • burntshed

    What do you expect from generation snowflake!

  • brownowl

    You say: “The point remains, though, that both male and female youths have clearly
    been failed in their education regarding the crimes and horrors of

    I would suggest that this has been a deliberate – and successful – policy for at least a couple of decades.

  • The Banana

    I’ve always been super right wing too. I recall when I was 20 at uni bitching about the EU to my horrified mates; late 90s that would be.

  • The Banana

    Teachers are quite often openly Marxist. You don’t see many people being openly Nazi; that’s just not acceptable. But Marxist somehow is.

  • MrVeryAngry

    Mrs VA was a teacher (in the UK). During her latter years I used to wish her a good day at the state indoctrination centre…

  • Bik Byro

    Better to repost it endlessly on your tumblr page #safespace #cottonwool

  • ratcatcher11

    I was also right of centre when I was a student much to my lecturer’s annoyance, especially when I questioned his belief that mass murder and slave labour was a cure for those that opposed his political creed.

  • ratcatcher11

    Teachers are the footsoldiers of the Labour party and Universities are the breeding grounds for home grown terrorism. Momentum is basically made up of University Students in thrall to their Marxist lecturers and behave like the Brownshirts prior to the creation of Hitler’s Third Reich. Corbyn is as dangerous and is as big a threat as any dictator because any vote for this man would be tantamount to the attempted overthrow of democracy and freedom in Britain. The communist led trade unions that back him have only one aim and that is the destruction of democracy in Britain and the overthrow of Parliament and entryism has always been their mode of choice. young people have no experience of communists in the world that’s why they think they are a cuddly selection of cranky old geezers, but in actual fact are about as cuddly as a pit viper and the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent people at the hands of these monsters is quietly ignored by all, including the news media.

  • Elsie

    Never was the adage “If you’re not a socialist in your twenties you don’t have a heart; if you’re still a socialist in your forties, you haven’t got a brain” more appropriate than today.

  • Allyup

    Here is an explanation http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2014-04-17/liberal-or-conservative-brain-development-may-be-key-factor.
    to quote
    Research reveals that during their 20s people around the world
    experience significant shifts in the traits biologists use to describe
    the human personality. Specifically, “openness” declines and
    “conscientiousness” increases. Higher openness is associated with
    intellectual curiosity, a preference for variety, and voting for the
    left; higher conscientiousness, characterized by self-discipline and
    dutifulness, predicts support for more conservative politics.

  • Dr Evil

    I have never been a socialist and never had any sympathy for it even when I was a student. I suppose I was that seemingly rare creature. A right of centre student. It seemed the sensible approach at the time and is now.

  • lol@bbcEUlost

    I think common purpose receives substantial funding from the EU, when that cash dries up hopefully these scumbags who lead beyond authority will die out as well

  • geo

    generation snowflake does not like to think about unpleasant things. if it cant be fixed by throwing money at the problem (obviously there is a bottomless pit of money for that), they turn their back on it and ignore it. This is simply a feature of the way they were brought up – wrapped in cotton wool and every need taken care of by doting parents, no competition in schools, everyone passes no-one fails. Thus they think the world is like that.

    SO when terrorism or communism threatens … they hashtag something trendily sympathetic then ignore it because its nasty and their delicate little lives would be tainted by thinking about evil. Those of us who lived through the 70’s/pre fall of the wall know better. Evil be it terrorism or communism must be faced down or the west and its civilization will fall to the barbarians at the gate.

  • fubar_saunders

    I would be inclined to venture that the liberal/Common Purpose left’s pervasive influence in the state education system probably has a lot to answer for in this particular case….

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